21 Marines of the Caspian Flotilla

Marines of the Caspian Flotilla

Posted on June 30, 2011 by team


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21 Responses to “Marines of the Caspian Flotilla”

  1. testicules says:

    Pretty cool toys. It didn’t look like a very big deployement. Maybe only a few platoons. I wonder how many can actually be fielded.

  2. tsurugu1 says:

    the first one! nice fotos

  3. Tjockhult i Surträsk says:

    Thats it?
    No self hating, anti-Russian venom about how “poor” they are? “Tough Conditions”? “Bad equipment” or even bad weather? I guess PMS is still far away and spring has reached even the remote parts of your dungeon. In that case, keep up the good work girls!

    • tsurugu1 says:

      I’m surprised too :)
      B.t.w are this marines coscripts or well paid volunteers ? I’ve heard there are some “professional” units in Russian army now.

      • Babysitter says:

        These are conscripts. Right now about 20% of Russian army are volunteers with plans to increase to 40% by 2014. Air forces, air defense, missile forces and full-time alert brigades are now 100% professional.

  4. historian says:

    Russian soldiers seems always relaxed, live prepared them for war

  5. Barrie says:

    Yet more squaddies with finger on trigger third to last photo, and one chap attempting to shoot one rifle while holding a second, (put one down) not only that he hasn’t even pulled the butt into his shoulder, impossible to be on target like that, and, if it was a 303 instead of the modern pea shooters it would break his shoulder.

    • theguy says:

      You’re trying to teach a soldier how to shoot? Have ever shot AK74 yourself? It practically has very low recoil.

      • testicules says:

        Marksmenship is universal. Anyone can send rounds down a range. A marksmen hits his target. Bad form never hits, AK or not.

  6. Unknown says:


  7. Song Of Beltane says:


  8. Uncledoh says:

    not bad

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    Big sky country. I’d go awol and hike to the horizon.

  10. marxistworker says:

    Forget the militarism. I’m doing some carefree cloudspotting.

  11. tsurugu1 says:

    This small tanks, not BTR-s. What are they ?

  12. ohyeah says:

    What are those things on the ends of guns? Is it for blowing off your face in case you accidentally use live ammo during training?

    • Babysitter says:

      These caps are needed for practice ammo to trigger rifle auto-reloading mechanism. Without these you’d have to reload manually after every practice shot.

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