22 Weird Blue Foam In the Minsk Reservoir

Weird Blue Foam In the Minsk Reservoir

Water in the Vileisk reservoir in Minsk is all covered with blue foam. People are very bothered by this fact as the reservoir is the source of drinking water. The phenomenon is still under examination.


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22 Responses to “Weird Blue Foam In the Minsk Reservoir”

  1. DouglasU says:

    industrial pollution…

  2. red says:

    what the hell is that o_O

  3. Boritz says:

    Is either photoshop or lens filter effect. Fail.

  4. zld says:

    oh! fish! river dried up

  5. brad says:


  6. OLUT says:

    Why are there the same three photos of someone’s ugly foot? I don’t wanna see that in every color balance of the rainbow, yuk!

  7. Jajke says:

    Looks like it might be some form of algae.

  8. Nebukadnezar says:

    russians know how its done…

  9. BlowME says:

    Why does his slipper change colors…

  10. testicules says:

    This is the stuff from Ghost Busters 2

  11. Archy Bunka says:

    Did they dye it green for Saint Paddy’s Day?

  12. Musa says:

    I know I’m not going to Minsk anytime soon.

  13. Bob Loblaw says:

    Putin must’ve been swimming here recently…

  14. marxistworker says:

    Looks better than the Gulf of Mexico.

  15. mukmika says:

    Thank heaven it’s not brown, it would have looked much worse. Think I’d stick to bottled water in that area.

  16. pizd says:

    A toxic algae bloom. Some algae, especially the blue-green varieties, produce toxins and can potentially kill all animals that drink from it.

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