80 The Horrors of Afghanistan

The Horrors of Afghanistan

Posted on June 20, 2011 by team

This part of Afghanistan will definitely freak the hell out of any normal person. It’s dirty, smelly and disgusting. There, no one will care of you and your life will cost nothing. Chaos, disorder and impunity – these words have never been that descriptive…

Approaching Kabul.

In the airport, there are a lot of military equipment and aircraft. Almost all helicopters are Russian.

An absolutely empty arrival hall – no taxi cars, no greeters. Nobody is allowed to enter the airport. It’s buses which take the passengers out of it.

In nearby shops, you can buy a local sim card with the GPRS Internet connection and even an iPhone.

The first impression of Kabul is that it’s either a big jail or a fortress. There are huge concrete fences with barbed wires along its streets. Weapon emplacements, sandbags and soldiers are everywhere. A lot of people with guns, all in different uniforms. The second impression can be described with only one word – dirt. It’s VERY dirty in Kabul.

The Kabul River flows through the city. This is the main city gutter. People throw garbage into the river. The water is not just muddy, it is absolutely black as ink. It smells really disgusting, but you quickly get used to it as well as to a great number of flies…

… heaps of crap and rotting under your feet garbage.

The embankment of the Kabul River. When this picture was being taken, the photographer thought that these people were probably praying as it was just the time for the evening prayer. But as it turned out later, they were just crapping…

The Kabul is a tributary of the Indus. Its length is 460 km.

The city itself looks something like this.

A street hairdressers.

The old city is almost completely destroyed by long-term wars, though somewhere you still can see the traces of ancient buildings.

Kabul is a big market. The traffic on the streets is rather dense. There are no traffic lights, no one follows the rules, chaos reigns on the roads.

A bird market.

A very nice restaurant with samovars.

At first glance, it may seem that this is just a dirty eatery, but in fact, it’s a decent cafe.

Its owner often asks the visitors to leave a few lines in a book of reviews.

The local bird market is very vivid and colorful.

Here you can meet some interesting and beautiful people.

Parrots and pigeons are the most common goods here.

Chicken is cut right in front of the client.

Not to attract attention one can buy a local suit here.

This is not a dump but the place where waste is sorted. Plastic, paper and metal are put into separate packages. Plastic bottles are sold to Pakistan for processing. 7 kg of bottles cost 30 cents.

Sorters live with their families right here, on the heaps of garbage.

A horse costs from 700 to 2000 dollars.

Kabul is also “famous” for a great number of drug addicts. They gather under bridges, on dumps and in destroyed by war buildings. Heroin is used right on the streets and no one gives a damn about these people. 5% of the population of Afghanistan uses hard drugs. The picture depicts one of their favorite places. Over the last 10 years the number of addicts in Afghanistan has increased greatly…

A drug addict prepares a dose. Here drugs are mainly used by Hazaras, the descendants of Genghis Khan. Shiites, they go to work to Iran where earn relatively good money.


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80 Responses to “The Horrors of Afghanistan”

  1. coop says:

    Ghastly! Some contractors and soldiers are returning to America with leprosy.

  2. ddd says:

    Toyota cars…everywhere :)

  3. xoxo says:

    looks like hell on earth.

  4. Dalenbourg says:

    What a great compilation, thank you for sharing!

  5. Dmitry says:

    OMG This is the BEST country in the world to raise healthy children !!! I love it from the bottom of my heart I will move there ASAP !

    Bottom line – Poor people,, they deserve it !!??

  6. jan says:

    Very nice picas. Kudos to zyalt for going to this hell hole.

  7. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Afghanistan is such a beautiful country. Its a shame so much bad stuff is going on there. I wish for a brighter future for the Afghan people

  8. historian says:

    look what usa made with afghanistan, first the helped the taliban, who destroyed all the culture, schools, schools with woman, science, socialism and then they bombed the hell out of the rest of it.

    Every countery invaded by USA is now suffering.

    Look at the time before Taliban http://www.webpark.ru/comment/38622

    you can find other pictures of great projekt, which were build with the help of soviet union.

    • testicules says:

      If your theory is correct, why is the workers paradise that was the Soviet Union not around any more. Why does the West dwarf the production, the standard of living, and the safety and welfare of the Ex-Soviets? Go live in a MArxist paradise if you want. North Korea and Cuba are still clining to that fantasy. I should be impressed with Brzezinzki. I’d be more impresssed by reading Martha Stewart.

