94 The Day of Memory And Mourning

The Day of Memory And Mourning

Posted on June 21, 2011 by kulichik

70 years ago, on the morning of June 22, 1941, the predawn silence was suddenly broken with missile roars. That’s how the war started. Nobody knew yet that the war would be later considered as the most murderous one in the history of mankind. No one could ever predict what inhuman hardships the Soviet people would have to come across. They were destined to gain the victory,  release the world from fascism and show that the martial spirit of a Red Army man couldn’t be broken.

The cities of Stalingrad, Leningrad and Brest will become the symbols of endurance, courage and bravery. Nobody could even think that women, old men and children will be ready to protect their Motherland against the German invaders alongside with men. The war lasted 1418 days and nights. The USSR  lost over 26 million of human lives.

Soviet border guards on patrol. The picture was made 2 days before the war. The pictures presented here have one thing in common: they were done in the first hours after the Great War had begun. At this precise time (June 22, 1941) the German soldiers were crossing the borders of the USSR.


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94 Responses to “The Day of Memory And Mourning”

  1. Kowalski says:

    dwa totalitaryzmy wziely sie za lby ;)
    szkoda ze nie przegraly oba

    • Nowak says:

      ale zobacz jak te skurwiele cały czas fałszują historię. oni po prostu żyją w innej rzeczywistości. gnoje zupełnie za nic mają fakty historyczne i piszą te swoje 1941 jako początek wojny.
      i masz rację – szkoda, że po wojnie brytole i zachód nie dobiły ruskich i nie postawiły się stalinowi. kosztowało nas to 50 lat okupacji i zacofania…

    • Arkadiusz says:

      Najdziwniejsza jest data rozpoczecia wojny. Ja zawsze myslalem, ze wojna zaczela sie 1.09.1939 atakiem na Westerplatte. 17 wrzesnia sowiecka Rosja weszla na terytorium Polski – ale to jeszcze nie wojna swiatowa. ALE MNIE OSZUKALI!

    • lortea says:

      “The first day of war in the city of Przemysl on the territory of Poland and the first killed invaders on the Soviet land.” Homo sovieticus jest nieuleczalny. Przemyśl niby w Polsce a jednak “prastare sowieckie miasto”.

  2. John says:

    Uh, the USSR invaded Poland the year before, only then was it “Soviet” territory. The Russians and Germans invaded Poland from both sides and split the country in half. Afterwards the USSR took half of Poland away and moved Polish people westward.

    These people were not “liberated” until the Russians left in 1989. Only now are they free and glad that the Russians are gone.

    • John says:

      Uh, the USSR suffered major invasion by Poland in 1920 (Pilsudski’s idea was to turn Poland into the major regional power by driving “Russia” away from rich lands thus turning it into a second rate power).

      The Polish thinking of the immediate post-Great War period was to break up the Russian empire using military force.

      Could be that by invading Poland in 1939, the Soviets were just trying to protect themselves from further Polish aggression, which was explicitly aimed at taking as much land wealth away from the Soviet Union as possible for the benefit of Poland.

      The Second World War itself didn’t start in 1941 as Russians often seem to think: it began in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland and the UK declared war against Germany to meet its treaty obligations.

      (Some say WWII stared in 1931 when the Japanese invaded Manchuria; or 1937, at the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war.)

      Regardless of that: if the UK hadn’t stood fast against Germany from 1939-1941 (when finally some help turned up), Germany would have succeeded in taking over the USSR regardless of the deservedly famous hardiness of Soviet troops.

      Never mind worn-out Soviet propaganda about the Great Patriotic War: the Second World War was won by everyone who fought fascism: not only the Soviets, who admittedly did more hard fighting on the ground than anyone else, but also by the British and other allies (not forgetting any number of Poles and Czechs and Free French and so on, who carried on the fight from the UK). Even the USA lent a hand eventually…

      And it’s all history now. Please everyone, stop bearing grudges. It was all horrible and it’s not going to happen again and that’s good. Look to the future: it’s better.

      • John says:

        “Could be that by invading Poland in 1939, the Soviets were just trying to protect themselves from further Polish aggression”

        The excuse of aggressors everywhere: pre-emptive invasion to protect national interests. If it was okay for the Russians to get a buffer state, it was okay for the Germans to get their Lebensraum. If it was not okay for the Germans to expand, it was not okay for the Russians to steal half of Poland and keep some of Germany (Koenigsberg), which had been Germanic for 700 years.

