74 Unknown Facts About Russia

Unknown Facts About Russia

Posted on June 17, 2011 by kulichik

You may not be aware of how many things have a Russian origin.

The Tower of Nevyansk is a tower in the town of Nevyansk in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, that was built in the 18th century. It was provided with a lightning-arrester 25 years before one was constructed by Benjamin Franklin.

The tower is leaning. With a height of less than 60 meters, the vertical deviation is almost 2 meters.

The Daimler Motor Company Limited was an independent British motor vehicle manufacturing company founded in London in 1896. The engines for the company were constructed by the Russian engineer Boris Lutskoy whose name was never mentioned as the company itself assumed the right to the patent.

The royal anthem that was considered an official anthem of Thailand until 1932 was written by the Russian composer, Peter Tschurovsky.

Many leading scientists and engineers originated in Russia. They invented the first electric light bulb, wireless telegraphy, helicopter, bomber, colored photography and TV.

The first videotape recorder was created by the American company AMPEX founded by Alexander Ponyatov. The letters AMP denote his initials.

The first plane in the world was tested by a Russian 20 years before the Wright brothers tested theirs

2 out of 5 Hollywood founders arrived from Russia, as did the founders of MGM, Goldwyn and Mayer. Mayer never spoke good English in his life.

The famous fragrance Chanel №5 was invented not by Coco Chanel as it is usually believed, but by the Russian immigrant Verigin who worked in one of Chanel’s perfume departments.

These actors are Russian in origin: David Duchovny, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Mila Jovovich and Winona Ryder.

The first artificial heart was created in Russia in 1936.


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74 Responses to “Unknown Facts About Russia”

  1. Timothy Erickson says:

    The contributions of Russian scientist and artist are well known. It is sad, however, that so many of these people had to leave the USSR in order for their work to become known.

    Also, be cautious when taking credit for the work of such Americans as Sikorski (helicopters)or Marconi (wireless). The United States is a nation of immigrants.

  2. testicules says:

    Yes and Russia invented the internet and the atomic bomb and McDonalds and boats and gun powder and orange juice. They even invented water skis.

  3. Ivan says:

    Sylvester Stallone

  4. Antony says:

    It’s really cool. Sometimes I proud I am from Russia… Sometimes :(

  5. historian says:

    First. In all meanings :)

  6. oi says:

    you must say not Russia but USSR cause non all of mentioned persons or inventions were literally from Russia. There were a lot of different soviet republics that were merged into one huge country

  7. wing says:

    Everyone knows, surely, that most inventions now enjoyed by people were first thought of by Russians, but how many know that the first man on Mars was a Russian? That Venus is really a Russian woman? That Russian sugar is the sweetest in the world? That Russian tea is used in the building industry? That Russians are the most modest, sophisticated people the earth will ever know? Brush up on your facts, folks!

  8. Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

    My friend, you have fallen prey to Soviet-era propaganda. None of those was invented by a Russian. Sorry.

    History records the following inventors for the devices you mention:

    Aircraft, Sir George Cayley, English (1799)

    Electric bulb, Joseph Swan, British (1878)

    Wireless telegraph, Lindsay, British (1832)

    Helicopter, Henrich Focke, German (1936)

    Bomber, unknown, Italian (1911) during Libyan war

    Coloured photography, James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish (1861) photo still in existance!

    TV-set, John Logie Baird, Scottish (1926) [Nipkow only invented the scanner]

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Comrade, for the record, the Wright brothers were the first to fly a motorized aircraft that could be controlled through a sustained flight. There were many contributors, but they invented the first practical airplane. Cayley invented a kite on wheels.

      • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

        To use your phraseology, the Wrights did not invent an airplane, they invented a kite with no wheels that needed to be launched downhill into a wind.

        The first manned aircraft to take off under its own power was the “Monoplane”, invented by Félix du Temple de la Croix, in 1874. Unlike the Wrights’ craft it had a modern layout – monoplane construction, tail for control, propeller at at front, wheels, that sort of thing.