    • too much vodka says:

      “great projekt wich were build with the help of the soviet union”… I wonder if you mentioned that the pictures of a flourishing Afghanistan were fromt the time before the Soviet invasion, after the Soviets invaded, without any good reason, the country was left in ruins, 1,5 million people were killed and millions of Afhganis fled out of the country.

    • too much vodka says:

      Kongo was never invaded by the US, neither was Rwanda or Iran, nor Libanon or Bolivia. Libya and Serbia were attacked but never invaded. Yougoslavia didn’t exist anymore when there was a foreign intervention in the Balkans with American participation. LMaybe you could fisrt get your simple facts straight before posting nonsense. Or do you want to prove the terrible condition Russian education is in?

  9. John says:

    This place looks more developed than Ukraine!

  10. theman says:

    It’s US doing the job there for the last years, can’t see them building a heaven there. Neither in Iraq or Libya.

    • Connor says:

      The INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE FORCE has been doing their job the last years. But yeah your’re right though. Afghanistan has always had something wrong with it (I don’t want to come off sounding like a prick). Alexander the Great tried going in there and left, Brits (when they were working on their empire) tried and left, Germany and Britain tried during WW1 and left, Soviets tried and left. And Now the US, Canada, UK, and multiple other countries are in there. Judging by the history I believe it’s going to turn out the same.

  11. historian says:

    “After the Americans came here, the traffic of heroin to Russia increased by 2 times.”

  12. OLUT says:

    It’s awful. Awful and sad that so many countries — countries — are living with such brutal conditions. I don’t know what the right answer is, but I wish these people didn’t have to live in ruins.

  13. Viktor says:

    These are very interesting photographs. Is not common to find a reportage where to see the “normal” Afghanistan, and the reality the local people have to deal every day.

  14. Jesus Christ says:

    This is what a decade of nonstop American “progress” looks like.

  15. neblogenso says:

    The US picked the wrong nation, these people have strong faith and it is a matter of time of US withdrawal.
    It’s all about money, not any democracy, peacekeeping, or taliban. If not the natural resources, the US give a dam thing about any country or peace, like in Africa. Afganistan is rich in its mineral resources – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/14/world/asia/14minerals.html and holds good place for alternative oil routes to Europe. But as long as the civilian bombings and killings continues, there will be plenty of those who fight for their lost ones and freedom.

  16. Gr@y says:

    Coward and greedy Americans did bomb poor Afghanistan into the Stone Age! Blame the United States for all those garbage rivers and drug-addicts! Shame on America the satan of the world!

    Hope the happier times will come to the land of Afghanistan, and justice will be delivered for everyone..

    • too much vodka says:

      The 1,5 million people killed by the Soviet occupation were of course just a detail in the creation of paradise.

    • testicules says:

      Wow. Gr@y has lost his mind. You blame the US because the Afghan people can’t figure out how to take care of their own trash? It would be easy to pile it up and burn it, burry it, or ship it to a landfill. But yes, the US caused that. All the free heroin is passing out is responsible for the drug addicts. The US has get criticized for destroying poppy fields and blamed for drug addicts. Face it. Russia destroyed the country. It is a dirt poor place. The US didn’t make that happen. In fact, Afghanistans best chance is US help to redevelope.

  17. Musa says:

    Yes, blame the Americans especially when you’re talking to Russians.

    Somehow, I bet these Afghans blame Russians for a whole Hell of a lot when their not around too.

    Go ahead and blame the Russians and Americans, We are the “Bad-Asses” of the World, yes and we take great pride in being such. It’s much easier to blame us for all your troubles than it is getting off of your filthy lazy asses for a change and doing something, like try making your country a decent place to live and raise children.

    I heard from someone who lived in Turkey for many years, that Muslim men like to rape their little boys and this is actually a well known fact and is practiced throughout the Muslim World, is this really true?

    • Mitch says:

      These locals have had foreign occupation and religious law enforced on them for more than a generation. Of course they have the right to blame others – they seem to being trying to live an existence. How do you suggest an individual starts to ‘change’ his country?

  18. marxistworker says:

    Overpopulation, corruption, religion, a market economy, chauvinism, misogyny, ignorance, anti-intellectualism, tribalism, and a government of fools.

  19. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Time for us to get out of Afghanistan. We got OBL. If we still need some troops there, leave the special operations people.

  20. (r)evolutionist says:

    Devolution. Not evolution.

