5 Competitions of the Helicopter Sport

Competitions of the Helicopter Sport

Posted on June 30, 2011 by team

The Moscow club AeroSoyuz holds helicopter competitions that are called the Carlson’s Cup. Today we’ll visit this place and take a fly over Moscow.

The main helicopter used in the club is Robinson R44. In general, Robinson helicopters are the most mass in the world, the company has produced more helicopters than all other helicopter manufacturers in the world put together.

These helicopters got their popularity first of all due to their simple devices and high safety. And because of a relatively low price. The price for a helicopter is about 450,000 dollars in the USA, in Russia its cost increases due to сustoms ( 600,000 dollars).

Helicopters use gasoline engines.

Inside a cabin of R44. Control devices are rather simple as well as the helicopter itself. Controls are doubled, it is possible to control it from any of front seats. But more often helicopters are controlled from the right seat as it is more convenient for right-handeds. By the way a control lever on the left can be removed if a passenger sits here.

Variations of inner decoration can differ and can be ordered individually.

The capacity of this model is a pilot + 3 passengers. Headphones are used for talks. The cabin is quite cramped.

A new helicopter arrives unassembled and in boxes.

The club stores helicopters in this hangar. They are very compact, we may say.

A helicopter is moved on the territory using such trolleys. A helicopter weighing 1 ton can be easily moved with it by one person.


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  1. testicules says:

    Cool post. most of these helicopters are very affordable. Many clubs operate them in Florida. Infact, a flight only cost around 30 dollars.

  2. Maraudon says:

    I would love to have one of those!

  3. Song Of Beltane says:

    That looks funny, I bet they had a great time.

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