10 Russian House MD

Russian House MD

Posted on August 24, 2011 by team

It’s well-known to everybody that the cinema is the art of deception, illusion and image. Changing the angle of a camera and lightening, one can change a man. These photographs depict not Hugh Laurie but Alexey, a native Muscovite working as an ambulance driver. He has recently had an injury and left the hospital only a month ago. A surprising similarity in the fate of a fictional character and a real man (greatly resembling him) amazes.


Alexey is 34. None of his friends watched the series and thus knew nothing of this wonderful resemblance.

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10 Responses to “Russian House MD”

  1. testicules says:

    So this guy is just pretending to be house? He is not a TV star? He just thinks he looks like the guy? ER has reached a new low

  2. No Mame says:

    Looks like a homeless hitman.

  3. JoE says:

    While Hugh Laurie works well with his roguish, this man just appears creepy in every image.

  4. JoE says:

    *roguish appearance

  5. moo says:

    Looks like house just needs to age 20 or so years and tadda! Hmm does this mean in 20 years they can still shoot house because they have a replacement?!?!

  6. marxistworker says:

    If it’s attention you seek, look like an American bourgeois elitist?

  7. zld says:

    he so little for original House.

  8. me says:

    even I look more like House than this douche…

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