29 Myths and Realities of Kosovo

Myths and Realities of Kosovo

Posted on August 19, 2011 by team

Nature is beautiful in Kosovo, and picturesque green mountains surround you everywhere. The most interesting thing that can be seen in this region is just these nature places, as well as old Serbian monasteries. On the way to the capital there are some small villages. Everything looks accurately enough.

Kosovars sell such stakes. Notice that a citizen on the right wears the traditional Kosovar cap.

The neighborhood of Muslim religion and culture with the Serbian Orthodox Church is quite surprising. For example, a mosque in two meters from the church is an ordinary thing.

Sometimes modern buildings, like warehouses, shops or colleges appear in the field.

Roads are in good condition everywhere.

Sometimes modern buildings, like warehouses, shops, or colleges appear in the field.

Kosovars and local Albanians are hospitable enough, though, and they can make you be always on guard. They have no prejudice for Russian-speaking people or Serbs. Probably it is the only place where a bus driver can stop in the middle of the road, go out and buy fruit juice for everybody and it would be absolutely free.
A densely populated city in the distance is Pristina.


The hotel with a symbolic name for locals.

Local fuelling stations use state symbols. In general, the flag of Kosovo is something between the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU flag.

The central bus station.

A dangerous zone where may be mines. A stand with a warning about mines and parts of the body, which could be torn as a result of contact with them. Therefore, it is not a good place to play football.

An excursion around the city begins with Bill Clinton Boulevard.

Probably many people who have read about Kosovo know this place.

Here is a quote of the former U.S. leader who (by the opinion of Kosovars and Albanians) gave the independence to their land : “All I want for you it’s a good future and I will do everything to support this idea till the rest of my life”.


Next to the monument to Clinton, there is the store “Hillary”.

Peacekeeping troops can often be noticed in the roads.

This building should have been an Orthodox church, but it had not enough time to be finished. Now local authorities do not know what to do with it, but they are afraid to destroy the building.

From a gastronomic point of view, Kosovo is not a very attractive region. Here, the local fast food is in demand, this is a very spicy analogue of pizza.

Grilled maize.

The main city street – the street of Mother Teresa, who is regarded as perhaps the only respectable Albanian woman.

The monument of Mother Teresa.

Then goes the historic part of town, which is represented by an old tower and mosques.


A controversial poster that tells about the denial of Islam in the world.

The memory wall dedicated to the fighters for independence of Kosovo. The majority of killed persons is young guys with hot blood.

Even children here walk with guns.

And it is not surprising as guns are sold right in the streets.

Cigarette smugglers.

A local market.

Souvenir industry is not well developed.

It is said that there are a lot of expensive cars in Kosovo, and they are all stolen from Europe.

Albanians again are protesting against something.


A history ghost – a terrible Albanian king.

Kosovo is certainly worth to visit as here tourists can see not only beautiful nature or historical monuments, but feel the real and not easy life of locals.


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29 responses to “Myths and Realities of Kosovo”

  1. Alkofunker says:

    So, what myths have you dispelled and what does Kosovo have to do with Russia?

  2. Stefan094 says:

    You didn’t see a lot my friend. Burned churches, Serbian villages with no contact with other Serbs (and with no medical or food supplies), albanian special forces trying to scare Serbs and make them leave kosovo, german and us politicians saying it is ok to kill serbs…. the only government in the world that cares for my people there is Russian (only to bug nato), western countries both our government (Serbian) and they do whatever west wants.You didn’t see a lot….

  3. vla says:

    place with 50 % unemployed citizens, drug dealers , terrorist and gangs. place where was ethnically cleansed 250 000 serbs just in last decade. place were was 1400 orthodox temlpes ( mainly destroyed )thats not myth – this place is shame of europe. all of that on holy serbian land.

  4. Maraudon says:

    I like the anti-islam poster, not that I approve of any religion…

  5. titi says:

    In some pictures the comment’s are very bad from author side. Better you know the reality in Kosova and then you leave the comment.

  6. marxistworker says:

    The peaceful, progressive socialist Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia banned nationalism in 1946 and built a model multinational State.

    • testicules says:

      A state doomed to fail because it did not consider the petty hatreds between the ethic groups that have festered for hundreds of years. Yugoslavia was held together by fear and repression. There was no true national identity.

    • too much vodka says:

      Then how did it collapse? Maybe because that peaceful multinational state was mostly propaganda?

  7. SMERSH says:

    Bill Clinton had no right interfering in a civil war. Not only was it illegal under US law, the result has been disastrous.