        Don’t be so sure it won’t happen again. It was just a few years ago that Russia invaded Georgia, taking half the country in a blatant war of aggression. I don’t see anything besides NATO and the EU militaries keeping the Russians from doing the same thing in Poland via their client state Belarus.

        Germany has come to terms with the fact that it was wrong and shouldn’t have invaded Poland and Russia and shouldn’t do so again. I’d like to see Russians showing the same historical maturity, but I fear they are still held by the grips of nationalism, placing the rest of Europe in constant danger from future nationalistic Russian aggression in the name of “protecting themselves”.

      • too much vodka says:

        To represent the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920 as ,othing more than a Polish invasion is completely incorrect. At the end of World War I, the borders in the east were very unstable and very unclear, several new states were trying to become independent (the Baltic states, Poland, Czechoslowakia, Ukraine (whcih failed)…). Poland tried to establish itself within the territories lost after the Polish Partition (the division of Poland between the Prussian, Austrian and Russian empires) whereas Russia tried to get tback the territories it lost after the Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty with Germany. While the Poles moved to the east, the Soviets gradually regained control of lost territories in the west, until at a certain moment both armies reached each other and clashed. There was never a Polish plan to invade Russia, however some historians claim that there was a Soviet plan to invade Poland to create the opportunities for a socialist revolution in Germany. The war ended with a Soviet defeat in Warsaw and the Peace Treaty of Riga (18 March 1921) establishing the frontier between Soviet Russia and Poland (comparable with the existing frontier before the First Polish Partition in 1772), whereby Poland didn’t claim all the territory it gained after defeating the Russians. To state that the 1939 ionvasion was just a retaliation for “a Polish invasion” and that it was justified to get back all the territories once conquered by imperial Russia is one of the lamest excuses I ever heard.

        • John says:

          What part of “Of course it was wrong for Germany and the USSR to invade Poland. It was also wrong for Poland to invade the USSR” have you failed to understand?

          Does that not make it clear that I was NOT suggesting any of those nations had any valid excuses for their military invasions of each other?

          What I’ve read indicates that there was in fact a Polish plan to reduce Russia to a second rate regional power. There was also (during the Soviet revolutionary period) a Soviet ideology aimed at turning the entire world Communist.

          Thankfully, both schemes failed dismally.

          The Second World War was a filthier business than most wars. And it’s history: honour the dead, and learn from the mistakes of the past. That way, we won’t be doomed to repeat those mistakes.

  3. historian says:

    Never forget.

  4. Android says:

    The Soviet victory was made all the more remarkable by this: “The scale of Stalin’s [pre-war] purging of Red Army officers was exceptional—90% of all generals and 80% of all colonels were killed. This included three out of five Marshals, 13 out of 15 Army commanders, 57 of 85 Corps commanders, 110 of 195 divisional commanders and 220 of 406 brigade commanders as well as all commanders of military districts.” (p.195, Carell, P. (1964) Hitler’s War on Russia: The Story of the German Defeat in the East. translated from German by Ewald Osers

    It was a victory made possible by the fighting spirit of ordinary Russian folk.

    • kater says:

      The fighting spirit as in “NKVD officer is behind you and will shoot you the instant you turn your head back” – yeah, true Russian bravery. Why is it that Russian leaders never trusted the ordinary Russians?

  5. Unknown says:

    Vasili! Kill those fascists!

  6. testicules says:

    Really good pictures. Interesting dynamic with the civilians.

  7. kater says:

    Learn your facts – the war (WW2) started on Sept 1st, 1939. Much sooner than you think.
    Also, Russia was just one of many countries fighting against Nazi Germany. The thing is, before WW2 and in the first months Russia was still an ally to Nazis (Ribbentrop-Molotov pact). In a way also, Russia is responsible for starting WW2 as it did not oppose the Germans from the start but waited until Germany is weakened.
    All in all, this post is soooo full of false & misleading information, simply speaking – historical lies!

  8. kater says:

    Also, 26 million victims – yes, but at least half of it died at the hand of NKVD, secret police, with Stalin’s own orders. Russians killed their own soldiers who had to surrender. Once free from German captivity they returned to Russia only to be killed as traitors. Also, the red terror of 1920-1930’s was still alive and well and Stalin sent millions of his own citizens to perish gulags or simply to be slaves (cheap labor anyone? hell yeah…)
    Russians, please start learning true history, start educating yourselves! There is only one truth and unfortunately you are fed lies in school and on webpages like this. Stop believing lies, learn the truth so that such atrocities never happen again!

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Powerful photos.

