45 How To Survive a Crisis?

How To Survive a Crisis?

Posted on July 21, 2011 by team

Do you know how to turn a simple sunflower seed into a piece of delicious meat? If not, ask the Russians – some of them know nice ways of how to survive the crisis…

First of all, buy a packet of sunflower seeds.

Go to the nearest place with the high concentration of pigeons. Throw the seeds on the ground.

Wait till the greedy creatures approach your feet.

Make an abrupt movement and grab the youngest and the gentlest one.

Or the fattest one. A pigeon is an exceptionally dull bird, so in this way you can catch up to 3 pigeons in one place.

Pluck them.

Cut the head and the legs off.

Marinate the bodies either in vinegar, mayonnaise and spices, or, if the crisis is not so bad, in wine for at least one day, otherwise the meat will be tough!

Bake for an hour on a baking sheet covered with the foil. 10 minutes before the end, remove the foil and turn on the upper grill. Decorate the dish with greens and potatoes.

Bon appetit!

via volha

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45 Responses to “How To Survive a Crisis?”

  1. CZenda says:

    I would not touch the winged rat. Forest pigeon or that grown like a poultry would of course be a different story.

    • testicules says:

      You would if you lived in Russia. Don’t you remeber the post showing them injecting chickens with some mystery fluid.

      • melko says:

        That’s Belorussia and that’s a fake. Just pigeon and quail look like similar.
        Working as an accountant for 80$ a month never eated a pigeon ))

  2. pros says:


  3. wacek says:

    ?????? what is this? eating pigeons? yuck!

  4. Marked One says:

    Nice. :D They probably don’t taste too bad with a bit of spice/herbs. Should probably do this in nodnol. How do the cities compare for pollution?

  5. DreamsKeeper says:

    Hmmmmmm yami !noam noam noam noam !

  6. Musa says:

    lol.. Very clever idea to use in desperate situations when there isn’t many things around to eat.

    A lot of people these days couldn’t get past picking up the pigeon, killing it, plucking the feathers, cutting it open and cleaning it.

    Hunger is the best sauce.

  7. xoxo says:


  8. Robinis says:

    Yeah… a full dose of lead and other heavy metals + chemicals from the cities life and etc.. Good luck whit that eating habits and future health problems (cancer and other)_.

  9. Chac Mool says:

    Now that is a tough crisis.

  10. ODB says:

    My grand-pa did it in his youth when he was living in Paris :)

  11. handburglar says:

    It’s called squab and people eat it all the time, I’ve never had it but if I was hungry I’d eat it.

  12. SMERSH says:

    And if the crises gets really bad, you can use the raw pigeon to catch roof-rabbit or the cooked pigeon to catch long-pig! :-D

  13. George Johnson says:

    Why not? I hunt squirrels around here. but my gun normally just blows them apart unless I get a head shot.

    Rats with wings, I’m guessing they’re dirty on the outside, the meat is OK. I mean, they eat “normal” stuff, seeds, popcorn, bread crumbs etc… Pluck ‘em and you get the bugs too.

  14. George Johnson says:

    This IS pretty funny though (google translate is your friend, sometimes anyway)

  15. scumbum says:

    choke my chicken, you pigeon pluckers!

  16. Hal says:

    yes yes if you just look a second time you will notice those feathers are from neither a chicken or pigeon. I wonder which forever alone did such desperate thing to make him get noticed?

  17. Nidia says:

    I wish They were that easy to catch!

  18. mekkia says:

    It’s a fake made of goose down and quail trunks.
    But it’s really funny.

  19. Nyan says:

    1) Not Russians, but Belorussians.
    2) It was a joke, y’know. It’s not actually a pigeon that the author cooked, but a quail, lol.

  20. Akasha says:

    thats disgusting(if the person really ate it), they’re full of infetuous diseases.
    and if you don’t have money for meat, grow your own vegetables, too much meat is not healthy anyway

  21. XXX says:

    That isn’t Russian, it’s Belarusian…
    Russia doesn’t have a crisis now.

  22. mikros says:

    The bottle of vinegar is Italian: “Aceto di vino rosso” means: “Vinegar of red wine”

  23. Akasha says:

    oh, plenty of pigeon eaters in here, at least 3

  24. Paisley_Pirate says:

    As a poor American kid, we ate pigeon when I was growing up… of course it was home grown out in a very rural area…

    • SMERSH says:

      Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Of course…I would prefer grain fed to garbage fed but hey, at least these were free range! ;-)

  25. Russian Fan says:

    Believe it or not the pigeon was breded for human consumption and it eaten all around the world, but the United States where they are pets and flying rats.

  26. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Doesn’t look that tasty with out any sauce!

  27. testicules says:


  28. Mister Correct says:

    do note that they only took the black ones… just sayin.

  29. Mark Alexander says:

    Russia is genius and madness in equal measure!!

  30. Sergei says:

    In finland we eat them every week. And during the cold winter we have to eat the dogs too.

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