20 Assorted Russia, Part 22

Assorted Russia, Part 22

Posted on August 2, 2011 by kulichik

Hardly have we presented Assorted Russia, Part 21, when we collected enough short funny stories for another, next part.

Let us look how a snake hunts a fish. It let the fish come closer and attacked it squeezing its gills and depriving it from the ability to breathe. The fish tried to resist but failed.

The snake is carrying the food away from the water.

The fish was left 3 meters away from the river. What was the purpose of catching a fish that was much bigger and heavier than the hunter itself if the snake wasn’t going to eat it? The point is that another perch was caught the same way some time ago and abandoned as well.

Local snakes don’t only catch fishes but also steal them from people trying to grasp bigger species. As the creatures are poisonous fishermen don’t dare to stop them and just leave the place seeing a plenty of snakes in water around their boats…

Another fish wonder. Global warming appears to be not a myth invented by ecologists but something that is true to life.

Otherwise, how can the phenomenon of finding piranhas in Russian rivers can be explained?

Many people are sure that rumors about the killers found in Moscow water reservoirs are far from being the truth until they catch the fish themselves.

This South American inhabitant was found in the Moscow river.

Two pretty red things wanted to walk along the same fence. Look how they shared the path.


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20 Responses to “Assorted Russia, Part 22”

  1. Boritz says:

    I want to see train wheels after the slippage!

  2. Ham are sick, Al says:

    The snake pictured…. is it poisonous? Regarding piranhas it was probably an exotic pet dumped down the toilet and not attributed to global warming. We had a some piranhas surface in Okanagan Lake in Canada many years ago because of the same reason.

  3. Musa says:

    That was a nice little twister. I enjoyed watching the videos. Thanks. :)

  4. George Johnson says:

    That’s incredible about the train “slippage”. But that’s why they have sand systems installs on them, for traction.

    Somebody messed up here. Either didn’t turn it on or it was empty.

    • j pigden says:

      When slippage happens, sand can make it worse. The rails here look clean and dry. There was nothing for the sand to overcome. The laws of nature caused this one!

  5. ODB says:

    Yeah they talked about it in french TV a month ago

  6. Archy Bunka says:

    Auntie Em, Auntie Em…

  7. Trainage says:

    Great stories, but I didn’t understand the train slippage story. So what did happen? Was the train moving or steady when those marks were carved to the rails?

    Is this the same phenomenon when I try to get my car moving on an icy surface? The wheels rotate but the car doesn’t move. In such cases, how can I use my brake to stop this from happening and on the train you cannot stop it (“the process can’t stopped on its own”?

    • vRaptor910 says:

      I think that in the slippage case, the driver must have insisted that the train should move, the train wouldn’t do that in just a few seconds.

    • j pigden says:

      What happens is simple. The energy required to keep the train moving is greater than the value of the friction between the rail and the wheel. The train stops moving but the wheels don’t. Steel on steel causes heat. The heat changes the molecular structure of the rails causing melting and flaking. The usual response by the crew is either back the train down to a flatter spot and make a run at the steep spot so momentum will overcome gravity; or split the train in two and move the parts over the steep spot.

  8. Rickbee says:

    Actually pictures of damage caused by Jeremy Clarkson in the Top Gear XJS train for one the the latest Top Gear challenges !!

  9. MikefromCanada says:

    Lordy Lordy! A piranha in Russian waters, it must be global warming’s falt. Hey buddy your a twat just for that line. What else could explain it? LOL

  10. Vladimir Kobikchov says:

    Those train tracks are really messed up. Would they have to repair them after that? It looks dangerous to keep on riding over them if they are like that.

  11. SHAHID says:

    hi if some one like to be mine just contact me at

  12. Elle says:

    It’s really amazing that a snake catches a fish like that. I always love cats. These two cats are very funny. Take great pity to the car.

  13. BringBackSovietUnion says:

    They’re being beaten by rail unions and jerkoffs. they want more money or else, “accidents” will happen.

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