17 The Dirtiest City On The Planet

The Dirtiest City On The Planet

In pursuit of useful minerals humans tend to forget the importance of ecological situation. In case such carelessness continues, our planet can soon be turned into another Mars. Today we’ll get a chance to come across one example of human unthoughtful behavior. Welcome to Karabash, the dirtiest city on the planet.

Karabash city located in the Chelyabinsk region is inhabited by 15000 people. The city aroused in 1822 at the site of an ancient Tatar settlement. The word ‘karabash’ means ‘black head’ in Tartar as vast copper deposits were located here.

Following several decades of ore mining the city turned into an area of environmental emergency as the enterprises lacked waste plants since the very beginning.

This enterprise produces and expels over 180 tones of gases a year that are turned into acid rains covering the adjacent territory. A lot of dust is contained in the air which makes it difficult to breathe. Acid rains don’t let the herbs grow. After the herbs die rain and winds wash off the ground turning mountains into rocks.

Main part of the city reminds of a village. Local people suffer from different genetic diseases such as cancer, cerebral paralysis, weakness of mind, eczema, etc.

Due to the bad ecological situation old metallurgic production was suspended. One fifth part of population lost the job. Society saw deep crisis and population decreased to 15 000 people.

Do you see the terricones? They are formed by slime that is dumped near the plant.

Don’t you think that this place resembles the Red Planet?

It has orange rivers and earth.


There are craters in the ground.

It’s hard to believe the place is inhabited by people.

That is what a usual forest should look like.

Location: Karabash

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17 responses to “The Dirtiest City On The Planet”

  1. Unknown says:

    Already posted here?

  2. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    One of the saddest jobs in the world? Working at the Karabash Chamber of Commerce…

  3. Evilpixel says:

    Seems pretty OK to me compared to photos of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  4. BlowME says:

    Amazing how human irresponsibility can turn any landscape into the toxic wasteland…

  5. testicules says:

    Seems more rampant in former soviets states. The ecological laws still haven’t caught up yet I guess

  6. Estonian says:

    Is this Russian aquapark?

  7. George Johnson says:

    You spelled Detroit wrong (or Chicago)

  8. Yubin Yankinov says:

    Those waters look like the ponds at Yellowstone. Except at Yellowstone it is algae and other organisms that give the water its crazy colors. Here it is heavy metals and chemicals.

    On the other hand I bet hotels are ‘dirt’ cheap.

  9. Montesquieu says:

    Every country has a place like this, America, Canada, Britain or France. The difference here is, that Westerners are more likely to quickly point out the wrongs of other countries than their own.

  10. testicules says:


  11. j s says:

    We have too much regulation. The EPA is regulating us out of existence. We are not the cleanest country in the world because of the EPA.

  12. canuck says:

    I saw this in many places in Canada; however, here is not advertised like in russia, no one says: look, I live in the dirtiest country on earth

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