79 Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: Memories Of War

Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: Memories Of War

Posted on August 9, 2011 by kulichik

It seems that the Georgian–Abkhazian conflict arose just some time ago. Nevertheless, 3 years elapsed since that time.

A Georgian scout plane that illegally crossed the frontier of Abkhazia was hit in the end of April. This incident led to a tense international scandal. Georgia accused Russia of hitting the plane and demanded the case to be reviewed by the United Nations Security Council. However, the Council couldn’t arrive at a single decision on this issue. In the picture a Russian battalion crosses the Caucasus mountains to render aid to the Abkhaz side.

President Saakashvili declares military situation.


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79 Responses to “Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: Memories Of War”

  1. Dee_Ann says:

    Why is “iron” written on things?

    • wing says:

      IRON is the name for Ossetia-Alania in their Iranic language. It sounds very much like the name IRAN. The painted slogan is claiming that bit of territory as belonging to that ethnic group.

  2. moo says:

    Don’t poke the Bear because it pokes back hard.

  3. Uncledoh says:

    ps: and btw, georgia makes great khinkali, lobio, khachapuri, sulguni cheese and wine :o)

    • sashka says:

      come to Georgia if u want. we have everything good

      • wing says:

        I would come to Georgia tomorrow if I could afford to! Tomorrow morning, to be precise.

        • Archy Bunka says:

          I have been lucky enough to have visited Georgia. The food, wine and beer are very good and inexpensive. The Russians know this because most of the fine restaurants in Russia, are in fact Georgian.
          Regarding Saakashvili, no leader should be in power too long, and it is time for a change, this goes for Putin as well.
          Russia and Georgia are linked inevitably by their history. I would like to see them both recognize this, they need each other. How many veterans of WW2, men and women who served the USSR at its’ most dire time, did the Russian invasion(s)displace and harm? Does your media tell you that?

  4. sashka says:

    u want to find out? hehe are u kidding bro? always always between Georgian and Abkhazians were big country. between us there is Russia. always was and will be. war was provocation. Russia did everything. russia is guilty

    • Sean says:

      “Always always” doesn’t sound as the logical and trusted argument nor does it prove or disprove anything.

  5. marxistworker says:

    “Memories of War”= Pain, misery, death. Nationalism’s harvest.

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Yes, Russian Imperialism is to blame here.
      I agree with you MW. It was such an obvious set up. The Ossetians were provoking this conflict for months. Then, when the Russians were ready with a full armored column, (what a coincidence) they step in to save the day. GW Bush, in his finast moment as President , told that little fer Putin to get out, and he did.

      • SpeCons says:

        Archy Bunka, for information it was the President Dimitri Medvedev who ordered the retaliation against Georgia. Putin was in Beijing at the time attending the olympic games. So no one told Putin to do anything, and if they did this was just a waste of breath and vocal chords. And to close it up, Russian troops are still stationed in the break away regions. The US Senate passed a resolution urging the Russian troops to leave. And guess what, US can mind their own business, because Russia does not, and will not become a puppet state of the US.

        • testicules says:

          Everyone knows Medvedev does nothing with out Daddy Putins ok. This was an orchestrated land grab. For the troops it was a chance to loot and pillage. The Russians will do it again. Perhaps Ukraine or Turkmenistan…. Who knows.

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    Not an uplifting post, to say the least…

  7. cia says:

    The thugs under Bush/Cheney were attempting to instigate a conflict, so that US could install a base in the Ukraine. Putin responded appropriately, with extra force which made it impossible for the issue to be pushed further, because the Americans are sick of war. Russia is not some tiny country with a limited military. In addition, the conflict would have helped McCain (also a neocon puppet,) win the election.

    Remember, as Putin was leaving the Summit meeting, he shook his finger at Bush and said something negative while hurried back to Russia to deal with Georgia.

  8. IGOR666 says:

    From the pictures and the comments under them it seems that the Georgian military is mostly to blame for what happened while in fact it was the Russians who used mass artillery and airpower against ANYONE who got in the way. It’s their usual tactics, the same as in any of their past aggressions against any independent minded neighbors. Then they used their state controlled mass media to make it look like they are the saviors. It makes me sick. And for what? All because Georgia wanted to be more independent and turned its face towards the west and away from Russia’s dictatorship 4 years before the war.

    • historian says:

      Sakashvili faked the electionsd with the help of USA, now most of georgians are demonstrating against him but the dictator doesnt want to leave. Is this independents?

