7 Electric Locomotive Repair In Novosibirsk

Electric Locomotive Repair In Novosibirsk

Posted on July 7, 2011 by kulichik

Have you ever visited an industrial enterprise of the railways branch of industry? Welcome to the electric locomotive repair plant for railroad uses in Novosibirsk  founded in 1942.

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The plant was reconstructed in the period from 1969 to 1973 and equipped with a number of new workshops.

2253 engines and 8000 electric locomotives were restored here during 60 years of work.

Around 2000 people are engaged in repairing.

“Let us strive for production standards”

“Keep out from under load”


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7 Responses to “Electric Locomotive Repair In Novosibirsk”

  1. testicules says:

    Not the most exciting post ever. Another dreary factory. Lots of unsafe working conditions. Etc

    • marxistworker says:

      May be dreary but this is what the U.S. needs like “a shot in the arm.” Industry fled (capitalists looking for cheaper workforce) in the 1960s-70s and now we have a “jello” (no backbone) service economy coupled with a Wall Street/”K” Street stuff shirt government. Lose industry=lose your soul.

      • testicules says:

        Majority of American businesses are small. America is still one of the largest manufacturing economies in the world. Yes service is a very big part of the mix but manufacturing is still huge on a global scale.

  2. Good selection of pictures! Also good that it’s a place that provides so many specialist jobs.

  3. Matt Rutherford says:

    i am gay!!!

  4. Daniel Yakov says:

    Say what they say about Russia it seems to be in better condition than a lot of British Rail depots of which i am quite familiar with.

  5. testicules says:


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