20 The Russian Atomic Weapon Museum

The Russian Atomic Weapon Museum

Posted on June 22, 2011 by kulichik

The dangerous weapon of the millennium is located in the museum of  Zarechny town. The museum keeps exhibits that used to be modern and secret just some time ago.


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20 Responses to “The Russian Atomic Weapon Museum”

  1. kater says:

    Behold the weapons with which Soviets wanted to teach peace to all the world. Yes, truly defensive weapons, never meant for attacking. After all, Russians never attack or invade anyone, especially their neighbors. They are not an aggressive country and never want to hurt others. Peace loving, sober and likable Soviets leaders always wanted peace for the whole world!

    • EnglishBob says:

      They never used these weapons on anyone. No matter how much sabre rattling they did they never had any intention of doing so.

    • lxk says:

      something tells me you’re being sarcastic

    • Cheburator says:

      Well, these weapons did prevent peaceloving never-invade-anyone Americans from using their own defensive-not-meant-for-attacking weapons against Russia.

      • testicules says:

        Ask the Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians, Chechs, Georgians, how peace loving the russians are. I wonder if they’d prefer an American influence or a Russian one

  2. testicules says:

    Pretty cool assortment of weapons. I wonderr how many of them are missing?

  3. Nik85 says:

    KAter tell me one leader well except Gandy who was peace loving? If your from the states or europe well mate your starting what is most likely will be the thrid world war as we speek?

  4. Musa says:

    LOL, you guys crack me up. :D Some more informations would be greatly appreciated… Thank You.

  5. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    “The dangerous weapon of the millennium.”
    I thought that was bad Mexican food. ;-)

  6. opticalsound says:

    Maybe they should call this the “Big Bang Museum.”

  7. Baron says:

    nice descriptions…

  8. SSSR says:

    I would like to own 1 of those bomb casings!It would be wise to keep it in the house,what would my neighbours think if they saw it?

  9. Chandra says:

    Just castings! Beautiful ones ! Why no details as to what they are ? Still Secret ?

  10. vic amsan says:

    Russkys, there is your standard of living. You have 40.000.Get read of them and ask fr.help. You geting help fr.west. food & what you need.Even in 40y you not gone be selfsuficient. Thank to Gorby, he open t-freedom & put food on your table. Remember him for generation. I been in MOSKOW in t-70 & by 9 am t-stores around UKRAINA GASTELNITZA where empty.I vizit all over Rusia till Ural Mountans,& was t-same.You people do not have any gilt,your leaders beer t-responsability.In t-west is consider ,,STATE sponsor terrorism,, Terrorizing on population.GOOD LACK in t-future.VIC

  11. Baldraven says:

    Man’s folly exposed …………….

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