35 The Base of The Sky Cavalry

The Base of The Sky Cavalry

We've already visited the flight center in Torzhok and seen how trainings
there are held. Now we prepared a more detailed story about this place.
16 Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Russia has seen a lot of different constructions throughout its existence. Building a power plant on the Volga river and erecting a bay in Samara are just
a few examples. Today you will fling yourself into the creative upbuidling processes the results of which are left for the future generations.
5 Gypsum Quarrying In Novomoskovsk

Gypsum Quarrying In Novomoskovsk

Have you ever thought that a huge mine the size of which exceeds the area of the Moscow subway system can be located right under your
feet? Such a mine, which is the largest gypsum minefield in Europe, is situated in the city of Novomoskovsk in the Tula region.
76 Training Session Of An Elite Military Team

Training Session Of An Elite Military Team

Would you like to meet elite military tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform? Special Forces soldiers need to be physically and mentally robust
and have the confidence, courage, and skill to operate individually or in small teams, often in isolation and in a hostile environment. Let's participate in a training session of such a team.
23 How To Assemble A Medical Training Device

How To Assemble A Medical Training Device

Willing to see how training devices for medical students are produced? Welcome to one of the companies located in
Saint-Petersburg that produces devices for rendering the first aid and plastic skeletons. Click on the image to view the full
5 Fire Fighting Museum In Kiev

Fire Fighting Museum In Kiev

Have you ever been to a fire fighting museum?  Let's visit the largest fire department located in Kiev. In spite of such disadvantages as outdated equipment and acute shortage of firemen in that
city, it's necessary to mention that a museum of fire engineering is available. It doesn't contain many exhibits but those ones present reflect every stage of fire service development.
14 Reaching The Stars In A Minute, Part 2

Reaching The Stars In A Minute, Part 2

Some pictures of a military launch area located in Plesetsk were shown in a previous post. Today we'll continue our journey along the place and see more of Soyuz-U rocket firing. Read more...
84 Afghanistan of the 50s-60s

Afghanistan of the 50s-60s

Having seen the title of the post, many probably thought that it would be about a wild, backward, medieval country with even worse living conditions than now. But you are wrong. Some time ago, it was an absolutely different country. Afghan women made a career in medicine, went to the movies and studied at the universities of Kabul. Afghan
factories produced fabrics and other goods. There was law and order and the government could implement such large infrastructure projects as the construction of hydroelectric plants and roads (though not without help from outside). Ordinary people had hope for the future... All this was destroyed by thirty years of war.
22 After 20-Minute Rain

After 20-Minute Rain

Lately considerable sums have been appropriated for roads repair in many Russian cities. However it seems
things haven't got forward an inch... The roads of the city of Pskov after 20-minute rain...
45 How To Survive a Crisis?

How To Survive a Crisis?

Do you know how to turn a simple sunflower seed into a piece of delicious meat? If not,
ask the Russians - some of them know nice ways of how to survive the crisis...

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