46 Great People in a Great City

Great People in a Great City

Posted on June 28, 2011 by team

At the end of the last year the exhibition of photos of the famous photographer Stepan Kurunin was held in Volgograd. It was timed to coincide with the centenary of the master. For many years he photographed the life of Volgograd, preserving those rare, vivid and emotional historical shots for the future generations. Here we will show you just some of them.

1. Comandante Fidel Castro needs no introduction.

2. Eugene Vucetic and Fidel Castro on Mamayev Kurgan.


4. Fidel welcomes the residents of Volgograd near the Tractor Factory.

5. And that’s how Fidel was met at the airport.

6. Dolores Ibarruri, the leader of Spanish communists, speaks at the podium.

7. The grave of her son died at Stalingrad – the Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri.

8. The Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito lays a wreath at the Eternal Flame.

9. Ernesto Che Guevara on Lenin Square.


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46 Responses to “Great People in a Great City”

  1. testicules says:

    I would say that some of these great people should rot in hell as great murderers. Che leading the list. Maybe his friend Fidel will join him soon.

    • theman says:

      I guess it makes sense to nominate Bush (and looks like Obama, soon) for the greatest murderers of the 21st century

      • testicules says:

        Really?! Not Omar Al BAshir of Sudan. Quadaffi of Libya? Assad of Syria? Kim Jong Il of North Korea? I think your hate for the US has clouded your brain. You should talk to a professional or maybe a priest

        • theman says:

          Not to mention your hatered to the rest of the world, and the fact that you spelled the names wrong. Those people have done much less harm than USA all alone. US has no right to invade INDEPENDANT country’s conflicts. The libyan conflict was just a game, with the non-flying zone resolution ending in Gaddafi being the main target. Notice how you don’t touch Korea, that’s right, it has no oil huh.

          • testicules says:

            It is so easy to turn a blind eye to true evil. A dictator starves an entire country. Another is slaughtering people in the street. And still you cling to your anti-American dogma. It is like a religion for you. Your best criticism is my spelling? Check your own Buddy. In fact the invasion of Iraq was approved by UN resolution. The invasion of Afghanistan was justified because they harbored the terroist that killed 3000 US citizens. What was the Russian justification and legal right to invade Poland, Czechoslovakia,and Afghanistan? We don’t invade Korea because they are irrelevant and not a serious threat. Also we have Armistice agreement with them. Once again your argument carries no weight. go ahead and attack me with persoanl attacks and propoganda again

            • moo says:

              Testi the US already invade Korea once they don’t want to do it again. Do you believe Iraq was a more serious threat then North Korea lol? And it seems that you believe the US is a saint please go back 50 years and start counting how many wars each country has been in and you will quickly notice the US on the top!! There is a reason that the US spends more money then most country’s combined on its military and its not for peaceful purposes.

              • testicules says:

                The only threat N korea poses is the that they are crazy enough to nuke their neighbors for no reason at all. The country is starving. They can not conquer the south or maintain a prolonged military campaign. Yes they can cause damage and hurt their neighbors, but that is it. Iraq was a more serious threat. The invasion of Quwait proved it. Ask them what it was like when Iraqi tanks rolled in. Probably the same way the Gerogians and the chechens did.

                • Chac Mool says:

                  Your funny, Testi. North Korea already can nuke “unimportant” Japan, and will have soon capability to nuke Anchorage or even San Francisco. And Iraq was a threat to… (??) Iraqui army was already a shame after 1991. But North Koreans have real nukes! Americans will never make war against a nuclear power, as deranged it may be. They will “nego”. Use your posts for your redneck tea party baggers. Your too funny here.

                  • testicules says:

                    Tea bagger? Is that your best argument. Truth is North Korea is struggling to be relevant. They are a puppet of the Chinese. The same Chinese that defended them once in open combat. Attack the North Koreans and China steps in. The fact you think Japan is unimportant shows your ignorance. Top 5 economy in the world. Could build a nuke ina month if they wanted. Go back to school

                    • Chac Mool says:

                      You have problems with your writings. The ‘Tea party’ thing is the only thing you read. I wonder why… Anyway, you’re the one who was downplaying North Korea’s nukes and the damage they can do to their neigbors (with your “but that’s it”). You’re a walking contradiction, but funny, though.

          • Brünn says:

            nah! no it´s for oil, …maybe some Nuclear warheads make dont mess with Kim.

  2. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    These pictures must be quite rare? At least I have not seen them before. Great post :-D

  3. Song Of Beltane says:

    I would rather look at old photos of everyday people caught up in their daily routines than a bunch of famous people just standing around and not actually doing anything.

  4. George Johnson says:

    I hate to break it to you guys, but che and castro were NOT “great people”….. Murdering, petty, dictators and wannabe dictators.

    That’s why communism has always been bad for the world. They support dictators, murdering thugs like this. Russia only supported Cuba because it was a thorn in the side of America. Once it became clear, it was only a little pin-prick, they abandoned Cuba. And look at it now, just barely getting any freedoms, still not much food, miserable little place.

    Now they support iran and venezuela. Same thing. They’ve always supported china, helped creat north korea (same thing, abandoned them when the tough got going, now we’re left to deal with the horrible mess there, alone…).

    I keep having hopes that the russian people will get tired of this sort of thing, but they never seem to….


    (and again, this isn’t so much about the russia people, as the government, but your government won’t change unless you demand the changes!)

    • jeff pigden says:

      America is hardly any better. The Shah of Iran was a NAZI. The americans got him out of jail and made him Shah. He only ruled because of american power. Ditto Diem in South Vietnam, Marcos in the Phillipines, Bishop in Grenada, Ibn Saud in Saudi Arabia, etc. This practice has been going on since the 18th century, BEFORE the USSR even existed.

