10 Amazing Pictures of Burning Gasoline Tankers

Amazing Pictures of Burning Gasoline Tankers

Posted on August 20, 2011 by team

Throughout the war in Afghanistan, the Taliban blow up gasoline tankers intended for the NATO forces. So here is a very interesting collection of them burning.



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10 responses to “Amazing Pictures of Burning Gasoline Tankers”

  1. Boritz says:

    What will the Paks do for entertainment when NATO goes home?

  2. Ugly American says:

    I hear they are looking for truck drivers. Maybe Ice Road Truckers will do Afghanistan next. Why not just follow them with a fire truck? Our tax dollars at work.

  3. BlowME says:

    And how is blown up tanker truck in Afghanistan is in any way related to Russia? That shouldn’t be on this site…

  4. vla says:

    western democracy !

    • George Johnson says:

      Maybe you missed the part where it says the taliban did this? They’re not “western” and do not practice “democracy.”

  5. testicules says:

    I feel sorry for thr Paki truck drivers that just saw thier livelyhood burn up and the villages that now have to live with the contamination from these events

  6. SMERSH says:

    It’s fun watching things burn but remember: people probably died in those trucks. And not soldiers but poor civilians just trying to feed their families.

    • testicules says:

      The taliban must be proud of this glorious victory. I am sure the unarmed truckers were a dangerous lot that put up fearsome resistance while begging for their lives.

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