5 The Art Of Fire Extinguishing

The Art Of Fire Extinguishing

Posted on July 29, 2011 by kulichik

Let’s make a journey to the city administration of Minsk, Belarus, which is adjacent to the fire department and see stuff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations at work.


Within the last years the department was re-equipped completely. Thus, they were given a new set of instruments to provide aid to drivers who got in accidents. Now the drivers will be helped fast no matter where the accident takes place. The people have up to 40 calls a day in Minsk and to 120 calls in Belarus. False calls have never been noticed due to high fines and well-balanced policy aimed at revealing ‘phone terrorists’.

Reaction time to the alert is 4,5 minutes for the city and 15 minutes for a village. The standards are not always followed as many villages are still located rather far from the fire department. The only constant variable consists in the fact that the last car needs to leave the department in 45 sec after the signal is obtained.

Equipment and instruments are carefully controlled as they need to be clean and always in working condition. In case of emergency a duplicate is available so that nothing will prevent the crew from carrying out their task.

There are 25 rescuers in a crew. Their chief always follows the crew as it is him who is responsible for anything that can happen.

Rescuers have a right to use the bedroom from 10 PM to 6 AM. But in case of alarm the room will be empty in several seconds.

The sign above the door shows the numbers of departments that need to respond to the signal.

The kitchen is used only for having a meal as the people are time-limited.

The Russian samovar (a metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water) shows that tea is also drunk here from time to time.

Every member of the crew has 2 hours of free time (in case there is no emergency) which can be spent in a special room where one can look at the fishes or watch TV.

With the help of this training device the instructor can show how to remove people from a car that turned upside down.  The car is connected with a special device that can turn it in any direction.

These old and simple cars are used to show how to extinguish fire and remove people out of damaged cars.

A crew of three people can remove a passenger for 30 seconds. Their equipment is multi-functional. This hydraulic appliance is used to elevate the bottom of a car.

Here the rescuers are reacting to the alarm signal.

The steel fittings are easily cut with the hydraulic scissors.

The device is called Cobra. It allows to extinguish fire but is especially functional when coupled with abrasive moisture that can cut metal and concrete.

It takes just 2 minutes for the Cobra to make a hole with 10 cm in diameter. The hole is used to fight a fire and supply people blocked in a basement with oxygen.

Now let’s visit the diving rescue service center. Every day 60 divers come on duty throughout the country. 120 other people have been trained as divers and are qualified to carry out saving operations in water. 200 motor boats are at their service.

The mobile diving station is completely equipped with everything necessary to provide 5 people from any part of the world with everything they need. It has beds, a kitchen, WC, compressor station, etc.

This old vehicle is here just on the safe side in case the main engines get broken and rescuers will need to attend several places.

Fast, light and easily controlled motor boat will take the crew to any place at any time.

Medical examination is performed by a diver who is also a doctor.

The republican special handling detachment was created in 1991. Since then it participated in rescuing during different accidents for over 5000 times. It is the most modern, prepared and well-equipped detachment in the country. Perfection of new approaches and acquaintance with new equipment is done with this department.  Motorcycle detachment consists of 2 rescuers and 1 doctor. They carry necessary equipment to render urgent aid. The obtained experience is analyzed and used in making subsequent decisions.

9 Labrador dogs were taken from the brooder of the Frontier Service and trained in the center of Emergency Situations. When there is free time rescuers take the dogs while paying a visit to foster schools for kids with arrested development. It makes the kids cope with the disease better.

The dog finds a person under the rubble.

The unique wear is designed to protect from different kinds of threats including poisonous gases and lethal radiation.

Rescuers are also supplied with a modern mobile laboratory which can determine any threat within minutes and search for sources of radiation and chemical contamination. Simple tests enable the rescuers to define an active chemical substance or a type of radioactive isotope, take a correct decision about methods of danger elimination. 3 portable sets of radiation control can be given to operative groups.

Dinner time.

Here the skills of extinguishing process control can be obtained. Institute for Command Engineers is a huge complex which has everything needed for complex development of future rescuers.

Educational process isn’t less important. The library holds 100 students.

The classroom is devoted to issues of fire safety.

The simulator is developed by the stuff of the Institute and represents complete description of 5 different objects for fire extinguishing with numerous changing parameters. Students need to perform necessary calculations and be exact in carrying out operations.

This additional room creates conditions that are present in reality such as smoke, noise, light, screams of those who have been injured, etc.

Department of emergency medicine. How can aid be rendered? What is the way of correct fixation of a broken extremity? Here students get all the necessary skills to save people with severe traumas.

Fire extinguishing at the stadium.

The crew is get trained before another World Championship.

It takes them 13 seconds to climb the wall. The world record (12.95) was set by these guys from Minsk.

Location: Minsk

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  1. OLUT says:

    Interesting! About four houses from me is an old fireman training center. It hasn’t been used in years, now it’s businesses and a reception hall. The tower is still there, though.

  2. Kompani says:

    A great feature. Thanks.

  3. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Fireman everywhere are brothers…

  4. Musa says:

    Wonderful Post. I have a whole lot of respect for rescuers – firemen, paramedics, medical technicians and doctors, it takes balls to do what they do, placing themselves in danger to save others.

  5. VFF says:

    Great and iteresting pictures, thanks!
    Heres one great song with funny pictures about firemen…

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