  8. CZenda says:

    What exactly is written on the poster? It seems to be more about general awareness about mines (“Children! Do not play on the minefields!”), not actually saying “Watch out! Mines here!”.

  9. KOSOVO IS SERBIA! Greetings from a Russian living in Greece <3

  10. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    This building is not the Orthodox Cathedral, But the Catholic Cathedral. It is not abandoned, just in contruction! It is dedicated to Santa Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa). It will be finished soon. The wonderfull building behind it on the photo is the bishop’s house.

  11. radmila says:

    The comments under the photos MUST be satire.

  12. No_Suprises says:

    I feel sorry for Serbs because cradle of their statehood is occupied by other nation.

    Despite of genocides made by both sides(this bloody Balkan powder keg!) Kosovo shouldn’t exists. It’s an artificially created state ruled by criminals. I feel shame that Polish government recognized Kosovo.

    I think wide autonomy within borders of Serbia would be better than current situation(high unemployment rate, organized crime, political instability, weak governance) for both sides. US foreign policy towards Balkan states is such a failure. Serbia from regaining its independence has very strong ties with Russia. Maybe USA wanted to show who could stronger influenced Balkan region?

  13. jebacRuskinja says:

    Kosovo NIJE SRBIJA!
    Pozdrav od Bosanca iz Bosne

  14. stevie-w says:

    Some captions are problematic indeed:

    1) “The neighborhood of Muslim religion and culture with the Serbian Orthodox Church is quite surprising.”

    Not very. There are several regions where different cultures co-exist peacefully. There are mosques all over Serbia, from Subotica to Nis, including the city center of Belgrade. (Not to mention Novi Pazar and the Sandzak region.)

    2) “Mother Teresa, who is regarded as perhaps the only respectable Albanian woman.”

    It’s not quite clear what you meant, but most Albanian women are “respectable.”

    3) “The memory wall dedicated to the fighters for independence of Kosovo. The majority of killed persons is young guys with hot blood.”

    That memory wall in the photo is actually a wall of pictures of the disappeared Albanians. At various stages of the Kosovo war, thousands of people went missing on both sides. Most of them are probably in mass graves somewhere, but relatives will never give up hope.

    4) “Cigarette smugglers.”

    Smuggling and trafficking is a serious problem in Kosovo, but cigarette sold in the main street of Pristina is definitely not smuggled.

    5) “It is said that there are a lot of expensive cars in Kosovo, and they are all stolen from Europe.”

    Again, this is an exaggaration. Administration, including car registration, has been done by internationals (UNMIK and later EULEX), and while there might be some discrepancies because of corruption or other factors, the massive appearance of stolen cars with Kosovo plates is pretty much out of the question.

    6) “A history ghost – a terrible Albanian king.”

    This is a sculpture to Skanderbeg, an Albanian national hero, a warrior, an army leader, but not a king. He was actually not too “terrible” either: he fought against the Ottoman empire, defending the whole Western culture, and quite successfully. He only fought Serbs once, when Durad Brankovic was allied with the Ottomans (indeed, history produces interesting combinations). More on Skanderbeg: tp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skanderbeg

    Thank you.

  15. cro says:

    Makeing Kosovo state is a dangerous presedan wich may tore apart many states. Only reason that Kosovo was made a state is so that money from drugs could pour in american black funds, but people of Kosovo are still poor. Once, when Kosovo state is no longer needed Americans will tell Serbia to run them over, and ordinary people will again die. Not mentionig that If Kosovo is taken from Serbia, they would probaby want peace of Bosnia in return = new war on balkans…

    • Ali says:

      Kosovoans and Serbs in general are nice people. Once you’re an ‘outsider’ they don’t hate you, the hate is really inside the balkan people’s hearts. The major problem is that nobody knows really which land belongs to who and country’s borders. One should never trust the US or western europe because they always want something in return or stab you in the back, always some motive. When the US is finished using the Albanians the Serbs will kill them and the Americans would just watch.
      Even though still, Kosovo doesn’t look too bad, especially compared to places in India or Latin Countries where i’m from..there’s no slums or shacks

  16. Ali says:

    The majority of kosovoans hate their government as well, they know they are corrupt, mafia and organ traffickers. The government is so willing to please the US and Europe it’s trying desperately hard to ‘rid’ Kosovo’s image as a Muslim population; so much so they’ve almost banned construction of mosques (the present older ones are all overcrowded. Surprisingly a lot of people in Kosovo are traditional or religious)and encouraged construction of Catholic churches to suck up to ‘Christian’ Europe. Others say it’s a ploy by Catholic Albanians to ‘Christianize’ the secular Muslim Albanians.

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