40 The Green Curse of the Shu Valley

The Green Curse of the Shu Valley

Posted on July 13, 2011 by team

Hemp is a versatile plant. It’s used for making fiber ropes, fabrics, paper and oil. However, it’s mostly known as a raw material for drug production. And though it grows in all Central Asian states, Kazakhstan (or rather its Shu valley) seems to be the most notorious place in this respect.

This man is the terror of all Shu criminals. He’s name is Bolatbek and he’s the Head of the department that combats drug trafficking in the city of Shu.

Taking into account the specific features of this work, even men on duty are always in full combat readiness.

It’s difficult to imagine a combating drug trafficking organization without canine units. Specially trained search dogs are the most effective means of detecting drugs. A German Shepherd dog named Pirate is able to search for drugs, weapons and even catch criminals.

Today, the canine unit is going to comb a railroad area where a large concentration of wild hemp grows. The group consists of two police agents, a dog expert and Pirate.

To be able to move on rough terrain, the department has two cars – the Niva and the UAZ. But the policemen complain that they need at least a cross-country vehicle to successfully operate in such conditions.

The combing of an area includes the detailed observation of terrain, tracks and roads and the search of natural shelters where criminals could hide.


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40 Responses to “The Green Curse of the Shu Valley”

  1. AJW says:

    I think that Pirate probably needs his claws clipped. It happens when working dogs mostly walk on soft soil.

  2. Ras_Man says:

    Do they really thing that it is good ganja??!

  3. m dodol says:

    So this guy has to go to prison for something God put on this ground. It’s a plant it grows from the earth how can you condemn such a thing?

  4. Barrie says:

    What self respecting person would wear blue to wander around in the countryside up to no good. Could be spotted miles away.

  5. Gordeaux says:

    They will never successfully stop this trade, and trying to do so is a fool’s errand. Why waste all this time and money trying to protect people from themselves?

  6. karadakid says:

    And yet, mass vodka consumption is allowed till your kidneys shrivel up to raisin. Go figure.

  7. kol says:

    curse? more like blessing

  8. SMERSH says:

    I’m betting that wild hemp is pretty tame compared to what we grow here in Northern California. Leave the wild weed alone.

    “The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.”

  9. OLUT says:

    Meh. I’m no smoker, but countries should just get over themselves. Legalise it, tax it, and use the funds to take care of real problems. Even alcohol is worse in most ways. How many people do you see hospitalised or dead from weed overdose?

  10. Musa says:

    Pirate kicks ass, I would love to have my own weed sniffing dog.

  11. CZenda says:

    “Clever” spending of taxpayer´s money. The weed was no doubt shot to pieces after avoiding arrest.

  12. petrohof says:

    i particularly like the spiderman bag

  13. (r)evolutionist says:

    Man, that’s such a pretty valley, I get high just looking at it.

  14. Boritz says:

    There is analog to this in America. It is Nebraska. Everyone knows the best cannabis is found in Nebraska roadsides.

  15. opticalsound says:

    Green tea. ;-)

  16. SMERSH says:

    I voted thumbs up for every comment in this post.

  17. wing says:

    Ridiculous! Hemp is beneficial in whatever form.

  18. terminator says:

    dirty dirty male plants, yuk!

  19. Jim-Bob says:

    Why do countries insist on fighting this losing battle? It should be legalized, and then regulated and taxed like alcohol and tobacco products are. While I am against using marijuana personally and would advise against it to anyone who asks me, I am also a realist. Keeping it illegal is worse than the effects of legalizing it and I can see no reason to enforce my personal moral beliefs on others who disagree with me on this matter. Would not all of the money and time spent on enforcing the laws banning it’s consumption and incarcerating otherwise productive individuals caught with it be better spent elsewhere?

  20. historian says:

    Now I know which IQ you have, if you think Borat is real.
    Haha typical american arrogant living in a fantasy world

    • daniel says:

      people do talk about persons in film even though they know they are fictional, I mean you cant be that dumb “historian” that you think he was talking about a real person or did you for a moment wonder what “Borat” he was mentioning? really !!! when everybody else knew what he was talking about.. why do you think he is an American? you are so full of prejudice Historian go have a diet coke or something ..

    • testicules says:

      Apparently Russians haven’t gripped the whole sarcasm thing yet. Maybe they will evolve someday.

  21. historian says:

    Oh god how dumb can americans be?

  22. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Maybe Mr. Blue was just going to construct a rope??

  23. Pong says:

    No sorry, it is words like “pleases” instead of places, lack of puntuation, all signs of a low life illiterate scumbag….^____^

    • sissy says:

      so you are from Kazakhstan, you should not talk highly of illiterate people…. I mean the police job must be hard for you no sex, except with the dog.

    • daniel says:

      what do you know about literacy Pong ? give us a break will you. Where and when in life have you added anything above your superficial intelligence. Don’t call people “scumbags” you haven’t got the guts to do that in real life, we all know that.

  24. Musa says:

    @ Sissy, hey, lay off the dog. The dog has valuable skills even though they are used for the wrong reasons.

    Everything else I agree with, carry-on.

  25. Ham are sick, Al says:

    Tip off the drug lords…


    Now he will have to sleep with a gun under his pillow…

  26. testicules says:

    You’re just mad you were not born in America

  27. testicules says:


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