21 The Main Muslim Center of Russia

The Main Muslim Center of Russia

Posted on August 17, 2011 by team

At the end of the XVIII century Empress Catherine II issued a decree to form the Ufa Mohammedan Spiritual Assembly of the Law, headed by the Mufti. Since then, Ufa became the center of Muslim Russia. In 1998 one of the most unusual and beautiful mosques – Lala-Tulip was built in Ufa. Today we’ll see it inside and outside, talk about this cultural and religious center, and see views from one of minarets.

The appearance of the mosque is rather unusual. It is modern and at the same time its purpose is clearly understood.

Cheerful and competent people live and work here.

The mosque is not only a prayer house. This is really a whole center: an educational institution with its own dormitory, a Muslim temple, a place for assembly of Muslim religious leaders, a library and a conference room. In total, the mosque can accommodate about a thousand believers.

However, not only Muslims are always welcome here. All you have to do is to respect their traditions, take off your shoes and you may enter.

The interior is more traditional – a minimum of extravagances. Nothing should distract from prayers, that is why men and women pray separately.

Believers enter the mosque barefoot – this is an elementary hygiene. They kneel on the floor, bow heads and faces to a carpet.

In 1773 Catherine II passed a law of the religions tolerance. She compared herself with God who is tolerant for different languages, religions and races.

These times were troubled: Pugachev and his rebels organized uprisings. For this reason, several decrees requiring local authorities to combine interests of the state and the religious tolerance were issued .

All mosques were ennobled, and surrounded by the fence. Schools were opened near mosques.

So Ufa became the center of Muslim life in Russia. And now Ufa is the seat of the Muslim spiritual leader of Russia and European CIS countries.


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21 Responses to “The Main Muslim Center of Russia”

  1. Amaabo says:

    The first one just did. LOL.

  2. testicules says:

    Where is the arsenal?

  3. BlowME says:

    Someone I know was in one of those mosques, he said it stinks of sweaty feet and socks… glad I’m no muslim.

  4. historian says:

    German Nazi Scum

  5. schwanzlurch says:

    The official ‘heart’ of the muslim culture and life in the Russian Federation is Kazan’ in Tatarstan (the first Muslim state in Russia, more than 50% belong to the Islam). :)

  6. SMERSH says:

    The fortress of a brutal and intolerant culture bent on global domination.

  7. burak says:

    that mosque looks bizarre to me,it looks more like chineese temple then mosque

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Mr. Putin, tear down this monstrosity!!”

  9. Zonda says:

    Such architecture denote open minded people. Hope that they will prevail in the future despite radicalism.

  10. vbnbcn says:

    bomb it now, remember Beslan.

  11. d says:

    By half a dozen you mean tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands?

    • ayaa says:

      No. I do mean half a dozen. In my hometown of Borisoglebsk, a handful of extremists dressed like what I see of the Taliban, claiming they are the holy warriors of God and will conquer all of Russia. They dont know that the people passing by, and the militia are nothing more than amused by their antics.

  12. maglev45 says:

    muslims doesn’t pray like this. http://media.englishrussia.com/newimages//mosque34318.jpg and we’re religious leaders doesn’t like this too: http://media.englishrussia.com/newimages//mosque34321.jpg Come to Turkey you will see…

  13. Never says:

    Wow! They infiltrated the USA also! I cannot believe Russia would allow this to happen! This is a very dangerous cult! Your entire culture is in danger of dying…. You cannot earn your way to Heaven! Specially by bombing and killing! Looks like the last war will be between these…

  14. testicules says:

    You go girl

  15. testicules says:


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