8 The Art Of Bone Carving

The Art Of Bone Carving

This unique masterpiece made by a craftsman from a small Lomonosov village in the Arkhangelsk region is a bright example of Russian folk art called bone carving.

The work is very delicate. This is not resin or some other kind of artificial material. The item is made manually of natural walrus and mammoth bone and is a brilliant example of handicraft.

Meet the author of the work.

Her husband has eye problems and prefers working with larger items like these chess pieces in the picture.

Many craftsmen from the village own small workshops where they keep working every day.

Others prefer to be hired by somebody. They use elk antlers and cow bones in their work.

Meanwhile, the village is facing repairs getting ready to celebrate its 300th anniversary.


The governor is controlling the process of the bone-carving factory construction.

Some other pictures of rural life.

After looking at the calendar one can understand that life in the village stopped 20 years ago.


How do you like the bananas, by the way?

Location: Arkhangelsk region

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8 responses to “The Art Of Bone Carving”

  1. testicules says:

    This was the most exciting post ever. I love the spoiled bananas

  2. ayaa says:

    Mir i spokoĭstvie. Russkaya derevnya krasiva. Zhalʹ, kto-to – chto-to – vsegdazhelanie unichtozhitʹ yego. Ili ubitʹ vsehrusskiĭ yazyk. (Ili to i drugoe , yesli oni mogut)

  3. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    That is really impressive stuff. Don’t think that I would have the patience or skill for such work

  4. ashka says:

    hmm where do they take mammoths bones from? can you just found it in the ground and take to home in that place in Russia?

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