5 Long-Awaited Return to the Wild

Long-Awaited Return to the Wild

Posted on August 18, 2011 by team

The story about one brave seal named Rusik and his coming back to the natural conditions after long medical treatment in a pet hospital.

Confused and justifiably alarmed Rusik at the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

It took a vet and his assistant about 15 minutes to pack Rusik in a box and load it into a car.

At first, Rusik was very angry… so angry that the pickup was rocking to and fro because of his indignation. Fortunately, he got calm quite soon and managed to save some energy.

The road was rather difficult, especially while crossing the area of low pressure. Rusik didn’t feel very good and the vet had to stop the car every 30 minutes and check the state of the animal.

Finally arrived.

The box with the open lid is placed on the ground. A few seconds of waiting and Rusik shows himself. The seal sees the sea but still can not believe its eyes.

Rusik is confused with such a big number of witnesses (the freshmen of the biological faculty) even though they obediently keep a distance. He is afraid to leave the box for a while but then makes his decision.

The sea is so close…


And Rusik starts rushing towards his native home.

1.5 minutes – the record time.

Everybody is still and quiet.

That green tone of skin is the result of the two last days which were so hot that the water in the pool became overgrown.

Better than the swimming pool, no doubt.

Dived under the wave…

And came to the surface 15 m far from the shore.

A very important ritual performed by one of the vets.


Now everybody can finally give vent to his/her feelings. We’ll miss you Rusik!

The way back.

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5 responses to “Long-Awaited Return to the Wild”

  1. testicules says:

    It would of been a grand barbeque. Too bad he got away

  2. Yubin Yankinov says:

    I tried some seal in Alaska. Seal meat isn’t very good eating. Maybe because the Inuit don’t have any Tabasco sauce.

    Reminds me of an old Cajun joke.

    When you go to a zoo anywhere in the world, at a display it shows you the common name of the animal and then underneath, the Latin binomial (“Grey Wolf / Canis Lupus”).

    At a Cajun zoo, it shows you the common name and underneath, the recipe.

  3. Russian Fan says:

    I guess they have hippies in Russia too. lol.

  4. castonok says:

    It would have been perfect if Willy was waiting for him.

  5. testicules says:


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