9 Huge Construction of the Bridge Across The Dnepr

Huge Construction of the Bridge Across The Dnepr

One stage of the most famous project was realized in Kiev, Ukraine. The remarkable event was related to
construction of the first segment of the bridge across the Dnepr river. Let's see the scale of the work.
19 The 5th International Marine Show

The 5th International Marine Show

The 5th International Marine Show, that is one of the leading shipbuilding shows in the world, finished its work. 350 enterprises from 28 countries ( 67 of them are foreign) took part in the exposition in 2009. Participants placed their items in pavilions with the total area of 13,000 sq.metres, in open exhibition areas, in the water area at moorings of the maritime passenger terminal and near the exhibition complex. Among participants there were all leading companies of the maritime industry of Russia. Manufactures of assembling
equipment, devices, electronic components, informational technologies and dual-use goods occupied the most territory of the exhibition. 55 separate delegations from 47 countries also came to the show. 2 Defense Ministers, 7 Chiefs of the Navy and other high-ranking officials were included in these delegations. 496 journalists from 148 medias reported about the event. More than 29,000 professionals worked over the show. Now visitors have many pictures to share. We are not an exception.
16 The Death Race In Sevastopol

The Death Race In Sevastopol

Participation in a death car race gives you the right to cut off your rival, ram
his car, hit it in the rear and do anything that is not allowed on the road.
26 Abandoned Crimean NPP

Abandoned Crimean NPP

The construction of the Crimean Nuclear Power Plant was started many years ago, in far 1975. Then, the state spent millions of Soviet rubles on it (according to some sources, even billions). But when the plant was almost finished in 1989, it was decided to stop its construction. Why? Because the memories of the recent disaster at Chernobyl were still very fresh. Besides, a new political situation, the
views of environmentalists and many other factors played their role as well. Now this abandoned facility is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most expensive nuclear reactor which remained unfinished. Imagine the scale - it had to provide the entire Crimea with electricity. Let's have a walk around its ruins and look at the process of its dismantling.
13 Assorted Russia, Part 19

Assorted Russia, Part 19

Playing basketball with huge portraits of the great historic personalities was offered as a new kind of entertainment in Siberia at a local exhibition. The foreheads of such
Russian famous people as Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Rasputin and many others were decorated with baskets waiting for the ball. Rather a strange way to reveal patriotic intentions!
8 A Pretty Heliport

A Pretty Heliport

Lat time we visited competitions of the helicopter sport and
today we will see a heliport and take a little flight.
44 Be Afraid of Internet Affairs

Be Afraid of Internet Affairs

The Great Saturday of Roses passed in Moscow without being noticed. Russian students took an example of their colleagues from New York, anonymously registered at dating sites and invited
several young men on a date. Obligatory conditions of dates were to be at the station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, at 18:00, with a rose in hands. A rose was like an identification.
15 The Military Exhibition Memorial-2011

The Military Exhibition Memorial-2011

The international exhibition Memorial-2011 took place in Moscow on the
22 and 23 of June. It was aimed at memorization of perished soldiers.
39 The 22nd Brigade: A Good Example Of Military Prowess

The 22nd Brigade: A Good Example Of Military Prowess

The 22nd Guards Separate Brigade of Special Designation was formed in the Kazakh city of Kapchagay on July 24, 1976. Over more than 30 years of service, it changed its location many times. The outstanding courage and military prowess of
its soldiers resulted in numerous governmental awards. Now the brigade is located in the city of Aksay in the Rostov Region. Let's visit it and have a look at all the sides of their training and overall conditions.
20 Moscow Way of Parking

Moscow Way of Parking

What do thousands of drivers do in the Russian capital each day? The answer is obvious - they look for a parking lot. As there are not enough parking spaces in Moscow, drivers have to either be impudent and park their cars very
close to other cars (contrary to all rules and the convenience of others) or look for a parking lot within several hundred meters from the destination... However, there is one more option - to park on a sidewalk.

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