16 The Death Race In Sevastopol

The Death Race In Sevastopol

Posted on July 6, 2011 by kulichik

Participation in a death car race gives you the right to cut off your rival, ram his car, hit it in the rear and do anything that is not allowed on the road.

Such a death race took place in Simferopol on July 2.

Meet the participants!

Here rear doors open up against the wind like in the exclusive Rolls-Royce model.

What is there inside the car? Not much.

The inside is more complicated for this car. What is the green button for? Can it be responsible for environmental tips helping the car engine stay clean?

The bonnet vent looks impressive.

That’s why it is always surrounded by beautiful girls.

What’s the use of mounting the headlights if they can be simply painted?

The ice-cream pack was borrowed to decorate the car.

The safety of a racer is very important here that’s why the safety cage is made of a a great number of thick tubes.

Heroes must be known by sight.

The numerous holes in the front protect from the summer heat.

How do you like the conditioner?

The car called ‘The Bavarian wonder’ with the finger on its bumper went backwards the whole way to show the mentioned finger to the rivals.

‘Hi from Sevastopol’, “Ours”

Its rear part is much more impressive.

What is the bumper decorated with?

Do the stickers denote the number of killed pedestrians?

The car hasn’t even been washed since the last car race.

The dirt went nowhere even during transportation of the car to the battle field.

Checking the car before the race.

Glass is not there due to safety reasons. Metal net protects the racers.

Every car here has a name of its own.

Some helmets also look nice.

Small details.

The screw key holds the bottom which is about to be separated.

The hood is fixed with a fishing line.

Repairing a car with a hammer.

Guests awaiting for the event.

Are they famous English engineers working at development of race tracks?

Taking a nap.

The judge.

Only real men can participate in the racing.

10 minutes till the start. The drivers are getting ready.

Two heads are better than one.

The drivers are sitting on the roofs of their cars as the land is too dirty.

Panoramic view. Click on the image to view the full size.

Location:  Sevastopol

via aquatek-filips

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16 Responses to “The Death Race In Sevastopol”

  1. Mitch says:

    It’s not an English flag, it’s the British part of the Australian flag. Sheesh!!

  2. testicules says:

    This is just like demolition derby. Every redneck in the south has been to one of these. Not much safety equipment to protect the fans though. I guess that isn’t very important in Sevastipol

    • Otis R. Needleman says:

      Yup. These guys would be in hog heaven if they could participate in a demolition derby here in the USA. Bigger vehicles, more power. Imagine school buses in demolition derbies here. :)

  3. age says:

    Hold my vodka and watch this!

  4. Musa says:

    @Testi, Baby I am NOT a redneck, I’m a Hoosier and I use to go to these when I was a child.

    It’s too bad we don’t have video for this, I love these races. Who knows maybe in another post we will.

    Btw, the skull and cross bones are a nice touch.

  5. Boritz says:

    Nice “before” photos. I want to see the “after” as well.

  6. Russians do things normal people do.Russians are fun people.

  7. Wraith says:

    Good idea putting the radiator in the cabin and using thermo-fans to draw the air through. Makes it harder to disable by damaging the engine’s cooling system.

    The hat is a souvenir from Australia. The stars are the Southern Cross.

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    Beautiful girls like bonnet vents??

  9. opticalsound says:

    Guess this is better than boxing or dog fighting.

  10. alessio says:

    Next time I join :p :p :p

  11. testicules says:


  12. tommo says:

    Hah this looks awesome! Does this happen every year?

  13. Photographer says:

    Hey, where is the event itself? This is only static shots. Action, action, guys!

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