26 Trial Model of a Russian Superjet

Trial Model of a Russian Superjet

A new Russian airplane Sukhoi Superjet 100 was demonstrated at the aviation show MAX-2011. This unique vehicle is claimed to have no analogues. The plane that is shown in the picture is related to a trial version and has some shortcomings that need to be eliminated in future.

The trial model.

When it’s 30 degrees Celsius in the street passengers expect an airplane will be equipped with air conditioners. This very model lacked the convenience.

One passenger said that the air conditioner broke last week and had never been repaired since that time.

Interior design of the cabin leaves much to be desired, too.

The quality is awful. There are huge holes between the panels.

That is the first model of Sukhoi Jet 100 which is very cheap. Those who are willing to buy cheap things shouldn’t expect them to be qualitative.

It was too noisy in the cabin. Later models are considered to be VIP and are totally perfect but much more expensive though.


Enjoying the view from the airplane window.


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26 responses to “Trial Model of a Russian Superjet”

  1. banditrider says:

    Pilot wanted – Must have own sat-nav / GPS

  2. Verto says:

    Plane without air conditioning ? It’s only happen in Russia! ! ! ! !

  3. Ugly American says:

    Hey I,ve flown on old South West Airlines jets with better interior. No air conditioning, you kidding me, right? The girl can stay.

  4. alexander says:

    The Captain shown on the Sukhoi and his copilot should be in an old peoples home instead of a cockpit.

    • SpeCons says:

      Every American flight attendant and pilot should be in an old peoples home… I bet the average age of american flight personnel is +50 years old!!!

    • testicules says:

      They use old pilots who don’t have young kids at home to fly these planes. The young pilots with families fly the Boeings and Airbuses. Survivors benefits are expensive.

  5. testicules says:

    This plane isn’t commercially viable. Boeing and Airbus have the market sewn up. This might work for internal Russian consumption but what airline will put up with the shoddy workmanship and design flaws. Lawsuit waiting to happen is what they should name this plane.

  6. blzw says:

    Civilian airliner with no AC lol only EnglishRussia can make BS like that up.

  7. j pigden says:

    The problem is on the ground, not in the air! At 10,000 feet Above Ground Level, Outside Air Temperature = 0 degrees F! On the ground, an airplane becomes a greenhouse, heated by the sun without air circulation.

    • pepper says:

      Every single plane has a recirc system. Otherwise it wouldnt be able to fly above FL(120) 4KM. Which is the maximum altitude you can safely vacate a plane without oxygen kit. It may have been that the engine where not started and ground power was not available for whatever reason, thus the plane cannot run those system without draining its battery(often about 20minutes of batt power).

      In short, many reasons not to have the recirc system running when on the ground. It is standard procedure to start it as soon as all systems are up and running in all modern airliners.

      • Duncan says:

        Just because it has oxygen doesn’t mean it’s air conditioned!

        Air condition – What planes use when they’re sitting idle on the ground that cools the air and creates a cool environment for the passengers.

        Oxygen systems – What pumps oxygen into the cabin when flying in altitude.

        They’re not the same thing. In fact, a heater is more important in flight then air conditioning.

  8. j pigden says:

    Compare this with B737 or A310 ! I haven’t seen an A/C failure on one of those in weeks!

  9. kbr says:

    OK learn to read !! it is a trial model, a test-plane.

  10. shams says:

    Thanks for the great photos!

  11. alessio says:

    I hope the didn’t used asbestos as sound insulation, just joking palls 🙂
    Anyway it is a Sukhoi, the must have great avionics and agility!!
    So why all this mocking? I guess they will adjust theyr fauls, and seeing the size of the plane, I don’t think it is a long distance plane but an interregional small passenger plane. (in european standards)

  12. Boston Bloke says:

    Why must Russian women wear so much make up? It is so unnatural.

    • Hans says:

      …at least they don’t use trashy and permament tattoos. In all ER posts featuring hot Russian/Ukraininan girls, I haven’t seen those things stamped on them. I hope that terrible fashion fades away in the US. Soon.

  13. pizdets says:

    LOL at the “russian plane” part. This plane is 90% European/American. Almost no Russian components.

  14. John says:

    There’s just not the investment there necessary to produce a world-class jet airliner. Many have tried but currently only Airbus and Boeing can compete. These companies essentially draw on the resources of their $15 trillion economies (US & EU). Russia on the other hand has an economy about the size of Texas.

  15. Schzam says:

    get some head rest TVs!!!

  16. Stavros says:

    The real test of the Sukhoi 100s will be its safety, reliability, fuel economy and low maintenance costs. If Sukhoi has a design that does all that and can service short to medium haul airline roots at an affordable price then the Sukhoi 100 will be a commercial sucess. The A/C and aesthetics inside the cabin are fairly easy to fix. Sound proofing and properly fitting cabin interiors are best completed by experts – tender out the work to a company that know how to do the job correctly or pay the contractor to train technicians to do the job properly at home.

  17. Stavros says:

    It looks good to me but I’m not in the airline business.

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