29 Bring Planes Back to Life

Bring Planes Back to Life

Posted on July 7, 2011 by team

As we already know there are many abandoned helicopters and airplanes in Russia. Vandals take parts of engines for souvenirs. But today we’ll find people who are not indifferent to this problem. A group of volunteers gathered to restore the abandoned Ilyushin Il-14.

Previously the plane stood alone in the central parking lot with two other abandoned planes Antonov An-26. Then one AN-26 was cut for scrap metal and the giant IL-14 was removed from corner to corner, then at last it was thrown in the grass. It was a great plane, and why was it left and nobody took care of it? The airplane was just dying silently. Indifferent people decided not to stand aside and restore the plane.

Volunteers examined the plane thoroughly and read all information about the IL-14. Fortunately damages turned to be not so serious and the plane construction not so difficult. Not difficult, but genius, as reconstructors believe. In general people occupied by these works admire and deeply respect this plane. So that is why they agreed for such a noble action. The restoration works began in December, 2010. According to plans, they will be over in 2012.


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29 Responses to “Bring Planes Back to Life”

  1. Boritz says:

    This is restoration for the flying? God help them.

    • EnglishBob says:

      Well, they could be trying to restore a more complex plane, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility for a knowledgeable group of amateurs to restore this plane to be airworthy again but I would be trepidatious about going on the maiden flight.

  2. historian says:

    I love this sort of action

  3. Ork says:

    Looks like fun!

  4. Uncledoh says:

    i hope they will not try to fly that

  5. Maraudon says:

    I wanna see the resultes!

  6. testicules says:

    Very positive developement that they are trying to restor history. This plane looks very much like the American planes of the era.

    • pepper says:

      That is because it is inspired on those planes. Its the replacement of the Li-2, a Russian build version of the DC-3. Hence it makes sense it follows the same design path as its US counter parts(DC-4, Convair series, etc).

    • ODB says:

      For a once testicules isn’t a anti-russian fool :)

  7. sashka says:

    god help them

  8. Ted says:

    Nice job. I wish I could be there to participate

  9. YJ says:

    They need some serious professionals to help them. Maybe Mikoyan and Sukhoi can lend them some engineers.

  10. mukmika says:

    These people are really dedicated. Maybe some company could provide some safety equipment, like safety glasses and face shields.Please show again when the job is finished.

  11. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Best of luck to the restorers.

  12. Musa says:

    I have great respect for people who do restorations and help to perserve a part of history like these people. This is a wonderful posts, I hope there will be a follow-up to it in the future.

  13. Connor says:

    This the only blog post without someone saying how the U.S. is better the Russia in some way. Crazy. It probably won’t take long.

  14. bubba says:



  15. alessio says:

    That is an awesome action of those volunteers.
    I am shure they will succeed if there is some tecnician and some air craft expert among them.
    Some engeneers are needed
    If I had a transport company I would had sponsored them, to later use that plane
    It will work out if they don’t give up!
    I hope they find some sponsors because the whole plane needs to be re-wired completely to be safe.
    (not to mention the other costly mechanisms)
    And metal fatigue inspections.

    if it will sensibilizise other people across russia to do the same .. miracles can happen
    May God help those guys

  16. Bozha says:

    In Serbia, Belgrade, we have Aeronautical museum, located at the airport “Nikola Tesla”. There is a IL-14P Reg. No 71301, belonged president Tito in perfect interior(saloon with three compartments ) condition.Exterior is sadly in poor condition, because airplane is parked outside.
    Anyway, I like these actions!
    With best wishes to successful completition of this work!

  17. wacek says:

    Great Idea! Keep finger crossed! Pozdrowienia z Warszawy!

  18. [skaarj] says:

    It’s very curious if the original owner of the airplane (government) will allow it to fly again. Civil restoration will often involve some alternative circuits, many original functions removed. That stuff must be somehow tested to allow that airplane to fly. Another question: that engine will eat tons of gasoline. Who will help the project? really, if anyone there can talk to them, you tell them to contact those redbull guys.

  19. kangaroo says:

    Very cool, definitely worth restoring, please post pictures when its finished.

  20. Vadym says:

    in addition to difficulties with the reconstruction, they are faced with an enormous bureaucracy that would interfere with aircraft register, and then fly.

    • Thomas says:

      Depends on the country. This isn’t a commercial airliner but experimental class flying machine (even if it looks like a commercial airplane) and there are quite different rules for those in most countries.

      I know from experience that in most EU-countries it’s easier to get a permission to fly a machine you’ve built (experimental class) than get a self-made car registered.

      Totally absurd regulation which has only one real reason: Cars are heavily taxed, you may not circumvent taxation by building your own.

      Hats off to these people, they are at least trying.

  21. testicules says:


  22. banana says:

    no dude you are not last!

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