      • testicules says:

        Amen brother

    • komentator says:

      Neo-nazi western propaganda at it’s best.Everything is “Soviet propaganda” to you.Go see a psychiatrist,coz commies are out to get you.

      • Leibstandarte says:

        Germans really invented helicopters.. And you russians use words “neo-nazi” and “fashists” to everything that disagree lol

      • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

        My friend, you are mistaken. I find Neo-nazi western propaganda just as unpalatable. Russia has sufficient real firsts (first 4-engined bomber, first man in space, first vehicle on the moon, first soft landing on another planet…) that it no longer has to continue to make the false claims made in Soviet times.

      • Archy Bunka says:

        A. Bunka here. You are suffering from a national inferiority complex. It has grown acute since Uncle Sam left you in the dust twenty one years ago. The race was never close, it was only perpetuated by the BS the USSR spread.

        • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

          Ah, our trolling friend, the winner of a race is the one that keeps going until the end.

          The United States no longer has any way to ferry people to and from the International Space Station. They are now totally dependent on Russia to do that.

          All supplies for the ISS are delivered by the Russians, the European Space Agency, and Japan. The US lost that ability too.

          Right now the US cannot put a man in orbit. That means their space program is back to where it was in 1961.

          Russia wins!

          • barkohba says:

            Lol. Couldn’t be more wrong. The US have retired their old space shuttle(endevour) because they invented a new bad ass space shuttle that will be launched in 2-3 years called the MPCV.

            source: http://jalopnik.com/5805152/this-is-the-new-space-shuttle

            • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

              According to NASA the target is 31 December 2016 for the first human flight of MPCV. That is over 5 years, not 2-3. The MPCV is a rocket with a capsule atop it, not a shuttle.

              Also according to NASA, they cannot meet the 2016 target with current funding (http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/510449main_SLS_MPCV_90-day_Report.pdf see section 3.7)

              Oh dear, seems I was right about there being no US manned space capacity after the last shuttle flight, doesn’t it? However, I was wrong about the US being the same as 1961. They are at least five years away from having manned flight capability, which puts them back as they were in 1957.

              • SSSR says:

                Does that even matter now bud?The space race is over!It is the “International Space Station”!

                Why should America spend the money if it does not need to,comrade?

                • Chac Mool says:

                  It matters, because the US economy is tanked. That’s why your space Program is back to 1957. But it doesn’t matter to you, right? No problem.

    • scart says:


    • deathstenshi says:

      Spot on.

      The pictures are nice but the fact to OP believes what he writes is unsettling

  9. Mehrdad says:

    i really like Russia

  10. EnglishBob says:

    Hang on a minute, the first REAL electric light bulb was created by James Lindsay and was put on demonstration sometime in the 1830’s.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Coco Chanel never has been credited with creating the fragrance, but she no doubt funded it’s development and marketing.

    • Archy Bunka says:

      A. Bunka here. James Lindsay, was a man of great vision. He demonstrated an electric light. However, he never patented, nor developed it into a commercial device, the way Edison did. Edison invented the light bulb many times until he found one that would work properly for any length of time.
      If you don’t patent it, you didn’t invent it…

      • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

        The first patent for the electric light bulb was obtained by a Russian, Alexander Lodygin, in 1874. He also later patented the tungsten filament, at a time that Edison was still fiddling about with primitive cotton and bamboo filaments.

        Joseph Swan commercialised incandescent lamps before Edison. The first building in the world to use electric lamps commercially had Swan lamps. Realising that he could not fight Swan’s patents, Edison bought out the company!

        A.Bunka, when you do not know something, don’t just guess. Do some research.

  11. ZeroDrop says:

    Wright brothers? They have invented an catapulted plane, a glider, more exactly, in 1903. The first plane able to take off by means of its self-propulsion was the Santos Dumont’s 14-bis, in 1906.

