10 Rescue Task Units Of the Black Sea Fleet

Rescue Task Units Of the Black Sea Fleet

Let’s examine lifesaving gear used by rescuers of the Sevastopol fleet.

Medium dry cargo vessels and salvage tugs.

Naval vessels with fire protection system.

A stream reach is 100 m. Fire can be extinguished both at the coast and in the sea.

Fire-hoses can be used while ashore.

Salvage vessel Epron.

Control panel Divex 2 Diver HP/LP is used to communicate with divers working underwater.

This equipment is purchased in 2003.


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10 Responses to “Rescue Task Units Of the Black Sea Fleet”

  1. Unknown says:


  2. Maraudon says:

    Awesome diving suits are awesome!

  3. testicules says:

    I wonder if these guys worked on the Kursk

  4. John says:

    Works unless you have a real problem where lives are at risk, then you need to call in the Norwegians.


  5. Nemef says:

    Presumably they only got all the equipment after the Kursk sank in just 108 metres of water and the Navy was unable to dive to that depth and save the sailors.

    • Uncledoh says:

      this article and pics are about “black sea” emergency & resque diving units. the what happened to Kursk was in the Barents Sea, near Mourmansk in the nothern part of russia…

  6. Musa says:

    The hardsuit 1200 looks a whole lotta awkward but it’s nice that it’s pressurized so you can stay underwater longer/get in more bottom time.

    Also it’s, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus = SCUBA.

    Great post, thanks. :)

  7. Uncledoh says:

    looks pretty much decent. i believe they decided to ditch all of those soviet-made & outdated equipment and replace it by the new high-tech stuff. and that’s a good move.

  8. testicules says:


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