    • theguy says:

      That’s what they said on CNN, showing georgian artillery that was bombing tskhinvali before Russian’s ever got in, and saying that’s Russian artilery bombing Gori…

    • zkdjjdsv says:

      don`t forget that this is a russian blog – so in that way it is impossible to say that one or another side is guilty. if these pictures would have been posted in a neutral blog than you could judge them more objectively. As from neutral country (Latvia) I assume that the russians were guilty about this war (there was a lot of info in the world and locas news that I can say like this, and besdes journalism in russia isn`t liberal nor it is independant).

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Well said.

  9. Zonda says:

    I think that in our century, when all nations become more and more a mixture of cultures, just personal ambitions lead to claim territories and start conflicts…

  10. moo says:

    I don’t think the response was harsh. When you attack Russian Peacekeepers that have been there since the 90’s your gonna get a response. I was more surprised at Russia’s restraint at not taking the Gregorian capital and ousting Shakavili.

  11. Galitsin says:

    Georgian soldiers like the Taliban!

  12. Juhani says:

    There are always two sides in conflict. Neither was a saint.
    Russia saw Saakashvili-s weakness and acted upon it. There is no real truth, only stories like the Russian military was through the tunnels hours before any war, in foreign country-s territory. So Georgia attacked. Saakashvili was not strong enough to not attack.

    This set of pictures is from Russia side.
    If you search you can find how a Russian plane attacked some journalists, they were able to notice the plane, stop the cars and hide, but their cars were destroyed. That was no scripted movie, the question “everybody okay” was real.

    Or how in order to protect French foreign minister the bodyguards shot down a Russian plane. Over a populated town.

    Most of Georgia real military force was in Iraq. Georgia hoped that in return they would be helped.

    • historian says:

      Haha nice georgian propaganda…
      Why did you kill civillian in Zchinvalli? Why EU papers say so? Why there are every week demonstration in Tbilsi?

      • asdf says:

        Because people of Georgia are free to demonstrate. They’re not killed by “Chechens” like Politkovskaya or sent to lager like Khodorkovsky.
        Why was the first thing Russians bombed in Georgia the gas pipes? EU is not a god, they make mistakes too. Try watching Russian documentary “Uroky russkovo”, the scene about reports of German TV is really worth seeing.

        • historian says:

          Haha so EU lies about the war? then tell me why?
          Politkovskaya could also be killed by georgians, she wrote about the banditism in chechnia and the criminals there.
          They call themself fighter for independent but in reallity the deal this drugs and nothing to do with religion. But were do they get their weapons from? Several times russians stopped weapons from georgia to get to chechnia. S
          o it is possible that criminals from georgia( I dont talking about normal ppl, who are against sakashvilli and the fact that many georgians live in russia) are involved in this thing.

          2. Read something about Chodorkowski, how much money he had stolen, never paid taxes, wanted to sell stolen gas factories to US companies..
          I dont need to watch german documentarys about russia.. LOL.. i live here.

          • asdf says:

            Oh, you should better learn reading, I wrote watch RUSSIAN documentary showing lies in GERMAN TV. “Uroky russkovo” sounds pretty German :)
            No idea why is EU lying, probably because they’re afraid to lose Russian gas. Oh, isn’t Gerhard Schroeder a president of North European Gas Pipeline Company?
            So you tell me this is a coincidence, that people who dare critising Putin are dying or being arrested? OK, live on, I don’t care. I live far enough from Russia.

  13. John says:

    Ethnic cleansing: a Russian tradition!

    • historian says:

      The reason is a lot of americans are on this blog, it seems they dont get the education like people in e.g. in germany,sweden, france and russia. Its hard to talk to such uneducated ppl..

    • asdf says:

      Another Russian tradition – accuse someone else of something completely not connected with the subject. Let me start – 1953 Germany, 1956 Hungary, 1968 Czechoslovakia, 1980 Afganistan, 1991 Lithuania, Latvia 1994 Chechnya. Any moment where Russians did something positive? Just one example please.

    • theguy says:

      Erm, Russians were defending south ossetia and abkhazia from the georgian operation called “clear field”. Now who was “ethnic cleanising”?

    • asdf says:

      Well, maybe he is right, but native Americans and slavery in America has nothing in common with Georgian war. Where are native Siberians, by the way?

  14. burak says:

    well another conflict in caucasus,and putinistan is the only one who to blame,,, karabag,cechnia,osetia,abhazia….

    • historian says:


      So Putin is guilty that he had to end a war Yelzin started? And Yelzin had to start the war because radical muslims couldnt live in chechnia they had to invade dagestan…
      And Putin is also to blame that Georgia wanted to kill all the citizens of Zchinvalli?

