16 100 Year Old Hydro Power Plant

100 Year Old Hydro Power Plant

Posted on July 19, 2011 by team

Year 1908… There isn’t yet a hint of the First World War and the followed it revolution. The economy of the Russian Empire is rising. The metallurgical plant in neighboring Satka city has already been working for 150 years and the Uralian part of the Trans-Siberian Railway has already been finished. In such favorable conditions, the aristocratic family of Mordvinovs decides to build a unique for those times enterprise – a power station and a plant in one bunch.

The Porozhskaya HPP was constructed in a convenient gorge, at the estuary of the Bolshaya Satka River. All buildings are made from local mountain stone which you can see in the picture on the opposite side of the river.

Imported bricks were only used in joints and window and door openings. It is convenient and extremely beautiful. This is, for example, the house of a mining engineer.


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16 Responses to “100 Year Old Hydro Power Plant”

  1. manta says:

    Nice. You don’t see things with “D.R.P.” = Deutsches-Reichs-Patent very often. Hope they will restore it.

  2. JCR says:

    The turbines are german.
    Sign says Briegler & Hansen Gotha (city in Thuringia)
    D.R. Patent means german imperial patent

  3. JCR says:

    Correction, it is “briegleb”, not briegler.
    Company went bankrupt 1934 ;)

  4. testicules says:

    I am sort of suprised it is not abandonded

  5. George Johnson says:

    Amazing it’s still running. You’d think it would have rusted through long ago.

  6. SMERSH says:

    103 years old and it’s just now being allowed to deteriorate. Shameful. If Putin and his corporatist gangster cronies would stop pillaging the country to fatten their Swiss bank accounts, Russia would be a fantastic country. Even the Soviet mobster bandit-kings didn’t let things like hydroelectric plants crumble this way.

  7. Henry says:

    Someday it will be restored and become a museum. (Let’s hope)

  8. RAB says:

    a couple of gallons of DW40 and she will be as good as new

  9. marxistworker says:

    “…somewhere in the Uralian backwoods..” Very poetic. Beautiful country, beautiful technology.

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  11. Musa says:

    It’s a beautiful structure, I also hope it’s restored and saved from falling into disrepair.

  12. Chac Mool says:

    Some comrades should understand that history preservation brings money to the locals. I hope that this site can be preserved.

  13. testicules says:

    Answer: Yes they are.

  14. testicules says:


  15. Constantine says:

    I belive this is one of the very few hydroplants in the world at that time. Glory to russian engineering.It should be restored to original beauty.Does Mr Putin knows about it? Inform him!

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