5 The Museum of Rocket Forces in Balabanovo

The Museum of Rocket Forces in Balabanovo

Posted on June 23, 2011 by team

In 100 km from Moscow by the Kiev highway there is a wonderful museum of strategic rocket forces in the training center of SRF. In a huge hangar customers can admire almost the entire history of the Soviet rocket production from the P-2 to the Topol. However, there is one drawback: the museum is located at the military unit and therefore ordinary people are not allowed to come here, and inordinary are allowed, but still many things are forbidden to be photographed.

A variety of cars SRF lined up in an open area. Of course, not without their “master” – the Topol. It is easy to distinguish a RT-2PM Topol from a Topol-M RT-2PM2 by wheels: a first modification has 7 pairs of wheels. The engines are assembled on the MAZ-7917-15U168 chassis. During the Soviet era the production of the Topol was made by many Soviet republics, now the Topol-M has only one foreign detail, it is a chassis brought from Belarus.

The fuel consumption per 100 km is 200 liters. If tanks contain 800 liters, it will be enough for 400 km. Further it is necessary to wait for a refueller, or in case of emergency to pour off solar oil from a machine that follows along with a starting complex and other necessary machines.

That is a driver’s seat. Windows here occupy the less area ( in order not to be frightened by horrors of a nuclear war).

Everything is very easily controlled, an automatic gearbox, etc.

There are two pedals, the brake is pressed by the left foot.

A commander sits on the right in a separate cabin. Sitting here in winter in a fur coat is very problematic, because there is too little space. This drawback was eliminated in the new Topol modification.

The real name of the machine is “The unit 15U168.” It means that the unit is based on the MAZ-7917 chassis and it drives rockets 15ZH58 in a transport-launch container. The container maintains necessary temperature and humidity conditions with the help of different heaters, coolers and dehumidifiers. Solid-fuel rockets are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so although they may be stored at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50, the main thing is still the same – to avoid abrupt changes.


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5 Responses to “The Museum of Rocket Forces in Balabanovo”

  1. Trackball says:

    “Unfortunately, the very first Soviet ballistic missile R-1, the copy of the German V-2, lacks.”

    No problem. This rocket is at the entrance to the city of Korolev.

  2. testicules says:

    Not very impressive. my rocket is bigger

  3. jean says:

    guy, every new story I’m a slack jaw

  4. Mummeli says:

    Eeh, ‘mine command center..’, ..mine command post..’? I thought this was about missile lanchers, not mines :o

    They really should stop using Google translate, to translate captions..

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