44 Be Afraid of Internet Affairs

Be Afraid of Internet Affairs

Posted on July 4, 2011 by team

The Great Saturday of Roses passed in Moscow without being noticed. Russian students took an example of their colleagues from New York, anonymously registered at dating sites and invited several young men on a date. Obligatory conditions of dates were to be at the station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, at 18:00, with a rose in hands. A rose was like an identification.

Then these students reported on their “decisions” – they said about victims to each other. There was a whole plan how to deal with possible daters at sites. Students could pretend to be an old (very old) girl friend and wormed themselves into their confidence. Then they complained about their loneliness and so a conversation began. People found something in common, music for example. But hunters warned each other that it was better not to give telephone and icq numbers naming some standard excuses. Victims could turn out to be not victims at all. Hunters had to be very careful, moreover they didn’t have to rush things and be a little shy and flirtatious. More often such victims aren’t attractive or experienced in love young men… Everything went as it was planned, victims were standing at the station at the fixed time. And of course, with a rose. They hoped for this awesome exchange – a rose for a night…

As a result, poor desolate boys stood in corners of the station and were waiting for a miracle. “Oh, may be she is late a little, girls always do this…”

But no. Everybody came in time. Lovers of funny situations and those who like to mock at others gathered at the end of the station.

This crowd started walking here and there crying: “Those who came with roses were tricked!” in a megaphone.

Daters were very confused and tried not to believe that they were just derided.

Internet lady-killers continued staying here and not believing at the absurdity of what was going on.

Students came to everybody of them and told that it was very silly to believe in some internet big love.

Practically all people from this pictures are participants of the flash mob. The station is desert at week-ends.

What a professional disguise! Of course, he is just dealing with his phone!

Forever alone.


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44 Responses to “Be Afraid of Internet Affairs”

  1. Alek says:

    I dont like the joke. But if you look from the other side. Go to your local school or play ground and find a play mate. Internet is full of lies, just like this one.

  2. opticalsound says:

    The cruelty of the “Big City.”

  3. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Burned. :-(

  4. ptr says:

    epic win :D

  5. gh0st says:

    that’s cold, yo

  6. zipp says:

    Such shame in seeking love. This is not funny.

  7. Musa says:

    That’s so cold-hearted. They shouldn’t play with people’s hearts like that and humiliate them in public because now they will probably never have the nerve to meet anyone again. My heart goes out to them.

    Yes, people should becareful with Internet relationships, even when you are NOT looking to meet someone, you never know who’s sitting behind those pseudo- sweet, kind words, could be some paranoid schizophrenic psychopathic hacker who only wants to gain access to your computer, control your Internet access and play sick head-games with you all the time.

    At the same time, for all the bad things I’ve heard about Internet Relationships, I’ve heard many successful Internet Relationship stories too.

  8. Scott says:

    I think if I was there with my rose in hand and I saw a load of other blokes holding roses as well, then I would think twice – don’t these guys look around them!

    A harmless bit if fun – which should bring home the message that the internet is a Very Public place to do business and you better be very, very sure if you think you have found true love there!

  9. Igor says:

    For me this is also bad joke.
    Many ppl meet on the internet, successfully.

  10. Neeee says:

    typical internet cruelty combined with a healthy dose of russian rudeness

  11. (r)evolutionist says:

    Cities (and towns, villages, etc.) are full of lonely people.

  12. OLUT says:

    Gross. And funny how the jokers cover their faces with Trollguy but show the faces of the victims. Cowards. It would be one thing if they were luring crooks or guys that proposition children on the internet, but this is just bullying.

  13. Russia is only lacking a strong presence of African-Americans.Wherever the African-American go they improve a country’s economy and culture.

  14. CZenda says:

    Nasty joke.

  15. John says:

    Agreed with everybody here, especially Juhani. This is just cruel.

  16. René De Beaumarchais says:

    That’s not right at all.

  17. OLUT says:

    Well, I can’t say he deserves death, but I am surprised someone didn’t become angry and give him a slight push into an oncoming subway car.

  18. Andrius says:

    Wasn’t funny at all. Only pathetic people can come up with smth like this.

  19. NeuroManson says:

    Relayed to Reddit, have fun with that, kids.

  20. EnglishBob says:

    Meh. This is just a typical example of people with low self esteem bulking themselves up by picking on others with low self esteem. It’s life on a micro level.

  21. Please do not read any comments hidden due to low rating regarding this article.

  22. marck says:

    Menuda panda de hijos de puta!!! ellos un poco pringados pero no se merecen eso.

  23. Matlok says:

    those people suck, and should all be sent to Afghanistan to look for mines the old fashioned way: with their feet!

  24. Matlok says:

    No testicules, she’s not covering it cause she’s ugly. It’s because she doesn’t want us to know that her face looks like a giant version of the female genitalia

  25. Mizz... (A) says:

    Some day i must try just sitting somewhere in public with a rose in my hands and see what happening… (if somethings seems to going wrong i can allways give it to my mother or my aunt).

  26. these women will soon grow fat and slovenly with potatoes and vodka.

  27. Ox says:

    we did the same thing, we set up a account for a hot girl at a dating website, and we arranged randez-vous at the biggest Pizza Hut in the city. recognizing mark was a rolled newspaper with a hat on the head. it was funny coz when we entered the pizza restaurant it was full of people with hats and rolled papers, some sitting together at one table :-)) i think they had fun from it too. and pizza hut had nice business that day, at least. we made a few pictures, however, also some really bad looking muscular typos came, so we quickly disappeared

  28. these guys were figuratively “cornholed”.

  29. Asmodeus says:

    Ox, now you and your friends have booked a very special place in Hell.

  30. 7777777 says:

    Only anti-social maniacs can find it funny. Like those on EnglishRussia.

  31. RusAnon says:

    It was fail, rly. This russian “students” were about 5 times more then victims

  32. N8DGR8 says:

    this was not a good joke at all…. whoever came up with it should be tied to a pole and let all those poor guys that were humiliated throw the roses at them

  33. Keinonen says:

    You would really love to kick a dead horse, wouldn’t you? Were the makers of this joke brought up by ridicule and ignorance, so that they confuse them with humor and affection?

  34. Rocio says:

    That is for sure cruel. But those guys with the roses will be the ones makin millions in the future. And then the ladies laughing now will be the ladies crying in the future coz noone will take them serious. End.

  35. amlodes says:

    disgusting. humiliation cant be a joke.

  36. Moshe Bluivista says:

    What a horrible, horrible thing to do to sad and lonely people. I guess those who tricked these poor men were perfect and happy in every way, and don’t know what it means to be lonely.

    All of Russia should be ashamed for this.

  37. yohan says:

    this is one cruel joke~! may karma comes back to those who did this~!

  38. john says:

    Cruel, not funny

  39. N.F. says:

    Very bad joke, these people were humiliated publicly without a reason.

    I hope that these sensitive guys will get the last laugh.

    Especially the girl with the troll face was very hypocritical, in my opinion.


  40. Brünn says:


  41. andy says:

    Call me a Softie because I felt very sorry for every one of these young people, most looking sad, all having been tricked or made to feel foolish. In extreme cases of insecurity suicides have come from such tricks, the young people made to feel worthless.

  42. Geoff says:

    Just plain cruel, wait until these students get a little older, find themselves feeling lonely. i hope what they did here, haunts them then…

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