    • Archy Bunka says:

      The Wright Brothers invented the first heavier than air craft that could sustain flight and be controlled. It was not a glider, it had an engine.

      • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

        The Wright’s Flyer was unstable in pitch and all flights ended in bumpy, uncontrolled and unintended landings, or outright crashes. … So much for “controlled”. It also could not turn and all flights were made in a straight line.

        The 1903 Flyer was no more than their 1902 glider with a motor added. As you would expect from a glider, the air speeds were very low and it was entirely incapable of taking off by itself. It required a high headwind, or an external speed boost before it could take off at all.

        In 2003 on the anniversary of their first “flight” a modern replica failed to get airborne because there was insufficient wind boost!

        • AJW says:

          In 1908 Henri Farman was the first pilot to complete a one-kilometer circle. That won him a 50,000 Franc “Grand Prix d’Aviation” prize.

          Surely that was the first controlled, sustained flight, including the take-off and landing?

  12. Halewicz says:

    yes, sure: tv was invented by Televisorov, car was invented by…Car, phone was invented by Telefonov and so on – russians? SAVAGES!!!!!

  13. andrei says:

    Nice, but in the picture of harrison ford is actually Steven Spielberg :))

    • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

      Curiously enough, according to an Economist article in October 2006, Spielberg’s grandparents emigrated from the Ukraine, which was controlled by Russia at the time! So, wrong picture, but still a Russian connection.

  14. Vitya says:

    Milla Jovovich is Ukranian, not Russian. I believe Sikorski was Ukranian as well.

  15. santexnik says:

    most of it rather pointless

  16. opticalsound says:

    Stephen Spielberg is impersonating Harrison Ford??

  17. Jeff Pigden says:

    they found a lake with a slope !!!!

  18. pizd says:

    English-Russia FAIL!!

  19. What a whaste says:

    Of course!

    To all “americans”: Get a life, your “country” buildt upon the bones of 50 million genocided native americans, don´t even have a history of it´s own…

    • SSSR says:

      Not everyone here writing the bad comments is from America!

      No country has a perfect history!

    • Archy Bunka says:

      When you built your country, who did you bury in the process?

    • testicules says:

      First off. There was no genocide. Second there was never 50 million indians ever. Third The soviets killed more in their first 20 years than the entire history of the USA. 4th you have no clue.

  20. Don says:

    Milla Jovovich is a serbian-russian,born in Kiev,Soviet Russia. Sikorski again russian born in Kiev,Russian Empire where were no state as Ukraine. The man who made modern TV set is Zvorykin,he build iconoscope in 1923 and in 1933 Radio Corparation of America started produce of TV set boxes. But the first moving picture on distance was made in Tashkent by Boris Grobovskiy and Belyanskiy in 1928. The first tv signal on distance was made in 1907 in Peterburg by Rozing. So it shows that more than 50% of job for creating of television was done by russians. Helicopter was made by Sikorsky and tested in 1911 and already in immigration in the USA he made modern looking model.

    • Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

      Much of the groundwork in developing the TV was indeed done by Russians and if Zworykin had received more support in Russia he would not have lost time by going to the USA. But he was edged out by Baird, even though Baird’s system was technically inferior (it used mechanical scanning). Baird was first in transmitting a moving grey scale image at a distance, and he also did TV recording in 1927 (copies of which still exist and can be played), colour TV in 1928, stereo TV; and the first remote outside broadcast in 1931.

      By the way, Boris Rosing’s system only transmitted a static image. That essentially only duplicated the fax machine, already in use for several years by then.

      I think you will find that Sikorsky’s 1911 flight was his first flight as a pilot, not a helicopter flight. His earliest documented prototype helicopter flew in 1939.

  21. SSSR says:

    Russia did invent 1 of the most popular alcaholic beverages ever!