  10. Leibstandarte says:

    Its obvious russians was preparing sudden invasion .. but got invaded themselves.

    Artiley guns with tracks, BT-2 BT-7 tanks with removable tracks , concentration of soldiers and airports, right on the border.. This doesnt look like preparing for defence

    • CZenda says:

      It is very well possible, but they were not getting ready to attack Germany but Romania. The border along Bug river was to be a defensive front. They even built a chain of fortifications there (very “clever” after the fall of Maginot´s line and Eben-Emael).

  11. Jeff Pigden says:

    So, the war started on 22June1941. I guess the actions in Finland, Poland, & Czechoslovakia in support of the Nazis didn’t happen. By the way, does the 26 million dead include the Stalin purges?

    • West-Europe says:

      The war started in Russia in 1941.
      Just like it started in 1940 in The Netherlands and in 1939 in Poland.

      Is that hard to understand?

  12. Musa says:

    It’s horrible to see those killed by the Germans in the beginning, no doubt it caught many unawares.

    WTF, Western Ukrainians “Greeting the Germans”, that’s just wrong.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Musa: A lot of Ukrainians supported the Germans: Religious leaders and their followers because of Communist atheism, anti-Semitic rural villagers who knew of the Nazi’s philosophy, Ukrainian Nationalists who saw an opportunity for independence, and Ukrainians who wanted revenge for the forced collectivization in the 1930s (and the subsequent famine).

    • critter says:

      Wrong????…….After Stalin intentionally murdered and starved the Ukrainians throughout most of the 1930’s, of course they greeted the Germans as liberators. Stalin was more of an enemy than Hitler.

    • Beorn says:

      Musa: what is wrong in “greeting the Geramans”?
      At the same time (22 of July) when Gremans starts this war, Soviets starts terrible massacre near Dobromil (today it’s Ukraine) 20km from Przemysl. NKVD have killed between 500 and 1500 people, Ukrainian and Poles. Soviets have smashed heads of their victims using havy hammers.
      I can imagine, in this circumstances any other occupation were better then Soviet rules, even German occupation. Do you agree?

    • testicules says:

      The Germans where better to the Ukrainians than the Russians.

  13. jean says:

    I was almost crazy and excited about this picture, congratulations

  14. kater says:

    1. No, Poland did not invade Russia. You invaded Poland cause you wanted to spread the red cancer all over Europe. Poland was in your way. You had to cross our territory. 2. No, Poland did not invade Czechoslovakia. Unless you mean 1968 when our soldiers under your direct orders marched into Czechoslovakia because they were getting more and more independent. 3. Jews were killed by some Polish bandits, true. But this was not to help the Germans but simply an act of crime. Also, please learn how many Jews were saved by Poles, see how many of them actually survived in Poland and how many lived thru Communist hell. You’d be surprised to see how many Jews were killed by Stalin and commies.

    So stop spreading false propaganda. Nobody with an ounce of brain believes your lies. You kept invading Poland since the beginning of communism. Poland had to defend and luckily for Europe it did. Otherwise you’d march west to spread the red disease. Stalin hated Poland for opposing him and wanted to enslave Poles, he never once helped Poland.

    I pity you because you were taught lies at school and you never had access to proper history materials. Only thing you know is Russian lies, so it’s no wonder you keep repeating them. Still, I believe it’s time for you to learn facts – you can access the web, can’t you? Go learn your facts and admit you’re wrong. But please, most of all, stop spreading lies!

    • kater says:

      Stop lying & read some proper history books. All you can do is repeat the propaganda you were fed as a kid. Time to face the truth – you’re a poor, misguided fool. Russia wants you this way and you don’t disappoint.

      • historian says:

        So the western wikipedia is russian propaganda? Hah.

      • John says:

        The propaganda I was fed as a kid was that the Poles were brave and effective fighters against Nazism, who bravely fought the Germans until they could fight no more. And I was taught that many excellent Polish pilots, having lost the fight with inadequate Polish equipment, made their way to France and bravely fought the Germans with slightly better French aeroplanes until the French lost (mostly due to the French not bothering to fight). And then many made their way to Britain, where they finally got to fly British aeroplanes which were the equal of anything the Germans had – and that enabled the Poles to do some serious damage in the fight for freedom.

        That was the propaganda I was fed.

        It was only when I became an adult that I found out that the restored Poland had invaded the Soviet Union in 1920 as one of its first significant acts of foreign policy.

        I think any Poles who think that Poland did not do so are suffering from the propaganda lies /they/ were fed as kids.