  5. historian says:

    Try to change first your government, look at criminality rates, unemployment and bad education in USA and then talk about russia.

  6. neblogenso says:

    Che is a symbol of revolution and partisan struggle. Fidel and Che are real heroes. Good thing they drove out those imperialist. Long live to revolution!

    P. S. Conditions are harsh in Cuba, because of US trade embargo.

    • testicules says:

      Conditions are harsh in Cuba because the government spends more energy on staying on power and keeping it’s boot on the throats of the people than working towards their well being. An embargo by one country should have little or no effect on another. The rest of the world is free to trade with Cuba.

      • jeff pigden says:

        Clearly, you have never been to Cuba! There are almost no natural resources there. Every country that trades with must put up with harassment from American interests. Most imports must be trans-shipped in Mexico or a Caribbean country to avoid American influence. American interests once tried to prevent a Canadian company from importing pj’s from Cuba! That’s right, they tried to enforce American law on a Canadian company because part of the Canadian company did business with the Americans!

        • testicules says:

          If you want to do business with our enemies we don’t have to like it and we don’t have to do business with you. Business is a voluntary transaction between two parties. If I don’t like who you support, who you donate money to, who you do business with, or the way you look, I don’t have to do business with you. I can even boycott you. Quit being a crybaby about it. If you really support Cuba go for it. Don’t be shy. Just don’t expect the US to want to support you.

      • Ortega says:

        What about artifacts that contains some parts made by companies of US? In most cases can be banned from Cuba for that single reason.

        Posada Carriles? He’s not a terrorist, only a liar according a Texan court.

        If conditions in Cuba “are harsh”. Maybe we must consider Afghanistan Iraq, Bahrain or Haiti few examples “democratic” success under the guide of US foreign policy.

        • testicules says:

          Cubans made their bed. They can sleep in it. For as many weak examples as you can put up, I can find many successes.

          • komentator says:

            Cuba didn’t make their oun bed,your nazi politics did.Western anticommunist lowlifes like you scared of somebody not doing what they say,is what ruined Cuba.

  7. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Che Guevara…please…he was hunted down and killed.

    • testicules says:

      He deserved it.

      • Chac Mool says:

        Che’s death had nothing to do with “deserve”. He was just too romantic. He had the Americans and his murdering puppets as enemies. And Castro and his ruthless soviet masters turned agaisnt Guevara. He was just too hot for the power game played at the time.

        • testicules says:

          Vary romantic to kill women and children…. Duchebag

          • Chac Mool says:

            More romantic than the murdering dummies the US still supports as rulers, all around this world. An important difference is that Che ordered to kill women and children (if he did, please enlight us). But US supported “partners” did order mass murders. So much for the “freedom”… for some, only. I suppose you’re American. Truth hurts.

          • Chac Mool says:

            If you can name one child ordered to be killed by Che, please inform. But he didn’t kill people like you say. Because what you say is a lie, I don’t expèct your (coherent) answer.

          • komentator says:

            You anticommunist scum killed all women and childern,and then accuse communist doing that.You anticommunist are socipathic scum,and killing somebody,and then blaming communist is your speciality.

  8. mukmika says:

    As a young boy I loved to hear one great man singing, Paul Robeson.He had a wonderful voice.

  9. marxistworker says:

    Stalinists and reactionaries.

  10. smersh says:

    Wow! From Nasser to Ulbricht. This post has it all! even La Pasionaria! Best English Russia post in months. Thank you!

  11. hugo crcco says:

    im glad to see pablo neruda in those picture, im a chilean too, and neruda is a kind of national hero!
    we love neruda!!

  12. ODB says:

    There you got the Paul Robeson version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtU3vUOa2sw

  13. testicules says:

    Best post ever!!!!!!

  14. Magic says:

    It sounds lik “testicules” has his testicules in a vice as well as too much time on his hands.

    Just remember even if you divorce your wife she is still your sister.

    I think you are a redneck with a very limited knowledge of the world. My post sounds indsulting but thats the way I see you. Peace.

    • testicules says:

      Wow when you finish with peace that makes it all sound so much better and acceptable. Thanks for the persoanl insults. They were very astute and intellectual. I am suprised you just didn’t say your mama. It must have been pretty hard to write that between bong hits and hacky sack games.

      • Sole Survivor says:

        …”Thanks for the persoanl insults…”. That’s all you dis dor months here, every day. I guess that made your life easier.

      • Sole Survivor says:

        …”Thanks for the persoanl insults…”. That’s all you did for months here, every day. I guess that made your life easier.

  15. Chac Mool says:

    Scary people here… Perhaps they will share the same hell with Pinochet, Batista, Stroessner, Somoza, Duvalier, Franco, Marcos, Videla, and a host of US puppet murdering Dictators. So much of the “freedom” that the USSR and the USA offered. Shame on both.

  16. Ashley says:

    Actually North Korea was China’s creation and mess. If you remember the Sino-Soviet split in the 60’s the USSR and China were actually not allies at all. The PRC used Korea as a proxy. Now I’ll admit that Vietnam was the Soviet’s proxy, but I think Soviet support of North Vietnam in the 70’s is more legitimate than the PRC’s continued propping up of North Korea. World Communism isn’t a monolithic entity.

  17. Christian Bennet says:

    Pablo Neruda was a communist. Chilean Ambassador in Paris. Senator. Presidential candidate. Nobel Prize in Literature.
    He wrote a famous poems to Stalin.

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