28 Airsoft:The Real Military Game

Airsoft:The Real Military Game

Posted on July 27, 2011 by kulichik

Have you ever played airsoft, a game of chance and adventure?  The aim is to eliminate your opponents by shooting at them using replica firearms and tactical accessories. There are different types of firearms for the individual roles played. Read the post and decide whether you would like to join.

Some compare the airsoft game to paintballing but airsoft is a much more military style game creating a feeling of excitement, action and suspense.

Only professional teams that train together for years twice a week or more often can participate in the game.

Entourage is a must. One must have at least military outfit, airsoft equipment and protective glasses. Sometimes complete correspondence to outfit of a real military team can be required.

Airsoft has nothing to do with open massive attacks and running towards one another with screams. It is mostly a tactic game. The main thing is to avoid heavy fire.

Girls are enjoying the game as well.


General assembly.

The priest is blessing the participants before the game.

The nurse. In case you were hit and couldn’t call the nurse for 10 minutes you are considered dead and must leave the game.

Red things denote you are killed.

‘Landing troops in Theodosius’

via k-titov

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28 Responses to “Airsoft:The Real Military Game”

  1. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Looks like fun. Sort of like playing ArmA. And you don’t risk dying :-D

  2. Mizz... (A) says:

    Yes, it´s realy fun, understand that it will takes al lot of training before. Personally i think every good reason to hawe fun without hurting other people is a good reason. :)

  3. Musa says:

    These guys look more authenic than the guys in the special forces post. It’s nice to see that girls/women can participate too.

  4. testicules says:

    How much are the weapons?

  5. historian says:

    I like chics with weapons.

  6. neblogenso says:

    I bet this pile of equipment aint cheap. It must be lots of fun.

  7. ODB says:

    I played airsoft in a team, it was really fun, with safety rules, a good ambiance (BBQ, , jokes, fairplay) :) However I would recommend you to play with mature people

  8. moo says:

    Wow this sport must be expensive :( I once saw a airsoft gun that cost as much as the real thing.

  9. Max says:

    grenade launcher comes in a airsoft package? interesting

  10. Arctic Tough says:

    I would love to join! This looks like tons of fun, especially if you need the nurse ;)
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  11. grrr.... says:

    Some of this kids don’t even know army rules on how to hand an assault rifle. Never keep your finger on a trigger.

  12. Maraudon says:

    Wow, talk about taking a simple hobby a bit too far :D

  13. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. (Yes, I have to introduce myself).
    Looks like fun, must be an expensive club with that personnel carrier and a blessing.
    “Bless thy Holy hand grenade, so that it may blow thine enemy to bits…”

  14. Cindy says:

    OMG Santa in pic one and the orange hat commander in #10 are HOT!!

  15. (r)evolutionist says:

    Include me out.

  16. peach says:

    What kind of ammunition are they using ?

  17. Nidia says:

    I want to play this so bad right now!!!

  18. komar says:

    1. Step: These are dangerous spinner!

    2. Step: Nationalism

    • Musa says:

      Are you saying these people are all Neo-Nazis or are they just proud to be Russians?

      I know not everything is black and white.

  19. Yojimbo says:

    I suppose that Airsoft is very popular in nations where you can not own actual fire arms(of course even where you can you ca not use them like this) and then they started playing games similar to paint ball seeing as paint ball has been around longer than Airsoft.Alot of kids in the US also play Airsoft as well it seems very game like to me and nothing like true military combat training even but then again they are just having fun not trying to really kill anyone so no harm done really.the only thing to me with Airsoft is price you can go and buy a Bulgarian or Romanian Ak-47(semi-auto of course) for around $300.00~400.00 dollars depending on the part of the US you are buying a good Airsoft AK-47 costs around $150.00 or more for and the high end ones cost the same as the real rifle.

    I find the priest blessing everyone to be a bit much why not just have a quick group prayer or something?

  20. komar says:

    ich merke nun, daß hier die freie meinung zensiert wird, wie zu kommunistischen zeiten.
    warum also das schießen auf menschen üben? hat es genug toe sowjetsoldaten in afghanistan gegeben!

  21. TGE says:

    I’ve played Airsoft for 10 years and it is kind of expensive. Airsoft guns shoot a 6mm plastic bb of various weights with rate of fire exceeding 25rds a second at 400fps Some Airsoft guns do cost more than real steel, but you can’t legally shoot people with a real Bulgarian or Romanian Ak-47 with out doing jail time. To ” Historian” Not all Americans are fat with nervous trigger fingers, it’s all about training and knowing when to pull the trigger. Like when some one like you makes a tactical error and you get neutralized. The game is a lot of fun.

  22. Drager says:

    Airsoft is really fun, you get good exercise whit fresh air and its more fun than pumping iron in gym whit sweatty men O.o well depens who likes that…
    anyway airsoft its not so costly that people think. You can get started about 200€ whit EYEPROTECTION!! thats most important thing, used gun (when buying take someone who know these guns whit you. Unexperienced airsofters can be fooled to buy gun what it is in really bad shape), 5000bb(BB=blastic bullet i think. round blastic ball weight around 0.20-0.50grams) and preferably some kind military outfit, what you can get around 20€ from some old military stiff selling netstore. Airsoft can be very pricy if you get real military outfits like issue USA or spetnaz or so, really good guns whit steel bodys and authentic wood parts. This depens manufacture too and where you buy your gun. Only continuous cost is BBs, gas if gas operated gun, maintance if you dont know how to repair your gun, gas money on game sites, games entry fees if there is and accessories like smoke granades what usually are one use only. Upgrading your gun can too be costly, but if you know what your doing or paying someone who does you can get REALLY good gun your self. Airsoft can be really costly too if you start to buy bad ass guns like minigun 5000$, special guns like barret 50cal 900$ and so on, but whit those you dont get any more kills whit that if you dont know how to play.

    These weapon replicas use mainly 3 operating systems. AEG electric guns make air pressure whit gearbox whit many variating versions. Gas operated use green gas(butan or some else) Co2 most powerfull one and there are spring operated like bolt action rifles and some shot guns.

    Depending velocity these dosent hurt so much. In Finland 120m/s is max in automatic guns. Shot from 1m bare skin leaves 1cm round red area what may bleed little not much. Usually shout “shot!” or “BAM” is used this close. Pring rifle 170m/s velocity can do more than that but user is to
    switch in his scondery armament like gas pistol in sertain distance. Real guns fire 1000m/s and up so no airsoft gun can kill or badly hurt anyone if used correctly and necessary protection is in oder.

    If your first timer and feel like trying do it! You can get rental gun whit all necessary accessories from game organizer and try airsoft cheap. Whit that you can too ask about if someone in game is selling his old gun if you like to get your own. Game organizer usually know some good cheap guns what are perfeect for first timers.

    You can find your local game organizer from internet. There is two types of games. Weekend games where you go have fun and then there is scenarios like in this blog where there is written story behind game and maeby some special rules and etc.

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