      • historian says:

        and you should mirror the first letter of your name. then your name is right..

        • Torquemada says:

          …and later, the crazy fanatic friends of the US government (and enemies of Russia) proceed to bomb New York and the Pentagon. Some people never learn.

  15. Archy Bunka says:

    After MONTHS of provocation, after a warning from the US State Department not to lulled in, then Saakashvili responded. It was a perfectly timed setup by the Russians, a pathetic attempt to cling to the last remnants of the empire. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are in Georgia. They have always been part of Georgia. Typical Russkie BS job.
    Now Russia wants to establish military bases in both regions, violating their signed agreement. George Bush told Putin to get out of Georgia, or else, at the Olympics, naturally, those of you who are media encumbered wouldn’t have witnessed that scene. Why did Russia leave? Why would they stop invading a country with a population half of Moscow? Because the USA told them to leave. Now the Russian government has broken its word again.

    • historian says:

      Russia warned in UN that Georgia was planing an attack 2 Months before war, but UN didnt react. Then Georgia at frist killed the russian peace keepers that had been stationed there since the last conflict between georgia and ossetia.
      And then georgia started to attack the this GRAD. This the purpose to kill the civillians, they through granades in the windows.

    • theguy says:

      Lmao. Pathetic..

    • testicules says:

      Georgia attacked Russia like Poland attacked Germany to provoke invasion. It just so happen (in both cases) Huge amounts of troops were mysteriously massed in the right place.

      • Alex says:

        And that is called properly working intelligence, you normally would try to make a block move if you’ll see someones fist coming towards your nose. Since the premises were violated, you hit back. I’d vote for total demilitarization of Georgia for say 100 years.

  16. Archy Bunka says:

    After MONTHS of provocation, after a warning from the US State Department not to lulled in, then Saakashvili responded. It was a perfectly timed setup by the Russians, a pathetic attempt to cling to the last remnants of the empire. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are in Georgia. They have always been part of Georgia. Typical Russkie BS job.
    Now Russia wants to establish military bases in both regions, violating their signed agreement. George Bush told Putin to get out of Georgia, or else, at the Olympics, naturally, those of you who are media encumbered wouldn’t have witnessed that scene. Why did Russia leave? Why would they stop invading a country with a population half of Moscow? Because the USA told them to leave. Now the Russian government has broken its word again.
    Hey roll the film of the Russians towing their tanks over the mountains, half of them broke down.

    • neblogenso says:

      Please, Archy, read some facts – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgian%E2%80%93Ossetian_conflict . Russia don’t need Georgia, otherwise it would be already theirs. Georgians and Ossetians are two different nationalities, they are in conflict since 1918. It’s the same like Yugoslav Wars in 1990. Good that Russia came in, at least this bloodshed of innocents is stopped.

    • Mi says:

      What are you taking about? At least go to some forums where you can find some facts, not just propaganda in TV. First, Russians already had some military outpost in SO. Second, Georgian Army started bombardment of SO civilians and opened fire on Russian soldiers posted there. THEN Russia attacked back, not other way around. Georgians started it by massacre of civilians.

      • Archy Buna says:

        You are all wrong. Snipers and raids into Georgia land had been happening for months. This is just another land grab by the Russians. You were in Georgia, why didn’t you stay? Wikipedia? Is that where you get your “facts”?

    • w says:

      STFU you troll

  17. Tippi-Simo says:

    Same thing happened to Finland back in the 1939.

  18. George Johnson says:

    This was Russia flexing it’s muscle, nothing more. No matter the “reason” for it, it was just flexing it’s muscle, which it tends to do from time to time.

    • ho fo sho says:

      True. And Russia likes to flex it’s muscle by bullying their smaller, weaker neighbors. History has demonstrated this again and again. So bad ass…

      I wonder how they’d fair in an overseas conflict. Have they ever had to fight somewhere where they couldn’t drive to?

  19. No Mame says:

    Russians can’t allow a US puppet country making conflicts on their back. Fair or not, they showed they would not stand it in the Caucasus, now or ever.

  20. Pacific NW says:

    It’s a shame Georgia has such a douchebag for a president.

  21. Ivanko says:

    Georgia / Chechyna / Ossetia / Pakistan / Same.

    The inhabitants often profess to be a warrior people, dress in stone-age tribal outfits, have blood fueds, carry knives at their side (Dirka Dirka) and would enslave Russians if they could (after all they did until the Tsars put a stop to it)
    and profess that their professional army and warrior people would smash Russia.

    Instead – university kids and janitors, in the conscripted Russian army, devestated these ‘warrior people’ (more like savages) that were professional soldiers and equipped by the United States.

