9 Military Trainings in the Flight Center

Military Trainings in the Flight Center

Posted on July 17, 2011 by team

We’ve already visited the flight training center in Torzhok. Nowadays the center uses the helicopters Mil Mi-24P, Mi-24PN, Mi-26 and Mi-8 of different modifications. Probably soon the Mi-35M will be added to the center armoury, but pilots consider this profound modernisation of the Mi-24 as a transition version between the Mil Mi-24 and the Mi-28N/Ka-52. Moreover a group of Brazilian pilots studies in the center. Recently Brazil bought several Mi-35, the export modification of the Mi-24.

This helicopter is used by the flight group “Berkuts” (golden eagles) that performs difficult flights on military helicopters.

Machines of this group differ from the rest Mi-24P only in color, but they all are used for every day flights.


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  1. theguy says:

    Notice the message on the guided missle: “OK CHAP” :D

  2. Boritz says:

    “All the firing ground is covered with splinters of missiles, bombs and shells.” And also the body parts of photo-journalists who step on unexploded ordnance.

  3. testicules says:

    Are those the same two choppers that were in the river crossing assault a few posts ago?

  4. Sabot says:

    The Soviets and Russians always had/have very interesting rotary platforms.Besides Jane’s and the like, is there a modern published definitive work on Russian helicopters?

  5. testicules says:


  6. sszzrr says:

    It is good to see that the russian recovery

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