76 Training Session Of An Elite Military Team

Training Session Of An Elite Military Team

Posted on July 22, 2011 by kulichik

Would you like to meet elite military tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform? Special Forces soldiers need to be physically and mentally robust and have the confidence, courage, and skill to operate individually or in small teams, often in isolation and in a hostile environment. Let’s participate in a training session of such a team.

Special forces battle teams leapfrogged along the forest covering one another and maintaining surveillance, paying attention to every sound and sniffing the air. It was the third day of the training session, the guys were getting ready for a coming match. The group consisted of contract soldiers with a huge military experience and a couple of young soldiers.

According to the words of the instructor who controlled the group 3 years are required to form an experienced group of special forces. That’s why national service soldiers do not count.

Apart from the commanding officer, his understudy and commanders of fighting compartments the group also has sanitary instructor, snipers, blasters and signalers.  If there is a need the specialists can substitute one another.

They have a wide range of weapon such as sniper rifles, Kalashnikov light machine guns, etc. The soldiers are well-versed in cold weapon, a knife is included into their equipment.

During a training session soldiers have to distribute along the forest, conduct intelligence, masking, imitating saving of a wounded soldier, render the first aid, couple cars and captives and overcome a military obstacle.

Snoopers have different equipment. Soldiers choose clothes to feel comfortable and buy them for their own money.

This very special regimen carries out commando-type reconnaissance operations and finishing off that’s why there is no need to unify soldiers engaged in the area of actual combat.

Government doesn’t provide soldiers with all necessary things. Thus, they prefer buying expensive and good shoes and have to pay their own money for it.

Weight of equipment in a regular military raid constitutes 40-50 kg.


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76 Responses to “Training Session Of An Elite Military Team”

  1. GagarinXXI says:

    For whom they made these photos? For teenagers? For Holywood movie makers?

    One guy such as Aldrich Ames wields and moves more power then 500 of these scout boys.

    • testicules says:

      These guys don’t llok that special. They are not in great shape and the quipment they have isn’t that impressive. They look like reservists. The yellow fins are a dead giveaway they are not elite.

      • Connor says:

        One of them was using a PKP Pecheneg. And from what I know is only in use by the Spetsnaz. And just because they use bright yellow fins doesn’t mean they’re not specialists.

  2. Dr God says:


  3. RussianPower says:

    What unit are they from? FSB? Border guards? VDV? Navy? or Ground Forces? GRU?

  4. D. Bunker says:

    I love it. They are wearing US-style “boonie hats” just like we did in ‘Nam. Not to mention US-style LBE (load bearing equipment — web gear) that we gave up on 20 years ago. Put them in Indochina & they’d be right at home. Also see these guys are using Russian sniper rifles and not the Austrian Steyr like the mountain troops. Better or worse?

    • j pigden says:

      Like the Americans wearing French tigerstripe camo in Vietnam? using AK47s. As for the Dragunov vs Steyr, same effect at the ranges involved but ammo is more available for the SVD.

  5. kkthxbai says:

    Why are they wearing german camo?

  6. Stef says:

    Why have the soldier German, US and Russian Cammo ??

  7. Musa says:

    Ah, that looks fun.

  8. Yanov Uskhar says:

    I enjoyed the Russian Navy’s effective method for dealing with Somali pirates.


    If the Russian special units are like their navy then they are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

    • Jack Sparrow says:

      The Russian Navy forces are truly merciless dealing with pirates. I would say, as a pirate, even their merchant crews can cause mayhem to anyone threatening to screw them.

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Methods producing influence on their minds is widely used.”
    Uh, Comrades, I don’t think I want to know anymore about what exact methods were used…

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I wish these men well. I could easily see them fighting alongside US special forces in a future conflict, and wouldn’t be surprised if they presently participate with US special forces in certain exercises. However, they shouldn’t have to buy so much of their gear. The Russian military should provide them whatever the need. A relatively small group of special forces can accomplish as much or more, sometimes, than a much larger group of “regular” troops.

  11. Mathieu says:

    After loosing its war against Georgya, russian army needs a good training to reboost the morale af its poor starving soldiers.

  12. mike says:

    its hard to call a unit an elite military when they are using rifles that are over 70 years old…

  13. Gen. Paulus says:

    Russian Military has never been known for looking cool or for wasting money or resources. They are used to lack them. Russian forces in battle are only known for being ruthless, for smashing invaders and winning wars.

    • testicules says:

      Don’t forget raping and pillaging.

      • Horst says:

        They didn’t exterminate Native Americans. Do you forget that often?

        • Black Crow says:

          Yes, Russian Army has not exterminated Native Americans or other ethnic group in the last 200 years. US Army did so. Besides death and imposed starvation, the raping and pillaging was also included. Amricans can’t lecture anyone about Army behaviour.

        • testicules says:

          No. There are actually more native Americans alive today than at any point in history.

      • Sheniqua Washington says:

        Oh please. For American Black women, raping and pillaging was the least of their problems for a long time. Go preach somewhere else.

        • Gen. Electric says:

          I like when some self serving Americans want to preach something, and all their dirt comes up. Lol.

          • testicules says:

            Yes. Thanks you super slueth for your hard hitting propaganda. You got us. You exposed the same tired old left wing myths that every other soviet apologist drags up in a debate. Try reading true history and you will see there was no extermination. Just a stone age society encountering a more advanced culture and not being able to compete. Kind of like when you go to school and can’t keep up with everyone else socially.

  14. Ex-SEAL says:

    Really? This is Russia’s Elite? They have to buy their own boots? They’re so stubborn as to only use Russian Kalishnikov variants?? A SEAL team would have these guys wiped out in a matter of seconds.

  15. Ex-SEAL says:

    Oh yeah, good job keeping the collateral damage down with the Chechnya schoolhouse and the Moscow movie theatre. You never hear about SEAL teams in the press because we don’t make mistakes.

  16. Ex-SEAL says:


  17. Pupkin says:

    OK, where is the Predator ?

  18. ayaa says:

    @Ex-SEAL. Why in God’s name shouldn’t we use AK’s?!!! Anything wrong with them? NO. Infact they are realiable, robust and compact. AND they are RUSSIAN, in case you heard otherwise. And these troops shown here are RUSSIAN, in case you may have assumed otherwise.

  19. ayaa says:

    @kkthxbai and @Stef.
    Those aren’t German or US camouflage patterns. Russia uses many patterns, but the German-looking one is the old pattern, which is being replaced. But since these aren’t troops from the Army, I think it really doesn’t matter.

  20. Yanov Uskhar says:

    @Ex-SEAL I don’t believe you are an Ex-SEAL because a genuine Ex-SEAL would not be posting the type of juvenile comments that you post.

  21. terminator says:

    Hasta la vista

  22. Arnold says:

    Get to the Choppaah…!!!

  23. Ltn says:

    Good pictures, these guys look like they know what they are doing. Perfectly suited for the enviroment. I hope I never have to face them in the field of battle.

    Greetings from Finland.

    PS: In that type of terrain, I’d rather go against a team of SEALs than these guys…

  24. PAPO says:

    As a former Recon Marine, doesn’t matter what or who they are. War is war, no human should have to train to take someone else life.

  25. testicules says:


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