  21. opticalsound says:

    Pic: “The local gay parade.”
    Aw, come on, that’s mean spirited. :-(
    All the suffering… didn’t need that bad joke!

  22. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. How totally depressing. Let’s face it, many have tried to effect change in Afghanistan through invasion. Many armies have occupied it, none have conquered it. When I look at these pictures I can only think of one word: why?

  23. are you kidding says:

    This is one of the worst propaganda hit pieces Ive seen in awhile.

  24. wing says:

    An excellent photo documentary. The Russians when in Afghanistan were much more brutal and savage than the Americans. Unfortunately, Russians are still a less civilized people, but the Afghans are truly the lost people of the world. Their own inner contradictions will prevent them from ever having a decent present, let alone future.

  25. Jesus Christ says:

    Fact: 100’s of newspapers articles over the past ten years, citing U.S. government officials, have repeatedly touted “progress” and “improvements” with everything to do with Afghanistan. From the situation with the Taliban, to the “rebuilding” of Afghanistan. President Obama was talking about progress in Afghanistan just today, as a matter of fact.

  26. Gerry says:

    Look these photos carefully and start getting used to this environment, with such huge emigration of Afghanistan people to Europe, soon every big city will have it’s own “little Kabul”.

  27. klavs says:

    americans spend millions of dollars on military hardware but to win this war you should just support local people with that money and people wouldnt turn to taliban. and lets remember that when rembo was fighting with taliban it was all good.

    • Archy Bunka says:

      This is the most intelligent suggestion on this page: give the billions we spend to kill directly to the people, and win they,re good faith.

  28. popalumi says:

    In Afganistan a facut ravagii virful ascutit al multinationalelor. Acest popor cu 5% dependenti de heroina traieste tragedia heroinomaniei in fiecare zi.
    Am vazut, tot aici pe blog, ce tara a lasat URSS dupa retragere. Si vad ce au “realizat” americanoizii.Nici nu pot constientiza aceasta diferenta eu care vin din socialism.

  29. Gion says:

    I’ve been to Afghanistan this spring as a tourist for two weeks. The pictures are very nice, the descriptions on the other hand are not always accurate.

    Also, Afghans are probably the most friendly and hospitable people ever, next to Iranians. We also didn’t have any problems with US soldiers and could even take pics with them.

    I also remember Salang pass, it was hell. I don’t wanna be up there when it rains.
    The photographer should have taken pictures of more nice places like the Band-e-Amir lakes, they are breathtaking!

  30. Gion says:

    Oh, I also forgot: there is a very nice museum about the war with the Russians in Herat, with a very nice diorama. You also see burnt Russian tanks everywhere.

  31. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Due to the foolish cpmment about the Gay Pride Parade leads me to question every other comment written here.
    Plenty of blame for Afghanistan to go around.

    Did the man who preferred the Russian invasion happen to mention that the Russians cut down all the trees? How does he feel about that?

  32. testicules says:

    How about getting a stick and digging a hole. It worked for every othe primitive culture

  33. testicules says:

    The brutal Russian invasion was actually just an excursion by the boy scouts. They went there to sing songs and spread peace and happiness. Russia can do no harm… Their tanks shoot candy and their planes drop kisses

    • Musa says:

      LMAO! You’re so hilarious Testi.

    • historian says:

      The afghan government asked russia to help. Because USA started to support the barbaric Islamists with weapons and money. Well but you can see what the support of radical brought to YOU. Yes. You can see it in YOUR country. In New York.

      • testicules says:

        I smell koolaide on your breath. I think the US started supporting the rebels after the invasion… I mean peacful and loving expansion of the Soviet borders

      • too much vodka says:

        Yes, the Russians are always “asked to help” and when they leave the leave behind hundreds of thousands of death and then don’t understand why people are angry at them.

  34. Diana says:

    This is a very nice compilation of pictures.

  35. Alessio says:

    what a degradation, does anyone knows if this degradation is due to the american agressor or was it also before the americans invaded theyr country
    I know that americans ruined Irak and killed many civilians on a false claim.
    God will not be happy about that

    • testicules says:

      This country was a mess since the Russian invasion. The Taliban made it worse.

      Iraq was a mess before the American invasion. The mass graves prove that. False claim or misinformed reasoning aside. Sadam was a genocidal dictator and the country is better off today than it was under his reign

      • neblogenso says:

        As for Iraq, Sadam may have killed innocent kurds, but as for his country, he kept everything in place. Life was moving, everyone were living their lives. Here is pictures before and after invasion – http://www.slideshare.net/weblover/iraq-before-and-after-war . This invasion was nonsence from the start – http://www.leadingtowar.com/?gclid=COTino-NyqkCFUG9zAod8jzdNA . War is the last option and there is no winner in it.

