5 The Boguchanskaya Hydropower Station Under Construction

The Boguchanskaya Hydropower Station Under Construction

The Boguchanskaya GES is a hydropower plant under construction on the Angara River in the Krasnoyarsk district Territory. It is included in the Angara cascade of hydropower plants. Its location is the town of Kodinsk, Kezhemskiy district of the Krasnoyarsk Krai. The
construction of HPP began in 1980, preparatory works began in 1974. According to the approved project the plant must have the hydroelectric capacity of 3,000 MW. The building of HPP should include 9 radial-axial generating units with the capacity of 333 MW.
7 An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

Khiva is an ancient city of approximately 50,000 people located in Xorazm
Province, Uzbekistan. It's abundant with historical places of interest.
11 An Abandoned Regiment Of Primorye

An Abandoned Regiment Of Primorye

In Primorye a hunting object of looters was the "frozen" airdrome Vozdvizhenka. There previously was based the
444th bombing regiment, moreover there are still 18 bombers Tu-22M3 all equipment of which is removed.
15 Russia In Miniature

Russia In Miniature

Would you like to see the whole of Russia just in a couple of hours? Then you are
welcome to visit a new exhibition called the Grand Model available in Saint-Petersburg.
10 The Central Railway Museum of St. Petersburg

The Central Railway Museum of St. Petersburg

The Central Railway Museum located in St. Petersburg contains a huge collection of more than 50.000 objects concerned with the science of transport and railway equipment. Unique models that are
stored in the museum were shown at numerous international exhibitions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Many of them are functional and clearly show the work of railway machinery.
6 Beauty Of The Underwater World

Beauty Of The Underwater World

Photography is a major hobby of Alexander Safonov. The last few years he tirelessly traveled through remote corners of the world, photographing members of the
underwater world. Author's artworks have received several prestigious awards and have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic.
6 The Airdrome Migalovo Show

The Airdrome Migalovo Show

June 4 a military unit № 21350 opened its doors to visitors. In honor of the 80th anniversary of military transport aviation, the airfield Migalovo became a demilitarized
zone for one day, providing taxiways for persons in civilian clothes. Several thousand people walked on concrete slab parkings, regarding aircrafts with interest.
13 Justice Fighter

Justice Fighter

Learning to drive and can't wait for getting a driving license?
Be ready to get tested by experienced drivers on the road.
10 Three Days In Armenia

Three Days In Armenia

Armenia's capital Yerevan. Its the capital to a country with a long history including the times when Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union. Major reconstruction of Yerevean started in 1924 during its Soviet occupation. During this period the city's appearance changed since church-like architecture was
introduced and new streets created. Most of the old buildings were destroyed. It was a new era for Yerevan.  Armenia's beauty is not actually found at its modern cities. The real beauty is found at the mountains, where nature itself lies undisturbed with breathtaking picturesque landscapes.
20 Unusual Hobby

Unusual Hobby

Hobbies can be far from being usual. Working at reconstruction, studying historic documents and excavating
can be one of them. Some people spend a lot of time on looking for and collecting stuff like this.

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