7 Need For Speed In Kazakhstan

Need For Speed In Kazakhstan

Posted on August 20, 2011 by team

Fast cars, beautiful girls, loud music – all this is familiar from films. Furious speed, breaking rules, car roar, fear of passersby – all this can be seen on the streets of Kazakhstan cities. Speed for some Almaty drivers is a lifestyle. Fortunately they have a special place to let their energy out.

The sports and entertainment complex Boraldai Motorplex is still the only full-fledged stadium in Almaty used for cars competitions and it is at least some kind of an alternative to illegal street racings. The complex is located near the airport of Burunday village.

The territory is divided into several zones for different driving disciplines: the drag strip (a race course for competitions in drag racing), the track with a variable configuration for competitions in figure driving and drifting and the ground for competitions in car tuning and car audio.


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7 Responses to “Need For Speed In Kazakhstan”

  1. Pupkin says:

    Who would bring a Lexus to a drag race ? Crazy people !

  2. testicules says:

    Cool if you’re into it I guess. Seems a little guido-ish to me. Was that the Jersey Shore?

  3. opticalsound says:

    “Beautiful girls are necessary to participate in the shows.”

    Uh, but they have to be imported from Russia, since none exists in Kazakhstan. ;-)

  4. kbr says:

    where are the girls? And why am I looking at cars I see on the street?

  5. KZ says:

    russian girls are ugly in compare to Kazakh!

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