14 Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011

Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011

Posted on August 18, 2011 by team

You have already seen the process of preparation for the great air show MAKS-2011 in the previous post. And now the exhibition is finally open and we have a chance to see many photos of majestic aircraft from all over the world.

This year’s Moscow air show is anniversary, it is held for the tenth time. About 800 companies from 40 countries take part in it. It is anticipated that the exhibition will be visited by more than half a million visitors and spectators. And organizers hope that the total sum of contracts will exceed $ 10 billion.

Having been carefully examined by policemen three (!) times, you finally find yourself among turbines, propellers and landing gear.

The first beauty on which you fix your eyes is the Airbus A380.

The two-storey liner arrived here from France.

Nearby, you can see a tiny aircraft named the Cri Cri. This is the smallest airplane in the world. It runs on electricity and can be in the air for up to 30 minutes. Though its pilot has to stick to a diet.

Another beauty – the Boeing Dreamliner. It can be easily called the new step in aircraft building since it’s made of such a material which lets it save 20% of fuel in flight.

Both liners are large laboratories inside. There are no rows of passenger seats and any other evidence of the comfort elements of a compartment. To get inside is really difficult. Only “vip” quests are allowed to do this.

Russian military equipment.

The aircraft are very hard to photograph as all of them are behind a high fence.

However, if you try hard enough, it’s even possible to take a pic of the deadly stuffing of these fighters.

The exposition of helicopters is worth seeing as well.

Who said that girls were not allowed to be at the wheel?

American aviation.

Soldiers on duty near the cargo aircraft.

An American combat bunny.

Small aviation.

Some exhibits are assembled by ordinary people.

Who knows, maybe in the near future every respectable family will have such an aircraft in its garage. For going to picnics, for example.

Exhibits are presented not only on the street but also inside exhibition halls.

The A380 is graceful and majestic. It’s hard to imagine how such a huge object can turn so easily.

Helicopters and fighters are an integral part of the show. You must be prepared for the very loud sounds produced by aircraft.

The Russian giant An-124 Ruslan.

The helicopter of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense Ка-32 А.

The new Tu-204 from the outside.

And from the inside.

Russian military helicopters.

The Tu-154.

Private aviation. The Piper Meredian.


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14 Responses to “Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011”

  1. MrSatyre says:

    Thanks for the great photos!

  2. Uncledoh says:

    compared to MAKS-2011 airshow, the french one called “paris – le bourget airshow 2011″ that was held last june was just some lame weak garbage! it didn’t even have one third of exhibits/aircrafts that are featured in this airshow in russia.

  3. EngrishBob says:

    I wonder what are this girl’s intentions?

  4. Zonda says:

    She is happy thinking that she put her hands on “vibrating bullets” :))

  5. testicules says:

    The Buran is an indication of Russian aviation in general. It is able to put up some show piece units. However, it is a shell of what it once was. That picture is the most striking example I have seen to date. It suns it up perfectly.

  6. shams says:

    Thanks for the great photos!

  7. Hans says:

    @testicules: The Buran is a symbol of expensive waste of resources. As well as the grounded American Shuttles. That’s why the Americans now pay for a lift to space in reliable Soyuz.

    • testicules says:

      Your logic is as flawed as your genetic make up

      • No Mame says:

        HA HA HA!! Genetic make up?? Baby got upset again? Your astronauts will have to enjoy SOYUZ rides for a long, long time. Please, you have to inform NASA! Ask about their “genetic makeup”, or for some candies, Lol!…

  8. testicules says:

    Your program is so great. Yet today another soyuz crashed into the sea. Quality

    • No Mame says:

      Was a high school teacher in there? No? For the moment Soyuz doesn’t have the same tragic quality of your explosive shuttles.

    • Ball Breaker says:

      We inform that the accidented Soyuz was an unmanned supply craft. NASA informs that no Americans exploded today over the Atlantic.

  9. commissar paul says:

    Awesome pics. Great aircraft. Airbus is very impressive.Thanks for the pics!

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