53 Tragic Page In The History Of Kharkov City

Tragic Page In The History Of Kharkov City

Kharkov was occupied by German fascists from October 1941 to August 1943. During that time the city saw severe damage alongside with other cities of Ukraine but managed to survive World War II in spite of that.

Location: Kharkov

via foto-history

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53 Responses to “Tragic Page In The History Of Kharkov City”

  1. Boritz says:

    Pictures probably show first German occupation of the territory, as there is not much damages.
    Oh, and it is Kharkiv, not Kharkov.

  2. Musa says:

    Filthy Nazi Scum!

  3. JCR says:

    In one of the pics, there are destroyed german tanks in the middle of german occupied Charkov. One Panzer II and two other more heavier (III or IV).
    Maybe collected from the front and on their way to a repair depot?

  4. Juku says:

    Do not forget that at first Kharkov was occupied by Soviet Union (Russia)!
    In the early 1930s, the Holodomor famine drove many people off the land into the cities, and to Kharkiv in particular, in search of food. Many people died and were secretly buried in mass graves in the cemeteries surrounding the city.
    In 1934 hundreds of Ukrainian writers, intellectuals and cultural workers were arrested and executed in the attempt to eradicate all vestiges of Ukrainian nationalism in Art. The purges continued into 1938. Blind Ukrainian street musicians were also gathered in Kharkiv and murdered by the NKVD.
    During April and May 1940 about 3,800 Polish prisoners of Starobelsk camp were executed in the Kharkiv NKVD building, later secretly buried on the grounds of an NKVD pansionat in Pyatykhatky forest (part of the Katyn massacre) on the outskirts of Kharkiv. The site also contains the numerous bodies of Ukrainian cultural workers who were arrested and shot in the 1937–38 Stalinist purges. [Wikipedia]
    Do you really think that after all that the citizens of Kharkov were thrilled of idea to fight side-by-side with red army?

  5. iconoclast says:

    things were much worse under stalin.

  6. Max says:

    Dude, you have no idea what Kharkov people went thru, the pictures you see are taken after days of battle and tons of spilled blood, I dont know how you got enough balls to say something like that without being there, nor ,i believe, reading anything about it…Shame on you for the ignorant comment!

  7. prince says:

    How come Kharkov under Russia is not tragic than this.
    I don’t understands why the damage done by Hitler is lesser than the damage done by Stalin and others Russian.
    At least Germans damaged less than three years and Russian damage more than 3 decades so decide who damaged more.

  8. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here.
    And how do you explain away Stalin’s deportation of Chechen people?
    And the deportation of Korean Soviets, Volga Germans, Crimean Tatars, Poles, and Meskhetians? How about the deportation of Georgians who were living in Abkhazia, and who are now being replaced by Russians? Millions of people were displaced and sent to Central Asia or Siberia. This is a primary source of bitterness which exists to this day.
    How does your keen historian mind explain this?

  9. testicules says:

    Looks like a nice place at one time. Did Stalin wipe out all the women and children after the war for surrendering?

  10. al says:

    spectacular! i’ve never seen occupation photos like that.

    this continues to be among the best photojournalism sites on the web, the cute mangled English captions nothwithstanding.

    please, more soviet photos from WWII, er, The Great Patriotic War. we’ve rarely seen them in the West.

  11. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Kharkiv, like the rest of the Ukraine, suffered terribly during the war. From what I have read, thousands starved to death in Kharkiv during the Nazi occupation.

  12. SMERSH says:

    Considering the Holodomor and Stalin’s ruthless oppression of Ukrainian nationalists, it should come as no surprise if some Ukrainians welcomed the Germans as liberators.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      I’m not defending Stalin but the picture is more complicated. There was widespread starvation in parts of the Soviet Union besides Ukraine in 1931-33. Ukrainians have been taught it was a genocide against them but that just isn’t completely accurate. Most Ukrainians accepted Communism. The Ukrainians who accepted the Nazis were often brutally anti-Semitic like the Nazis. And of course, the religious fanatics who couldn’t take communist atheism also liked the Nazis. Just my reading on things…

      • SMERSH says:

        I can’t disagree with any of your points. I will postulate though that Ukraine was a bit like Ireland during their Famine. They could produce all of their own food but it was being exported (forcefully) to other regions.

