22 How Is Russian Ammunition Stored?

How Is Russian Ammunition Stored?

Posted on July 12, 2011 by team

Here is the Western military district of Russia. And here’s how they store and transport ammunition. 90 wagons of 125mm high-explosive shells with warheads are lying outside in disorder. Seems that the recent explosions in Udmurtia and Bashkiria were immediately forgotten…

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22 Responses to “How Is Russian Ammunition Stored?”

  1. Russian Fan says:

    The only thing missing is Russian vodka and you have a party. lol.

  2. ThePigFlies says:

    Stored for decommissioning I assume.

    • Otis R. Needleman says:

      Let us hope so. Even at that, all the ammunition should at least be stored under cover, if not in bunkers. Not good storage practices at all, from what I see.

  3. Holt says:

    Rany boskie jak by to pierdnęło to aż do Poznania by odłamki doleciały…

  4. historian says:

    They prepare them to destroy and please look at the datum. This is before Udmurtia and Bashkiria.

  5. wacek says:

    e tam zaraz do poznania! na bugu by się zatrzymało

  6. zx says:

    first saying first!

  7. testicules says:

    I am sure all this ammunition is being cataloged and destroyed. None of it is ending up in the hands of illegal arms dealers or terrorist.

  8. Chac Mool says:

    This is how accidents “happen”.

  9. Misha says:


  10. From Cyprus with love says:

    Another “good” example of Russian bravery. R I P in advance.

  11. OldBikr says:

    Very scary looking. My father was an ordinance disposal officer in the seventies, he would have had some soldier guts for garter straps if he saw something like this situation!

  12. Boritz says:

    It appears that most of the munitions on the pile are 125mm fin stabilized HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) rounds. That’s a lot of explosives! Add in the cased propellant charges and you have one enormous potential fireworks display!
    So, how are the munitions destroyed? It appears that the pile in the woods is the final destination??

  13. testicules says:

    Best post ever!

  14. kobelev says:

    now this looks so much like “Lord of War” movie with Nicholas Cage.

  15. Chac Mool says:

    HA HA HA!!

  16. testicules says:


  17. HorseSoldier176 says:

    Stored like this, it will be unserviceable in short order. Most of what is shown is unserviceable now. It may fire, but it will not have predictable effects, so from a military perspective, it is useless. With the poor storage, and poor security on such items, the risk of terrorist use is severe.

  18. testicules says:

    last to wonder if these guys blew up

  19. Muzzlehatch says:

    It was probably manufactured to fulfill some quota or other and then piled up because it was surplus to needs.

  20. Terapi Ion says:

    nature will abandon all that munition..

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