41 All the Soviet and Russian Aviation History In One Museum

All the Soviet and Russian Aviation History In One Museum

Posted on July 14, 2011 by team

The Museum of civil aviation is located in Ulyanovsk near an airport. It is a unique place that you just shouldn’t miss if you like planes.

The Antonov An-14 “Pchelka” was designed to replace the An-2, but it could not do this. Its mass production began in 1966 and ended in 1972. The An-2 started to be manufactured only in 1992.

The AN-24 is a passenger turboprop aircraft for the lines of small and medium ranges. In 1963 it began to make regular passenger flights between Moscow, Voronezh, and Saratov (its capacity is 50 passengers).

The Mielec M-15 is a jet agricultural aircraft, developed and manufactured in Poland in the 1970s by an order of the USSR. A strange arrangement corresponds to tasks performed by this airplane.

«Let L-410 Turbolet» is a universal twin-engine aircraft for local airlines, which replaced the AN-2. It is the first aircraft of foreign production that flew in the Soviet air lines. Its other names: L-410, Let, Let A-410, Turbolet, Cheburashka, Elka.

The Mil Mi-8is a Soviet/Russian multipurpose helicopter, developed in the early 1960s. It is the most popular twin-engined helicopter in the world, and it is also included in the list of the most popular helicopters in the aviation history. It is widely used for many civilian and military purposes.

The Mil Mi-4 is helicopter of the middle class. It had a lot of modifications.

The Mil Mi-2 is a Soviet multipurpose helicopter, developed in the early 1960s. It is widely used for many civilian and military roles. Before the end of its production in 1992, more than 5400 units had been built.

The Mil Mi-6 is a heavy military transport helicopter. It is the first mass production helicopter in the world that was equipped with two turboprop engines with the free power turbine. Its layout scheme is considered to be classic. The Mi-6 had the greater load-lifting  capacity during those times. It set various world records.

The Ilyushin IL-62 is a passenger aircraft for ultra extent airlines. It was produced serially in 1966-1995. A total number of manufactured aircrafts is 277. Several world records for speed and range of a flight was established by the IL-62. For several decades the IL-62 served as the “board number 1″ for the transport of the Soviet leadership.

The Tupolev TB-1 is a Soviet bomber aircraft. It the first in the world all-metal heavy twin-engine serial bomber monoplane. The aircraft was developed during 9 months and assembled in 1925. Besides flights from Moscow to New York, the TB-1 was involved in the rescue of the icebreaker crew of “Chelyuskin”.

Its screws were made of wood.


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41 Responses to “All the Soviet and Russian Aviation History In One Museum”

  1. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    The Mielec M-15 is a work of art!

  2. kuramiianko says:

    It would be interest to post something more about Tu-144

  3. Asmodeus says:

    Nice museum!

  4. Alain says:

    Tu-144 : a great work of soviet spy. But they seemingly did not have an access to the interior of the Concorde, as the Tupolev looks more like a plane of the 50ies ;)

    • Babysitter says:

      Now explain how did Tu-144 go into the air before Concorde did if it was copied?

      • Alain says:

        Because they did not copy it completely ;)
        You can have a look here for some hints at the extent of the spying :

        But that’s not a surprise : Soviet Union invested in spying what it did not invest in R&D. And was naturally strong in sciences which did not need much investments (like mathematics)

        Funny that some still think that TU-144 was not a copy of Concord : it is just so obvious and backed by facts (arrests of Sergei Fabiew and Sergei Pavlov among others).

        • testicules says:

          It flew first because in the Soviet Union they could skip the months and years of safety checks and test flights. Pilots were just commanded to make it fly.

    • Archy Bunka says:

      The Concordski had so many service failures in it’s brief lifespan that the government was forced to take it out of service. Neither Concord, nor Concordski, should have ever been permitted to fly commercially. The fatal crash of the Concord in Paris was due to tire fragments penetrating the fuel tank and that was cause for an instant declaration of air unworthiness.

  5. Chac Mool says:

    Both the brits and the soviets spyed on each other at the time. However, the fragile Tupolev design was flawed for airliner use, and rushed to operation prematurely (political reasons). It still is the first supersonic passenger plane, though.

  6. AJW says:

    What an amazing collection of aircraft. It seems to need extra funding though – the undercarriages of several craft appear to have collapsed.

  7. bigbenaugust says:

    more tu-114 pics, please. :)

  8. Yojimbo says:

    I think a Tu-144 crashed at the Paris Air Show back in the 1970s and some speculated that French and British interests had the plane sabotaged so that it would crash during it display routine at the show.

  9. Old Guy says:

    At the Paris Air Show, there was a French Mirage fighter spying and distracted the pilot, who began to make strange turns. The French admitted it years later (the Mirage), but anyway, the Tu-144 was too weakly designed to prosper.

  10. Hina Malik says:

    nice collection of history.you done a great job,i would shear it with my FB friends.

  11. paul says:

    what a pathetic museum! rusted hulks of aircraft strewn about a field. do the russians understand that all modern, western countries mock their crude, backwards, silly attempts at national patriotism?
    to russia: we in the successful half of the world see everything about your country (its history, culture, traditions, people, achievements, etc.) as nothing more than dark comedy. englishrussia.com is a humor website, and all of you are its jokes.

  12. testicules says:


  13. Hans says:

    You need a girfriend.

  14. testicules says:


  15. testicules says:

    You asked for it….Last

  16. Heinz Schuetz says:

    Thanks for all thats information, only one thing i cant find, any faks about the counterpart of Russias from the US B-70 Mach 3 Valkriey Projekt, the only drawing in the about atomar powered Bomber looks like it

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