8 The Hydroelectric Power Station In Zagorsk

The Hydroelectric Power Station In Zagorsk

Posted on June 30, 2011 by kulichik

The hydroelectric power station in Zagorsk is the largest hydroelectric pumped storage power station in Russia. It is located in the Moscow region and has the capacity of 1200/1300 mW.

This unique power station is capable both of producing and storing electric energy. At night when there is low demand for electricity, the hydraulic units start pumping water from the lower reservoir to the upper one.  In the afternoon the water is delivered back ensuring additional production of electric energy at the time of its highest consumption. Thus, the power station in Zagorsk carries out a function of utmost importance eliminating overwork of the Moscow electric system. The decision on construction of the first power plant in this region was made in 1974.

The first two reversible pumping units were put into operation in 1987, whereas design rated full power was first used in 2000. The length of the water passages is 800 meters, and their diameter is equal to 7.5 meters. The inside is lined with waterproofing layer.


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8 Responses to “The Hydroelectric Power Station In Zagorsk”

  1. historian says:

    Very usefull thing, hope russia will get away from nuclear energy.

  2. testicules says:

    Is this the same damn dam from last week?

  3. Fife says:

    Please no more visits to hydroelectric plants, there not that cool

  4. Igor says:

    That generator looks like a giant clutch.

  5. Csibra says:

    Well, 1200 miliwatts? My hamster can do that! :) Will be better 1200 MW. And this is not exactly a hydroelectric plant, this is a BIG accumulator.

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