        After all, when Poles of my age were kids, they were living under Communist oppression, while I lived in a nation with a free press (England, that is. btw, I had a Communist history teacher one year at high school…).

        But please: no grudges over this ancient history! We’re living in the 21st century. It’s all better now: look to the future.

        If you must look the past, don’t bicker: honour those who gave their lives.


        • too much vodka says:

          Lear your history: the Soviet Union didn’t even exist in 1920. Look at what I wrote above on this topic. Describing the Polish Soviet war as a Polish invasion is nonsense.

    • CZenda says:

      Comrade politruk, being a Czech, I can assure you today´s Czechs do not harbor any bad feelings about Poles no matter what happened more than 70 yrs ago. People in both countries have better things to do – like trying to forget 40+ yrs of Soviet occupation and working hard to catch up with those parts of Europe which had the good luck of having been liberated from the Nazi scourge by the Western Allies.

    • testicules says:

      I wouldn’t quote the wikis as legitimate sources of historical info. You’d be better served to use real history books.

    • Arkadiusz says:

      Are we reading the same text? Read it again, please. In fact you gave very good sources.

    • too much vodka says:

      I read the Wikipedia article on the Polish Soviet War, you obviously didn’t, because if you would have, you would have seen that there is not much talk about a Polish invasion into Russia.

  15. Alkofunker says:

    Speaking about the Soviet “invasion” of Poland in Sept of 1939…

    You could say the USSR invaded Poland OR you could say that the USSR simply retook part of the territory the Russian Empire had lost in WW1.(For over 100 years Poland belonged to the Russian Empire, whether you like it or not).

    Another way to look at it is simply the exercising of power. The big guys don’t care about the small kids – that’s a fact. The USSR didn’t get the decision it wanted in negotiations of 1939 with the UK, France, Poland and Romania insisting to allow the passage of the Soviet troops thru Poland. So it simply did what it wanted to do…because it had the power.

    • historian says:


    • kater says:

      Yeah, Soviets simply “retook” what Poland got back. Borderlands often do that. Point is, both countries had already agreed to not dispute that and Russians (as usual) broke the pact. Poland and Russia had a peace treaty. Russians were talking about friendship. And they did what they did. Yes, might makes right, so true. Still, this was a treachery and against agreement. Russians were never welcome there. Go figure why. Poland was partitioned, true, but the Poles kept fighting and struggled against Russia, Prussia and Germany, and finally won. Sept 17th 1939 was a barbaric act of lowest treachery. Poland was attacked from the west and when it was losing it was attacked from the other side as well. Ever wonder why Russia always forgets about it?

      • historian says:

        Peace treaty?
        But why did Poland attack Russia in 1920?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish-Soviet_War

        And why did the attack just before the WW II czech?
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland-Czechoslovakia_war ?

        Then we should mention, that the east part of poland that was restablished, after the attack of polands on russia, was mainly populated by white russians and ukranians.

        • historian says:

          Its interesting how you interpreting polish land, that give you the permettion to start wars and invading other countries. Not to forget all polish land belonged for more then 100 years to russia, which was stated in a lot of treaties.

          The generals which invaded Russia in 1920 and helped the monarchist to kill people had been executed.

        • John says:

          The fact is that between 1795 and 1918, Poland did not exist. And before 1795, Poland and Lithuania had been acting as effective imperial powers in the region (admittedly, significantly reduced power from the mid 17th century onwards).

          So it’s quite unreasonable for Poland to extend its 1919 borders to what it had controlled when it had been an imperial power over a century before – just as it would be unreasonable for my nation (the UK) to demand the restoration of French land to the English crown (the land was lost centuries ago; although the French might consider ceding Calais to England, on the grounds that it’s a dump which is already full of damned rosbifs)…

          No land “rightfully” belongs to any nation in my view: it all belongs to the people. What “right” could a leader of a nation claim to permit an invasion of a neighbouring country, killing people for the sake of a line on a map?

          I know of no moral position which permits such action.

          Did I mention I’m an anarchist?

          • lortea says:

            Anarchist? Rather typical product communist propaganda. Go to North Korea, communist paradise, and stop annoying us.