  13. Ivanko says:

    The one thing you notice with these photos are young children and old people.

    They were either fighting for Stalin or were avoiding “round ups” – one of the greatest threat for men and women in this period was forced labour in Germany or Lapanka (Polish term but if German soldiers wanted women for the brothels they would kidnap them off the streets).

    • testicules says:

      Russian would just invade their homes

      • Hans says:

        Nazis not only “invade their homes”. Hitler just wanted to exterminate all slavs (or enslave them, or put them in “reserves”, like your cheyennes or siuox). It’s easy to decide who was worse.

        • testicules says:

          Sorry to evaporate your koolaid filled notions of the American West. But, there was no organized genocide campaign against the Indians. It was clearly a case of a stone age society meeting an advanced (gun powder wielding) one. In fact, there are more American Indians alive today than there ever has been. Did they get the short end of the stick? Yes! But they were primitive people. They perpetrated more violence against each other than the whites ever did to them. Torture, Slavery, Human Sacrifice,kidnapping and infanticide were common practices among the different tribes. The American Indians got off easy. In most cased when vastly different cultures collide, one is completely wiped out.

          • Hans says:

            Actually, the American West inspired Hilter for his eastern Lebensraum, or “Vital Space” Destiny quest. He considered the Slavs as primitive savages, and as you say, it was reasonable for him to exterminate people, settle their land and cage the survivors in reserves… Slavery came to his mind, too. Read his book. I’m not inventing things. He noticed that all this “worked”, and shared your terrifying opinions… And as said before, suicidal Kool Aid-swallowing was an invention of fanatic Americans, who still slurp anything that sounds “cool”, and die for it, willingly. Warnings don’t work for them. It seems you need to slurp more of it.

          • Baalzebuth says:

            Dear “testicules” guy: Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich are so proud of you! They send you warm greetings from the deepest circles of Hell. They will welcome you in time, but for now, they are waiting for another of your candid retorts.

          • No Mame says:

            I was really shocked after reading testi’s comment. His words are the very same used by Nazi leaders. In his view, less advanced people deserve to be kicked out from their land by force; it’s OK to shoot and starve them on purpose; and it’s nice to send the terrified survivors to corrals like cattle without any rights (until a few years back). This is what he (or Eichmann) understand as “society meeting”. A really insane opinion, really. Disturbing.

            • testicules says:

              Apparently English is hard for you so I will break it down in simpler terms. At no point did I say it wasn’t trajic what happened to the indians. However, there was no concerted genocide campaign launched by the colonist or the American governement, ever. Also, there are countless encounters in history between technologically disparate cultures that ended in the demise of the less advanced culture. The indians were lucky to have survived at all. As I stated before, there are more indians alive today than at any point in history. Nazi philosophy came from Hitler and his handlers. It was inspired by the very harsh treaty of versille. If you call that inspiration then so be it. The truth is that Russia enabled Hitler and encouraged his expansion and the rest of Europe pussed out and didn’t confront him until it was too late.

              • Gen. Electric says:

                “…there was no genocide in the American west…” Really? I’m not your teacher. Just check better the Indian Removal Act, the poplulation decline at 80% and the tactics and objectives of the Indian Wars. Well, before you find posting spins worthy of Goebbels.

  14. Ivanko says:

    The one thing you notice with these photos are young children and old people.

    The young men and women were either fighting for Stalin or were avoiding “round ups” – one of the greatest threat for men and women in this period was forced labour in Germany or Lapanka (Polish term but if German soldiers wanted women for the brothels they would kidnap them off the streets).

  15. Grizzly says:

    So who was worse? Hitler or Stalin?
    Genocide has happened many times in history.
    How many Natives were killed by the american government? How many Libyans were killed by the Italians in WW1? Was Yagoda not Jewish? What about the Armenians? How many civilian deaths in Iraq?
    Questions, questions, and more questions. Does anybody really care? I doubt it, so long as it doesn’t affect us.