    Russia defended European civilization in that war

  22. Kalimba says:

    @Archy: Mind you that US military forces have intervened in Latin America for much less than that, normally backing bloody, ruthless (or “friendly”) Dictators in the last 100 years or more. Global powers always protect their “backyard”. It’s not pretty, but that’s the way it is. Like it or not, it doesn’t matter.

  23. SSSR says:

    Its Joyjya,I mean Georgia…

    • SSSR says:

      I wanted to do the southern accent for the Georgia that is next to Flordia just 1 time.Most of you would not understand.Continue with your arguments……

  24. Cheburator says:

    This conflict, although devastating for the civilians caught in it, was not an attempt by an “imperialist Russia” to occupy a “democratic freedomloving Georgia” (that’s why the Russian army turned around and retreated to Osetian borders).
    It was more of a conflict between the Russian interests in the post-soviet territories and the US desire to establish strong presence over there.

    There are some good articles about this war (written by western journalists):

  25. Don says:

    Abkhazia joined in Russian Empire itself,Ossetia too. In evil soviet times South of Ossetia and Abkhazia were given to Georgian SSR. And a good proud georgians Beria,Stalin and others made everything to build a wall btw this nations,at least in Abkhazia. in 1992 fascists started civil war in Georgia and said-Georgia for georgians,sent there criminal gangs to kill and rob people,then came army and failed,because all Caucasus came to help this poor little nations to destroy agression of Georgian Imperialism.
    About 1945,you fault,you was on Hitler side,so thats why soviets came. For 1968 forgive us. But since youth not care about old russian govt mistake,not many us hate.

  26. schenectady says:

    The twelveth (12) picture is one of those timeless, universal images of human suffering. It could be from any conflict, on any day, the woman could be anyone’s mother.

    Still everywhere soldiers reload and march, to laugh at such a scene with fellow soldiers, but they will see it again in their dreams, this time in horror.

  27. vla says:

    well,is always hard to speak about war and not to hurt somebodys feelings. I know what this kind of war brings . My country (Yugoslavia) was destroyed by fire of civil war lights on by Nato. Now my Serbia is in huge moral and economy depresion. Ppls in Georgia forgot what american agenda is ,ppls in russia forgot that georgians ,somehow,are they brothers. One day all this mess will came to end, and belive me- there want be americans,just russians,georgians and other minorites ready to talk and feel shame.

    • vla says:

      “Serbia got bombed because it was commiting gennocide on an unarmed population” I guess u dont know what gennocide is. U watch Tv or look @ wiki if u need info so I guess thats reason why u comment like this. Serbia was bombed cuz of RACAK?? no,my friend this is why serbia is bombed-http://hannah.smith-family.com/archive/camp_bondsteel_kosovo.jpg and this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trep%C4%8Da_Mines. Pls,teach me whats going on in my own country or just learn something before even say “gennocide”.U still belive in “gennocide” thing :)

    • No Mame says:

      @vla: It is impossible to defend Serbian genocidal loonies. Not even the Russians (or the even more deranged Georgian rulers) defended the Serbs and their massacres.

  28. SSSR says:

    All right,no more silly comments like my last.This 1 is very serious…and very interesting!Putin and Bush talk about the Georgia conflict on youtube.Record their voices and play it backwords.In reverse the truth can be told!Look into it at reversespeech.com!Almost every word we speek has our thoughts in reverse!Putin does know some English,maybe that could be heard in reverse.

  29. Seba says:

    Sympathy for the people of Georgia because of the Russian invasion of their terutorium (Abkhazia and Ossetia)

  30. Giorgi says:

    During many centuries Ossetians and Abkhazians (people who came from north Caucasus around late middle ages and at present call themselves abkhazians) were living alongside Georgians in this country..without any problem but here came Russia with it’s imperial ambitions..it’s similar story,,every conqueror is same..for Georgia. in the past it was Rome, Persia, Arabs, Byzanties.. many others.. I wander to know one thing.. why russins majority of U.. do not want good relationship with Georgia?? I have many russian friends, we live together in Tbilisi. Their father alongside Goergians were figthing for our freedom..I fully respect russian culture, litewrature, people..but majority of U want lands without people, georgia without gergians..At present U are stronger but…in the deepest place in your heart and brain all of u know that the truth is not with you… Abkhazia and “south ossetia” (the real name of this region is SAMACHABLO/სამაჩაბლო) are the internal parts of Georgia.. Georgia’ll be united, გაუმარჯოს დამოუკიდებელ საქართველოს!

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