10 The Open Pit Of Voskresensk

The Open Pit Of Voskresensk

Posted on August 3, 2011 by kulichik

In the Moscow region there is a White Mountain with continuous bucket loaders working on it all day long. Finding the area is not easy, coming close to the excavators is even more difficult due to lack of any identification signs in nearby villages. In spite of all the difficulties the path to the open pit was found and pictures are presented below.

The first German excavator Tarkaf Ers 710 is very impressive in size though this bucket loader is the smallest one among those that used to be available.

The machine has 5 floors. The first one is motionless and contains a tube in its base.

‘The dining room’.

Lubrication room.

The communication panel provides connection with other working spaces.

The chain consists of 38 buckets (710 liters each).

The machine was used first to mine ore then only sand which is taken to the second floor along the chain. The circular feeder is located right there.

Sand goes to the band conveyor.

Then it is loaded onto the train. Tarkaf ERS 710 needs 15 minutes to load 12-13 wagons with capacity of 60 tons each. This is a loading point. Connector communicates with the engine driver and controls the loading process to avoid sand spilling.


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10 Responses to “The Open Pit Of Voskresensk”

  1. Galitsin says:


  2. Vely says:

    I didn’t understand how that wagon shifts the rails with those jacks!!

  3. testicules says:

    Not that interesting

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      I thought it was very interesting. Maybe you’re not fully awake? Drink more coffee, then look at this post.

  4. Boritz says:

    Sleeping areas inside the machines must be a holdover from Soviet times.

  5. marxistworker says:

    This is a very fascinating post. Long live these workers.

  6. komar says:

    hallo!!! this machine coms from east germany GDR.
    the GDR was a big producer of this special “monster” for open-cast mining
    Best wishes
    from Brandenburg

  7. robin yates says:

    the last machine with just one bucket, we call a dragline.Not much used now because hydraulic excavators are much faster and more productive

  8. Pantokrator says:

    I have never seen such large machines in my life! It reminds me of the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars. Those machines are like moveable houses!

  9. John says:

    I have a country house in Voskeresenk. It’s quite dirty there, but nevertheless I enjoy my weekends there.

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