        • testicules says:

          What about the millions of Iranians he killed. What about the thousands of Kuwaitis he killed. What about the millions of shiite iraqis he subjugated. What about the mass graves of all the politcial disidents. War is always the last option. Unfortunatly it is sometime needed.

      • testicules says:

        Really. Free elections, Democratice Rule, The Free market, Free education for all citizens, Better health care, No fear of government death squads, no army using chemical weapons against it’s own people. You’re right. Iraq is worse off.

        Also, some of the biggest oil contracts in Iraq belong to China. That is as East as you can get. You should change your name to Revisionist.

  36. I see lotsa corn and potatoes in the city sewer ditches.Is there a reason for this?

  37. Alkofunker says:

    “In the nineteenth century, Afghanistan served as a strategic buffer state between Czarist Russian and the British Empire in the subcontinent. Afghanistan’s relations with Moscow became more cordial after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The Soviet Union was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Afghanistan in 1919[1] after the Third Anglo-Afghan war and signed an Afghan-Soviet nonaggression pact in 1921, which also provided for Afghan transit rights through the Soviet Union. Early Soviet assistance included financial aid, aircraft and attendant technical personnel, and telegraph operators.

    The Soviets began a major economic assistance program in Afghanistan in the 1950s. Between 1954 and 1978, Afghanistan received more than $1 billion in Soviet aid, including substantial military assistance. In 1973, the two countries announced a $200-million assistance agreement on gas and oil development, trade, transport, irrigation, and factory construction. Following the 1979 invasion, the Soviets augmented their large aid commitments to shore up the Afghan economy and rebuild the Afghan military. They provided the Karmal regime an unprecedented $800 million.”

  38. I think America could help Afghanistan better by withdrawing their army and instead send America’s negroes and homosexuals over to help the people of Afghanistan to rebuild their country.Then the people of Afghanistan would be happier and the people of America would be ecstatic.It would be a win win situation and everybody would benefit.

  39. historian says:

    Yes, real journalism is a funny thing. More serious are Fox news, which invent their own stories. HAHA
    brainwashed americans.

  40. seer says:

    Will not the dryness and heat of the deserts and hills soon invade the valleys throughout Afghanistan, and choke all those in confict as well as those struggling to survive. They will collapse while arranging for next seasons bullets or seedl; to the heat it doesn’t matter which.

    Think of the progress lost all for the love of power, pride, fighting, wealth…all across our planet, humanity’s opportunity squandered.

    Earth shall become Mars…sand shall blow through our bones.

  41. Another great idea would be to send over all the American politicians who are so concerned about the poor and oppressed.They could be shipped over without any funds but they could roll up their sleeves and personally assist and help the poor people of Afghanistan.It would be a great way for them to demonstrate their dedication to helping the poor.

  42. testicules says:

    The afghans would cut their heads off

  43. Burp Kahrog says:

    I enjoy reading all the hidden comments due to low ratings.Does anybody else beside me read them?

  44. Bob says:

    Afghanistan looks better off than Russia.

  45. Morgan says:

    How does this inflame the Russian inferiority complex towards Americans?

  46. Rushmar says:

    Russia had it’s ass handed to them by the Afghans while America fared much much better.

  47. Burp Kahrog says:

    American politicians didn’t learn from the catastrophe in Viet Nam nor the Russian experience in Afghanistan.

  48. Tim says:

    USSR was the best country in the world.

  49. Brünn says:

    que clase de futuro tendran los niños de la tercera pagina. es triste, muy triste.

  50. geoff says:

    “Women wear blue head scarves which look very nice”…….Is he being sarcastic.

    No! They are a symbol of repression, of a ridiculous approach to male female relationships. Of a very sad imbalance in a society. The universe will hate and work against any community that treats women in such a shameful way. They might know the Koran by heart, but they interpret it wrong. Same as people who take the christian bible literally, like its a history book. 6 days of creation, Noah’s arch, Jonah and 3 days inside a fish!. Neither the Koran or the bible was ever meant to be taken literally.

    You get back in life what you give. You cause pain, stress, anxiety, misery, what do you think you will get back.

    • Mike says:

      While that is all true, Muslim women were wearing these headscarves before we decided it was wrong to wear, and interestingly, still continue to wear them.

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