3 Ancient Fortification Of Saint-Petersburg

Ancient Fortification Of Saint-Petersburg

Posted on August 9, 2011 by kulichik

21 fortresses were built in the Gulf of Finland many years ago to prevent the Russian Empire from being reached by the enemies. Today many of the fortresses are either abandoned or deprived of their former importance. Constantine Fort is under restoration today and will be soon turned into the fortification museum.

Fort Constantine is one of the largest fortresses built in the Gulf of Finland. It is located next to the city of Kronstadt and is related to Saint-Petersburg. A car road goes through the fort to the new tunnel under the Gulf.

Today a museum is located here. Many constructions of the complex were destroyed and are at the stage of active reconstruction now. It takes time to restore the place which often goes underwater and makes people start their work from the very beginning.


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  1. testicules says:

    Glad to see they are rebuilding the fort. Reminds me of Fort Moultrie in Charleston SC and a little of Ft. Sumter.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      South Carolina is the shame of the U.S.: From Dixie to the Dixiecrats to Jim Demint. I wouldn’t put a dime in that State’s coffers. But that’s me…

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