9 The Trip to the Majestic Icy Baikal

The Trip to the Majestic Icy Baikal

Posted on July 10, 2011 by team

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Shamanka Rock, the main symbol of Olkhon.

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Some ships stand on ice, some are frozen in it.

olkhonmarch2011 11

At sunset.


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9 Responses to “The Trip to the Majestic Icy Baikal”

  1. popalumi says:

    Sunt impresionata de aceste imagini. Asi dori sa fiu si eu in aceste locuri.

  2. Russian Fan says:

    Wow, the ice cracking into big pieces look like broken pile of glass. Cool.

  3. Chac Mool says:

    Great pics, thanks.

  4. Akasha says:

    #27 reminds me of a painting by caspar david friedrich – the sea of ice

  5. Musa says:

    Cool Post, Thank You. :)

  6. Eric says:

    It is impossible to imagine the feeling to be had from standing atop a kilometre of water with just transparent cracked ice between you and icy doom. It has to be experienced to be understood.

  7. testicules says:

    I heard the water was so cold inBaikal that they don’t require boats to have life vest. The chances of survival are so poor if you’re in that water for very long.

  8. testicules says:


  9. Mariel says:

    Amazing photos!

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