          • Beorn says:

            Talking about “polish invasion on USSR in 1920″ is a big misunderstanding of WWI history.
            In 1919 there wasn’t any Russian Empire nor USSR (it was established in 1922). There was still Russian Civil War in 1919 at former territory of Russian Empire. And at that time many nations on this territory were fighting for their lands. For example: could you say, that in 1919 Latvians invaded USSR in Latgale?
            Germans were retracting to the west and were left lands without any authority, so Poland and Red Army start to contest for lands between Moscow and Warsaw which before 1772 were part od Polish-Lithuanian Empire, and from 1772 till 1918 were part of Russian Empire.
            Could you name Greater Poland Uprising (Wielkopolska Uprising or Posnanian War 1918-1919) as “polish invasion on Germany in 1918″? Was this Uprising unreasonable, too?
            Of course: no. So, there is no point in calling Polish-Soviet War 1919-1921 as polish invasion on USSR (which didn’t exist at that time).

          • too much vodka says:

            If it was unreasonable, then why did Soviet Russia agree to these borders in a peace treaty (Treaty of Riga 1921). Yopur argument against Poland in 1920 goes as well for the Soviet Union in 1939: what right did the USSR have to claim these lands and which right did it have to break a peace traty without being provoked. It is very funny that a self declared anarchist is making up arguments to defend the politics of Satlin.

        • too much vodka says:

          The Peace Treaty was signed in 1921 (Treaty of Riga 18 March 1921) after that war, strange that a so called historian doesn’t know anything about this peace treaty and has to rely on Wikipedia articles he obviously doesn’t understand.

    • too much vodka says:

      Well, in that case, in 1939 Germany simply retook possessions it lost to Poland, territories which were German for a much longer time than the 150 years Russia possessed a part of Poland. In 1940, Germany simply retook Elzas-Lorraine, German territory it lost to France in 1918. So let’s face it, this way, the British declaration of war to Germany after Germany invaded Poland was a pure act of aggression and Great-Britain should pay for all the damage it caused in Germany. You see what conclusions you reach when applying the wrong reasons.

  16. popalumi says:

    Nemurire vesnica celor 27 milioane de vieti cazute in al 2-lea razboi mondial.
    Cine uita istoria risca s-o repete!

    • Ion cel Bătrân says:

      Războiul a fost oribil. Dar a fost acum 70 de ani. Acum, trebuie să ne unim pentru a construi un viitor mai bun.

  17. Arkadiusz says:

    Power? USSR had cannon fodder not power. Being proud of USSR “successes” is funny.

  18. lortea says:

    The true shame for Russia are such peoples like you. Stalin destroyed your nation and country, but for you West is guilty and Stalin saint. As long as in Russia are peoples like you, it will be sick nation and sick state.

  19. lxk says:

    I’m sure at one point all this debate about Soviets invading Poland or the Polish invading the Soviets are going to conclude that both sides agree that it was somehow indeed the USA’s fault

  20. wing says:

    Note that World War Two is generally accepted to have begun on 1 September 1939, not 22 June 1941.

  21. The sniffer says:

    This post stinks of Red propaganda as well, as Putin’s parfume.

  22. Alkofunker says:

    The mistrust between Russia and Poland goes back to the medieval times. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland%E2%80%93Russia_relations)

    The important thing is that the two sides, after all, have managed to put the past behind them.

    The 2010 plane crash, as tragic as it was, has since served as an opportunity for the reconciliation between the two Slavic states.

    • testicules says:

      You mean when russia shot the plane down and delayed the investigation to cover it up? Or was that the CIA trying to gin up trouble.

      • Alkofunker says:

        Do you have any credible source to back up your claim with?

        • testicules says:

          I think all hard evidence was swept away after the crash. It benefitted the Russians that the pro-western government part of the Polish leadership was wiped out. Funny how it took weeks to get the flight recorders back also. I smell a conspiracy.

  23. Alkofunker says:

    Here’s another fact check:

    Total Soviet WW2 losses = 26 million people

    The number of people executed during the Great Purge (1936-1938) is 1.2 million.

    • John says:

      Total number of people killed during Stalin’s rule: over 40 million. Get your facts straight.


      • Alkofunker says:

        There’s reading and comprehension fail on your part.

        Secondly, a blog isn’t a credible source for me.

        Thirdly, I specifically picked 36-38 because a purge in early 30’s and 20’s meant imprisonment or expulsion from the Communist party. By late 30’s expulsion from the party was almost always accompanied with death = The Great Purge.

    • Alkofunker says:

      Do you have any credible source to back up your claim that Russia indeed did shot down the Polish plane with the VIPs in 2010?

    • too much vodka says:

      Stalin didn’t only make victims during the Great Purge of course, collectivisation during ’30ties costed a lot more lives. But apart from that, I don’t see your point. Are the Great Purges somehow justified or a lesser crime just because another dicator caused much more victims?

