25 In Cage With a Lioness

In Cage With a Lioness

Posted on August 4, 2011 by kulichik

Do you think predators are dangerous and need to be avoided? Well, there are people who will disagree with you.

An animal painter Alexander Pylyschenko who owns a small private zoo in Ukraine set his mind to stay inside the cage with a pregnant lioness Katya for 5 weeks and even help her deliver the cub.


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25 Responses to “In Cage With a Lioness”

  1. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    In fact female animals are much more submissive than male.

  2. Akasha says:

    Riding on a male lion and grabbing his tail; he couldn’t care less about danger

  3. testicules says:

    The next post we will see of him is his obituary. Darwinism at it’s finest

  4. Nobody says:

    I want a rrrr-pony!

  5. Uncledoh says:

    yeh, that peaceful life with the big kitten will not last forever.


  6. Asmodeus says:

    We have to see his wife to have better judgement.

  7. DouglasU says:

    Wild animals do not make for good pets. I hope he has not fathered any children with his genes. Yes, Darwin at work here.

  8. Pcific NW says:

    The secret is to keep them well fed.

  9. Musa says:

    Crazy-Ass Ukrainian! I wish him the best in setting a World record – something I don’t believe is worth risking your life for. But hey, it’s his life not mine. He has some beautiful beasts for sure.

  10. George Johnson says:

    These lions are still wild. Eventually, they’ll “be lions” again. Even dogs, that have been domesticated for 1,000’s of years can turn on people. Remember Sigfried and Roy? They hand raised their tigers from birth.

    Anybody doing this, is still taking a HUGE chance. And the damage they can do in one bite, or one paw swipe, can kill.

  11. petrohof says:

    yes, darwin in action. happens all the time, just look around you.

  12. marxistworker says:

    Why doesn’t he raise money for orphans’ homes? This is nothing but an egotistical stunt to get people to subsidize his hobby.

  13. Wai says:

    Enjoy those mini-wild animals that (mostly) can’t kill you.

    The lion cubs are very cute tho

  14. Misha says:

    Cute but very dangerous

  15. People's Commissar says:

    Lions, another great triumph of soviet union!

  16. bigaussieboris says:

    This may been a new type of kgb prison.

    • Nowhere Girl says:

      Indeed. And I remember that Richardson’s lion friend let him hold her babies when they were less than a week old…

  17. JohnnyMorales says:

    It’s not often you see a Russian who clearly exhibits the traits of Viking ancestors who I think laid the foundation for the first Russian state.

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