21 The Kolomna Palace As the 8th Wonder Of the World

The Kolomna Palace As the 8th Wonder Of the World

This original wooden palace was built in 1667 -1672, it amazed noblemen and foreign ambassadors with its splendour, so they even named the palace "the eighth wonder of the world". Unfortunately, 100 years after the palace construction was demolished because of its decrepitude, and only by the command of Empress Catherine II a
wooden model of the palace was created before its dismantling. Nowadays the palace recontruction is possible with the help of this model. The Kolomna palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich opened its doors on the 4th of September, 2010. The appearance of the palace is almost identical to that from old images.
13 Realistic Small-Scale Art

Realistic Small-Scale Art

12 tiny models of different military
vehicles that look extremely realistic.
14 Museum of Soviet Helicopters

Museum of Soviet Helicopters

A museum of helicopters has opened in the summer center of Torzhok since 1989. The museum is unique, it includes 14 engines that represent the history of the helicopter industry in Russia. The museum director, Alexander Manko is a combat pilot who has 3600 flying hours and more than 150
combat missions in Afghanistan, he is also a retired lieutenant colonel. He was awarded with the Order of the Red Star for the development of Mi-24A, and with the Order of the Red Banner for combat missions in Afghanistan. He flew on Mi-1 Mi-2, the Mi-8 and Mi-24.
14 The Symbol of Heroism and Tragedy of Sevastopol

The Symbol of Heroism and Tragedy of Sevastopol

The 35th Battery is one of the most sacred places for most residents of Sevastopol. In June-July of 1942, this place became the last patch for the remaining 80 thousand people heroically defending their city. The
place where the fateful decision to quit the defense and evacuate the officers was made. The place that has simultaneously become a kind of quintessence of national heroism and a national tragedy...
12 Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) is one of the oldest and largest Russian technical universities offering B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences. The students on the following pictures are celebrating the completion of their
studying as they have just passed their last exams held in the 6th year of education. The procedure is as follows: pass your exams successfully, buy a bowel, a helmet and lots of beer, participate in the racing around the student's hostel and throw the notebooks in a window.
74 Unknown Facts About Russia

Unknown Facts About Russia

You may not be aware of how many
things have a Russian origin.
21 Photoshop And Dating Sites. A Handy Tool

Photoshop And Dating Sites. A Handy Tool

Beware of dating sites because what you see might not be what you get! With the advent of photo-editing applications like Adobe Photoshop among others, the photos are
altered to a fine finish. One might get so disenchanted when he meets the person in real life. Here is a collection of Russian women photos before editing and after.
5 Living Outlanders

Living Outlanders

Inhabitants of mountain regions have always kept donkeys
and appreciated them for their endurance and diligence.
12 Russian And Soviet Military Engines

Russian And Soviet Military Engines

Here is a detailed set of photos of
Russian and Soviet military engines.
10 How Do Russian Seamen Live?

How Do Russian Seamen Live?

Over the history of its existence the Russian merchant fleet has seen the moments of boom and
decline.  Still, many seamen are sure that their profession is the only right choice they could make.

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