12 A Trip By Nanotrain

A Trip By Nanotrain

The Russian Railways Company has launched a new project, a mobile exhibition complex where leading foreign and Russian companies presented their innovative projects. On August 6 2011 the train left its starting ground in Saint-Petersburg and went to Vologda city where it was open for guests from 10.30 AM till 7.30 PM. Let’s visit the nanotrain and view the exhibits presented.


The complex consists of 3 service and 8 exhibition wagons. Each of them is devoted to some innovative project or company.

Railway attributes used by the chief of the station (19-20 centuries)

Objects popular in the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th centuries are followed by modern train models like Alegro manufactured by Alstom company.

Electric freight and passenger locomotives and railway transport of any kind are included into the next exposition.

Lighting of the trains is worth mentioning as it is made according to the diode technology and can change the color.

All interactive models are beautiful.


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12 Responses to “A Trip By Nanotrain”

  1. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Ouch! That seems like alot of fun! I would like to have a trip in the train!

  2. OLUT says:

    Cool place! I love the whole “World of Tomorrow” look in the corridors and the colored lights everywhere.

  3. George Johnson says:

    I wish America had more trains. Just about the only one we DO have, can’t survive without taxpayer money being shoveled into it, and the ticket prices are STILL too expensive!

    We used to have a LOT of trains and trolley cars in the cities. Then the bus and tire manufacturers came in and in some places, ripped up the rails overnight and installed bus lines. And we haven’t had a breath of fresh air since.

    • Musa says:

      Train tickets are expensive in the States, funny… I was just looking at fares from Staunton, VA to D.C. and back, it’s a beautiful trip. The food on the dining menus wasn’t too high, I was surprised by that.

      Yes they ripped up the rails only to realize it was a good thing. They just completed a lite rail in South Hampton Roads, Virginia from Norfolk, to Virginia Beach. They have a real trolly running in Olde Towne (historic district) in Portsmouth and I think they also have a “fake” trolly at the beach running down the strip. You’re right pollution is not good here with all the buses, cars and trucks.

  4. Ivanko says:

    Not twelve but I would hop into the virtual simulator! Been to Ukraine and the Baltic but when I go to Belarus and Russia I plan on visiting every musuem!

  5. Boritz says:

    I wonder how long the delicate models will last while they remain within reach of the children?

  6. Musa says:

    That little girl in glasses is very serious about driving the train. She’s cute.

    Okay kinda off topic- It’s funny how many men get fat bellies when their wives are pregnant, looks like they’re both expecting. My exhusband did that both times I was pregnant then he lost it after I had the babies. I’ve seen other men do it too. :)

  7. Kuleo0z says:

    Trainception ???

  8. popalumi says:

    Nanotren! Ce pot sa spun?Viitorul trebuie sa fie al transportului in comun.
    Ce se intimpla in Romania? De cind e la conducere o mutanta genetico-fascista,care fura banii poporului si apoi zice ca e criza,se desfiiteaza caile ferate,toti isi cumpara cite o rabla,nu se incurajeaza transportul in comun.

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