14 Museum of Soviet Helicopters

Museum of Soviet Helicopters

Posted on June 18, 2011 by team

A museum of helicopters has opened in the summer center of Torzhok since 1989. The museum is unique, it includes 14 engines that represent the history of the helicopter industry in Russia. The museum director, Alexander Manko is a combat pilot who has 3600 flying hours and more than 150 combat missions in Afghanistan, he is also a retired lieutenant colonel. He was awarded with the Order of the Red Star for the development of Mi-24A, and with the Order of the Red Banner for combat missions in Afghanistan. He flew on Mi-1 Mi-2, the Mi-8 and Mi-24.

The first Soviet helicopter Mi-1. Its first flight was made in 1948, the helicopter was used for trainings in flight schools until the middle 1970s.

Mi-2 was created for the replacement of the Mi-1 helicopter and is used in the civil aviation nowadays.

The first military transport helicopter of the Soviet armed forces Mi-4.

The modification of the mass Russian Mi-8 helicopter Mi-8T.

The experienced helicopter MI-18 is an attempt to increase the capacity of the standard “eight”. Two prototypes were made, but only one of them remained. The one that you see in the picture.

The heavy transport helicopter Mi-6.

The heavy transport helicopter Mi-10 is a development of MI-6.


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14 Responses to “Museum of Soviet Helicopters”

  1. Boritz says:

    WTF Columbus??

  2. liza says:

    its really a very cool psot i love it

  3. Nebukadnezar says:

    like the chin of the ka-25..and i have a fetish for those coaxial rotors… oh and first

  4. Musa says:

    Looks interesting, can you opening them and look around inside too?

  5. keith gibbs says:

    i wish we had more places like this in gb…

  6. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka. Hey what up with the USA flag and Canadian flag on a Russkie helicopter? Looks like they are celebrating Columbus discovering America?

    Back to inventions: if you don’t patent it, you didn’t invent it, even if you really did…

  7. Fred says:

    The big chin looking thing on the Ka-25 is a rear facing cockpit to use in loading/unloading operations.

  8. marxistworker says:

    The helicopter was obviously “decorated” in 1992, the 500th ann. of Columbus’ first voyage. That would explain the overlapping Russian tricolor, the Canadian and Amer. flags with the peace dove. Only way for world peace (and progress): a Socialist world.

  9. Dr Blaise says:

    Congratulations on your display, comrade!

  10. Ximlania says:

    Soviet doctrine,
    big is better but big is also disaster ! ! ! !
    in chechnya,Russians lost record number of soldiers in downed Mi 26! ! ! !

  11. Superman says:

    The yellow one is the best.

  12. testicules says:

    Archy is one of the best posters on this fading site.

  13. Win says:

    Man I love these things!

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