    • OLUT says:

      You are exactly right, Grizzly. That’s why everyone needs to understand history. People can say “well that was a long time ago, it doesn’t affect me, who cares?” Thing is they keep happening; they aren’t just horrors of the past. If nobody watches, they won’t see the signs that it could happen again.

      The biggest takeaway from genocides isn’t why the leader did it or was he on our side, did he kill off people on the other side — it’s huge numbers of people are dead, and it’s a tragedy no matter the race or ethnicity. Children, grandparents, mom and dad, friends, neighbours. There’s NEVER an excuse.

  16. historian says:

    So germans havent been fascists? HAHAH

    • Addy says:

      You only care about what they teached you in the soviet school system, do you? As I remebmer from my school days in union, the word “national-socialist” was unknown. Only words you could find from history books were “bandits” and “facists”…

    • Addy says:

      What now? You lack of good arguments, so you start insulting me? How mature.

      • Hans says:

        Saying Nazis were not fascists, diqualifies your intellect and becomes truly hilarious. No need to argue with you.

  17. Jack says:

    Great pics. I even recognized the place in a couple of pictures from the year I spent in Ukraine five years ago. Was living in Poltava but my girlfriend’s brother and mother live in Kharkiv. Thanks again to this great site!

  18. CZenda says:

    Repost, these photos were already published here.

  19. Pravda says:

    Fantastic pictures. What are the sources?. I’m not very fluent in cyrillic. But have the pictures been digitally enchanced and colorized? Thanks for sharing.

  20. Montesquieu says:

    I love the clouds in picture 9.

  21. Butcher Josef says:


  22. Black Crow says:

    For the nazi guy that justifies slavery and genocide (only if it’s done by the Americans), I remind him that actual Native Americans are the descendants of slaughtered survivors. Entire ethnic groups were extinct. And American Blacks only recently earned civil rights. Your comments are an embarrassment. But please, for our amazement, keep posting your true dark nature.

  23. Gen. Electric says:

    @testicules: It is true that Nazi territorial “Lebensraum” (that killed much more than 20 million eastern neighbors), was also inspired by the American West experience, and Adolf used your same sick reasonings to justify mass murder and slavery in his Mein Kampf. I hope you keep exposing yourself.

    • testicules says:

      So your saying that Ghengis, Alexander, Ceasar, and Napolean, had less to do with Hitler’s insiration than the relatively small conflicts of the American expansion? I find that realy hard to believe. Once again, there was no genocide in the American west. There were atrocities on both sides but genocide never happened.

      • Reader says:

        …-“The Indian [was thought] as less than human and worthy only of extermination. We did shoot down defenseless men, and women and children at places like Camp Grant, Sand Creek, and Wounded Knee. We did feed strychnine to red warriors. We did set whole villages of people out naked to freeze in the iron cold of Montana winters. And we did confine thousands in what amounted to concentration camps…”. Wellman, Paul, “The Indian Wars of the West”, 1934… Some people need to read more often; they believe that John Wayne and Rock Hudson conquered the West making jokes.

        • Shocked Monkey says:

          “…genocide never happened”? Well dude, better try “I never had sex with that woman”…!! You sound like Clinton, testi. See, the deed was very bad, but your failed (and cynical) approach makes you look even worse.

  24. Hans says:

    @testi: Concerning Nazi Lebensraum’s inspiration of the US West, is not what you or I “believe”. Hitler wrote it. Read it. He uses some of your terrible arguments to justify killing people, actually. I guess you didn’t know… About Genocide, you have to check better. It seems you also don’t know a lot of things, too. Some posts here would help you to think, not to “believe” and continue embarrassing yourself. Americans were no different from other ethnic- cleansing powers. Now get some milk, its late.

  25. Boston Bloke says:

    Surely the Ukrainian population was uneducated in 1943. Many still are today. Easy to misguide them into thinking the Nazis were their saviors.

  26. Chac Mool says:

    Stalin made tons of horrors, he can’t be defended. But he is dwarfed by the ethnic cleansing (and mass extermination) ideas that Hitler had. Remember, Hitler would have killed much more millions if he could. It was “justified” and OK for him.

  27. Max says:

    first photo it’s not Kharkov, it’s Zhytomyr
    now http://waralbum.ru/wp-content/comment-image/34213.jpg

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