  22. alessio says:

    Stallone’s mother actually is half Russian. the father was Frank Stallone an Italian of Gioia del Colle
    they immigrated to the USA

  23. wacek says:

    And the human heart itself was invented by a professor of the name fiodor heartinsky in 3214 B.C. but the name was to long and he shortened it to heart itself. He was even thought of patenting it but friends urge him not to do so. Thus salvation army was also invented by Fiodor heartinsky.

  24. fikamar says:

    yeah love RUSSIA

  25. Comrade, comrade, comrade! says:

    Harrison Fords’ maternal grandparents were from Minsk, Belarus. Minsk was still part of the Russian Empire at that time.

    Natalie Portman’s maternal grandparents were from Austria… and Russia!

  26. Musa says:

    Well, that was entertaining. :)

  27. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Apparently, Pollocks invented Vodka, Russkies perfected it.

  28. Rossyisky says:

    No, no, the airplane was invented by brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont in 1903.

  29. Akasha says:

    Goldwyn was a jew from Poland, Warsaw.
    His real name was Gelbfish, which later turned to Goldfish and so on.
    btw, the founders of Warner Brothers were from Poland, too

  30. barkohba says:

    Though first technologies and patents can be subject to debate, here are some clear fails in this article, which makes me think that the moderator is only interested in cheap propaganda:

    Goldwyn and Mayer – JEWS not russians
    Duchovny- JEW
    Harrison Ford – half JEWISH (and no, the other half isn’t russian)
    Wynona Rider (Wynona Horowitz) – JEWISH
    Natalie Portman (Natalie Hershlag) – JEWISH

    And NO, the fact the ancestors of this people were jews FROM russia does not make them Russian. In fact, many jews (not all of them) that emigrated from russia to the us or israel are very happy with their decision, due to constant anti semitic discrimination since before the communist era (my grandmother included)

    JEWS!! not russians.

    • STALKER says:

      Alright then, next time I will make sure to pick out any Jews of Russian origin and put them into a seperate category. Infact you have convinced me Jews are so great that everyone should know precisely who they are, maybe they should wear a star of David on their arms or something to make them stand out.

      • barkohba says:

        First off, that’s gonna be easy since 80% of all famous “russian” scientists or artists are of Jewish origin.

        Secondly, regardint your last remark with the star of David on the arm, all i can say is that you are a very low person, and shame on you.

        I guess that statement says all there is to say about what kind of a person you are.

  31. testicules says:

    Once again the haters of all things western and the soviet apologist are red checking down anyone that stands up for the truth. I miss the old site. You couldn’t censor people in that forum.

  32. zsu says:

    The German Focke Wulf Fw-61 was the first helicoter, it first flew in 1936.

  33. Jeffery Haas says:

    PS: NONE of the AUDIO recorders in your photos are AMPEX either. They are Studers and 3M respectively.
    You figure out which is which.

  34. Jeffery Haas says:

    And please, do not give Russia credit for television when Zworykin LEFT your country so that he could get more support for his efforts in USA.

    Zworykin wrote the definitive book on television, of which I own a first edition signed by the author. Here is further information from Zworykin.com

  35. Jeffery Haas says:

    None of the recorders in your pictures are VTR’s they are audio decks. Ray Dolby invented the VTR for AMPEX in 1956 in the USA, at first against the wishs of his Russian boss. He had to work on the first prototype on his own time.

  36. Miranda says:

    That’s steven speilberg, not harrison ford.

  37. SSSR says:

    Mila Jovovich was Soviet!


  38. RU486 says:

    To use your phraseology, the Wrights did not invent an airplane, they invented a kite with no wheels that needed to be launched downhill into a wind.

    The first manned aircraft to take off under its own power was the “Monoplane”, invented by Félix du Temple de la Croix, in 1874. Unlike the Wrights’ craft it had a modern layout – monoplane construction, tail for control, propeller at at front, wheels, that sort of thing.

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