14 The 90th Search Battalion and Its Excavations

The 90th Search Battalion and Its Excavations

Posted on July 19, 2011 by team

Today we’ll visit the 90th special separate search battalion and see that conditions of every day life there are becoming better.

The barracks are equipped with all necessary things, every company has sports simulators, the lounge has sofas, a library, table tennis, billiards, TV, stereo system. There are even nature corners with tortoises, rabbits, parrots. A summer camp in other words!

As soldiers say, food is rather good or at least acceptable. Officers eat the same meals as soldiers. More often theycabbage soup and porridge with tinned stewed meat. Moreover there is no bullying, everybody is equal.

Before summer reinforcements the battalion lacked soldiers and they were always on duty. But after the conscription the number of fighters began to correspond to the staff list. The quality of fresh soldiers is quite poor, but it is a problem for the whole Russian army.

A museum that existed at the staff is now disbanded. Some exhibits are located right in barracks for educational purposes. The room of military glory is also formed in the company territory. Probably soon there will be more exhibits, currently works are in hammering.

The battalion has a special hangar where all the finds are stored. For example, this installation: a helmet, pot, mug, bottle of vodka, cleaning rod, bayonet and a spade. It is the property of each fighter.

Bags contain soldiers’ bones. Plates “1PR” and “2PR” tell who has dug them up: the first or the second search group.

Several coffins with the remains are ready for burial.

Bones lie in the ground and dry.


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14 Responses to “The 90th Search Battalion and Its Excavations”

    • historian says:

      The ver poor poland seems to be very dissapointed about Katyn LOL.
      Forgetting that before Katyn you attacked czech slovakia and invaded russia right afte first WW. LOL

  1. testicules says:

    This is better than the grave robbing we have seen in other posts. At least there is a sense of decorum and decency for the remains of fallen soldiers. Congratulations to the Russian military for getting this right. If only the other grave robbing scavengers could be shut down.

  2. wing says:

    What madness, to cut the forest down for a pile of old bones and rubbish! It’s no use being sentimental about old bones: bones are just bones. Soldiers get killed in war. This is insanity that thinks itself oh-so-clever.

    • Wraith says:

      Each of those sets of bones was someone’s father, son, brother, cousin, or uncle.

    • historian says:

      It’s no use being sentimental about old trees: trees are just trees.

    • Pavliko says:

      This is what makes them better than you…
      You wouldn’t care about any soldier hero which fought 50 years ago in order for “types” like you to live…
      You won’t care at all, right?

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Very interesting. Thanks!

  4. SMERSH says:

    I’m glad to see such care taken in recovering the remains of the dead. I hope equal respect is paid to the bones of friend and foe alike.

    On a side note, and not to sound morbid…
    Do you have any idea how much that body armor set in image six would be worth to collectors here in the US? My guess would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Very few examples remain.

  5. julian says:

    Sorry for my ignorance, but some one can tell me more about this history?
    what was happened? Why a lot of corps? It was a bombardier, or ambush? any links or a date to search for?

  6. testicules says:


  7. Red says:

    what a history

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