      • testicules says:

        Stalin is a hero to the left and all the reds. They whitewash his crimes. Infact the Russians killed far more people than the Nazis ever did. The vicotrs get to write history and the left gets to rewrite it later on.

  24. Semper Fidelis! says:

    USSR – the best Hitler’s Ally (1939-1941)

  25. Richard W. says:

    If the Germans had planed on the railroad to be different tracks in width, they would have supplied their troops and all of Europe would be won by Germany. Only Great Britain and the Unites States would have fought against them. Think of a German world today? Yet the Russians (USSR) fell, next is the USA to fall, and what then, will the Russians save the day from China and India? We have lived the best days, they are behind us now, what is the future?

    • John says:

      Your xenophobic attitude towards Asians does not make for nice reading.

      We in the developed nations do not need saving from anyone. We have peace and prosperity. There is no need to fear other nations getting prosperity too – and maybe some peace, too.

      The richer China and India get, the richer we all get.

      Good luck to the Chinese and the Indians – they need it. Really, you should ask yourself who’s going to save the Chinese and Indians from themselves: both nations suffer from dreadful corruption and poverty, and China in particular is terribly polluted.

      I’ve heard from India recently on the radio: people there are asking Western nations to stop sending traditional “foreign aid packages” and help them deal with corruption and use the money that they’ve got effectively. India’s rich, it’s just that India’s also very badly run.

      P.S. The fact that the UK fought Germany off, and then got the USA to help out, means that Germany couldn’t possibly have taken over the world.

      Don’t forget that the Manhattan Project was started to build a nuclear bomb for use against Hitler’s forces.

      Germany would have been nuked, if nothing else could have dealt with the Nazis.

      P.P.S. The best days are yet to come. The future looks great.

    • testicules says:

      Russia will be a dictatorship in 5 years and the people will welcome it. Does Putin have any sons yet? If not he better make some and groom them to take over quick.

  26. manta says:

    I’m always looking for my grandfather in those pics. He’s 95 by now, still alive.
    Greetings from germany

  27. Anonymous says:

    >The Germans are executing fire using the shotgun MG-34.
    >executing fire using the shotgun MG-34.
    >shotgun MG-34.


  28. SUGIUC says:

    IOB TVOIU MATI russians scum bags

  29. Futyoke says:

    As a little side-note, for the type of liberation the red army gave the eastern Europeans:
    raping women and little girls to death, walking into houses and shooting everything into smithereens, killing civilians just because someone points at them and says “collaborator”, killing young men (after they finally surrendered) just because they were trying to protect their families and homes…
    We have numerous accounts of cases, where crashed and rescued american pilots, hiding jews and polish refugees tried to protect the families who were hiding them, when the glorious red army broke into their homes to have some fun with the women, and take whatever was movable… all these accounts end with the people trying to help, being shot in the name of the communist… liberation?
    Thank you very much!
    Oh, and we were labeled allies of Germany, although we never fought against any of the western allies, only Soviet Russia, because we knew the horrors of communism from the Hungarian people’s republic in 1919… not to mention the fact that Hungary surrendered to the Soviet Union in 1944, but Germans INVADED Hungary and put a puppet regime on top, which was definetly not a representative of the Hungarian people. Staling saw this as a good chance to ignore the SIGNED peace treaty and invade nevertheless, with some extra services as listed above.
    The site is good, and I like Russia as it is now, but please do not glorify the extreme curelties you have done to millions of civillians all over Eastern Europe. You can’t seriously think that any of us ever felt like we are being liberated? The Nazis were little angels compared to the havoc you brought upon us.

    • testicules says:

      Very coherent and timely. Of course this is part of the Russian history that is white washed.

    • John says:

      Nazi ideology had no place for Slavs: Hitler’s aim was to wipe out the Slavs, just as he intended to wipe out all the Jews. And it’s on record that Hitler had the prime of the Polish army officer corp slaughtered out of hand.

      Little angels, you think?

      Yet Stalin was no better and no worse than Hitler: both equally wicked.

      My nation – the UK – disgracefully sent many thousands of Eastern Europeans into Stalin’s hands, whereupon they were slaughtered.
      That part of my nation’s history is not whitewashed. We admit our HISTORICAL bad behaviour here in the UK. I think the world would be a better place if everyone followed suit.

  30. Andy (Germany) says:

    I’m so sorry. It`s a shame for our nation.

  31. Alper says:

    Such a brutal war it was

  32. Mike says:

    “shotgun” MG34? try: machine gun MG34.

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