17 Two Polygons Of Nizhny Novgorod

Two Polygons Of Nizhny Novgorod

Today you’ll visit two military polygons located not far from Nizhny Novgorod city. First let’s meet young soldiers who are being taught the gunnery at Mulino polygon and then turn to Gorokhovetsky polygon to see how their artillerymen are trained.

They came to the army last spring and now try to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice fighting an imaginary enemy. The place has no wind-mills and wooden swords, everything is real here.



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17 Responses to “Two Polygons Of Nizhny Novgorod”

  1. Musa says:

    LOL, alright Highway.

    This is a great post, I really enjoyed watching the videos. Looks like good times.

  2. Bill says:

    Polygon should be translated as training ground or something

  3. DouglasU says:

    who are they preparing to fight?

  4. testicules says:

    Congratulations to Highway.

    This looks like a great summer camp. I don’t see the purpose of framing those artillery barrels.

    • Boritz says:

      Wooden sticks at barrels limit the traverse and/or elevation of the gun tube so to minimize destruction of unintended targets. Training officers can visually determine if gun is pointed in safe direction prior to the firing. Looks odd, but it works. Like many things Russian.

  5. SMERSH says:

    Sweet. 2S19 Msta’s, rocket artillery and MT-LB’s. Some guys have all the fun. So why does the grunt in pic 4 look so miserable?

  6. Montesquieu says:

    I love the guy wearing Chocolate Chip Camouflage planking on a piece of military hardware.

  7. mike says:

    looks very realistic.

  8. YJ says:

    LoL the duck.

  9. testicules says:


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