28 Moscow Of A Past Age

Moscow Of A Past Age

Posted on July 19, 2011 by kulichik

Today you’ll get a chance to visit a wonderful exhibition of pictures called ‘Moscow stories. 20th century. The years 1900-1960′ which has been widely advertised. It gives a unique opportunity to travel through Moscow that existed in the first half of the 20th century.

Over 300 pictures will tell you everything about lifestyle pattern, changes in the architectural look of the city and marked historic events.

The Grand Theatre, 1934.

Something old and and something new: a cab driver and a two-storey bus, 1935.

Memories of childhood, 1957.

The World Festival Of Youth And Students, Manezh Square, 1957.

Moscow State University, car Pobeda (Victory) made in the USSR, 1954.

Pigeons next to the Moscow City Council, 1950.

Trade season next to the Sukharevskaya Tower in full swing, 1905.


More stories:

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28 Responses to “Moscow Of A Past Age”

  1. Batman says:


  2. BlowME says:

    Love the 50-60s photos!

  3. historian says:

    Moscow had more style back then.

  4. testicules says:

    Congrats to Batman for being first. The early bat gets the worm.

  5. SMERSH says:

    Fascinating times. Seems like another world.

  6. jamesbarlow says:

    please tell me whereabouts is the soviet army theatre? thanks.

    • Den says:

      the soviet army theater (now “Russian army theater”) is between the Dostoevskaya, Seleznyovskaya and Soviet army streets, facing the Suvorovskaya square. The nearest metro station is Dostoevskaya.

  7. marxistworker says:

    The Kalanchevskaya Square was an epicenter of a worker’s uprising in Dec. 1905; a general strike by factory and railway workers supported by SRs and SDs against the authorities; hence, the barricades in the street as seen in the photo.

  8. Musa says:

    I love EnglishRussia old photographs posts. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  9. Chac Mool says:

    The kids driving a toy car make a great photo of that time. Very nice post.

  10. neblogenso says:

    Magical times.

  11. testicules says:


  12. Den says:

    ah, i remember my grandma telling me about floods of Neglinka river=) thanks, EnglishRussia!

    btw, the photo of “Komsomolskaya Square. 1959.” is not showing much of the square itself. It seems to be taken from the end of today’s Mashi Porivaevoy street, crossing with Kalanchevskaya street, and shows a corner tower of Kazansky station and a railway bridge. The square is behind of this bridge.

  13. castro says:

    Photo – “Chemical protection. Before the World War II, 1940″ -WTF??? Second World War was 1939 – 1945. 1940 was second year of II WW!

    • Steven says:

      Up until june 1941 the Soviet Union was not a direct participant, and was semi allied with Germany.

      • kater says:

        “Chemical protection. Before the World War II, 1940.” – doesn’t matter if they were/ were not involved – the war was on and Russia was partially responsible for it. Learn your facts you Stalin loving bloggers :) On September 1, 1939 the war broke out. Learn some proper history!

  14. testicules says:

    LAST! …. Again!

  15. J.Goedgezelschap says:

    I may be mistaken but… there is a picture that says “Red Square, 1960″. But isnt’ there the hotel Rossija that can be seen and whose building only started in 1964 and was finished in 1967 ??
    Anyhow, a nice collection of pictures, I love it !
    Thanks. JG Belgium

  16. J.Goedgezelschap says:

    For USSR world war 2 started in june 1941.
    In the movie “burnt by te sun” (ytomlonoe solntse) from Nikita Michalkov one can see that even back in he 30ies the exerciced on chemical attacks.

  17. testicules says:

    Once agian…. Last!

  18. Horst says:

    Gret picture collection. Some of them look like taken by photo artists.

  19. testicules says:

    To be LAST is the best

  20. Steven says:

    These are great pictures and much appreciated.

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